1. K

    Custom made maple bop kit for sale, 18x12, 12x8, 14x14 - London UK

    Hi all, sadly I can only keep one kit and need to keep the one with the larger bass drum, pah! So, up for sale is this never gigged lovely hand made maple bop kit Made by a lovely chap in South London who goes under the name of Panda Percussion (google him to see some of his other wonderful...
  2. donnbennett

    18" Ludwig set wanted immediately.

    I'm looking for an 18, 12 ,14 Ludwig set from the 60s or 70s. It doesn't have to be perfect. Extra holes, fading or re-wraps are all fine. Got anything?? Feel free to call or text me at 206-353-6145. Thanx!! Donn
  3. Vanhalen1984


    ***SOLD*** Thanks
  4. E

    Ludwig Jazzette 3ply clear maple B&O White Cortex

    Ludwig Jazzette for auction Real Jazzette with rare 18x12 and 14x14 3ply in clear maple 3ply clear maple interiors B&O badges, White Cortex Rail Consolette 12x8, 14x14, 18x12...
  5. zenstat

    Ludwig Transition Badge 12/14/18

    Apologies if this has already been spotted, but it just caught my eye. Very pretty: http://www.ebay.com/itm/322289736190 Apart from the inability of the seller to recognize that two of the three interiors are Mahogany, it looks to me like that 18" bass drum is the 12" deep (Jazzette and Gold...
  6. B

    Ludwig Mahogany Cortex Jazzette

    Hi I've just picked up a pretty nice little kit - a blue/olive badge mahogany Cortex jazzette - I think it's the real deal, - 12x18, 14x14, 12x8, 5x14 Supraphonic, all with close serial numbers (even the snare), so assume they came from the factory together. They are 3 ply, with clear maple...
  7. ludwig jazzette 1967 gold sparkle

    ludwig jazzette 1967 gold sparkle

  8. ludwig keystone jazzette gold sparkle

    ludwig keystone jazzette gold sparkle

    3-ply, white interior Ludwig Jazzette. date stamps 1967. Gold sparkle. 12x18, 14x14, 8x12" Not 100% correct or perfect but a great sounding kit. Very pretty on stage.
  9. D

    Wanted: Advice on Ludwig Bop Kits

    Ok, so I am just getting into posting here at DFO and you all seem to be quite knowledgable. So here it is. I am wanting to acquire my fourth kit, and I want it to be a bop kit. I am partial to Ludwig and very partial to the 60's shells. What are your opinions and advice on acquiring this...
  10. sillyilly

    roy haynes 1973 bird tribute

    great.... is he playing a jazzette? i'm not knowledgable enough to know.