john bonham

  1. bon viesta

    what cymbals were used by john bonham on led zeppelin 1? (and those early months)

    i hear soooo many different things, some which make me totally baffled as to how little people know about bonham. i guess people aren’t as obsessed as me! people saying he used his signature giant beat 15 hat, 18 20 crash and 24 ride combo on the first album, he used all 602 cymbals, he was...
  2. P

    Drum History Podcast about John Bonham

    Hi all, I just did a really enjoyable interview with Drum History Podcast on John Bonham. Here is a link.
  3. ludwigtrap

    Drum Chart Videos

    Thought I'd post some drum chart videos I've been building in Logic Pro X. I've only finished a few but I plan on doing more.
  4. The_SupraPhonic

    My John Bonham Snare

    Happy New Year everybody, Any John Bonham fans out there? Ive been trying to get his same snare sound,i think I have it down pretty good in this video, please comment and let me know if u agree or not.
  5. Scott K Fish

    Robert Plant: Led Zeppelin is Not Heavy Metal

    Robert Plant: Led Zeppelin is Not Heavy Metal SKF NOTE: Well that settles that. J.D. Considine: You're undoubtedly aware that Led Zeppelin is seen by many as the godparents of heavy metal -- do you think that what you do, or did then, could accurately be called "heavy metal"? Robert Plant...
  6. Scott K Fish

    Robert Plant: 'Black Dog' Was a Trick, a Game

    Robert Plant: 'Black Dog' Was a Trick, a Game J.D. Considine: ...I've always found it funny that the heaviest Zeppelin song, Black Dog, was also, and perhaps by no small coincidence, the one that always screwed up the garage bands, that they couldn't get. Robert Plant: That's right, because...
  7. Scott K Fish

    Carmine Appice ‘Taught’ John Bonham to Play Drums?

    Carmine Appice ‘Taught’ John Bonham to Play Drums? SKF NOTE: Okay. It’s none of my business. Still, I cringed when I read what Carmine Appice’s book publisher wrote about Carmine and John Bonham. Fair enough to say Bonham was influenced by Carmine, but… CARMINE APPICE's Memoir, 'Stick It...
  8. Scott K Fish

    John Bonham Paiste Profile 1975

    John Bonham Paiste Profile 1975 SKF NOTE: As long as I'm on a Bonham roll (no pun intended), here's John Bonham's Profile from Paiste's 1975 Profiles of International Drummers, Percussionists, Musicians #2. Scott K Fish Blog: Life Beyond the Cymbals
  9. Scott K Fish

    Bonham Father/Son Drum Duet Coming Soon

    SKF NOTE: Son Jason Bonham sharing the famous Led Zeppelin Moby Dick drum solo with his father, John? What a great use of technology. But what an emotional experience it will be. With help from dad, Jason Bonham drums up a true Led Zeppelin Experience Ian Gassman December 3, 2015 Q...
  10. Scott K Fish

    Karen Carpenter Award Upsets John Bonham

    Karen Carpenter Award Upsets John Bonham SKF NOTE: Flipping through this 35-year old magazine yesterday, I stopped to read something in a news article I had underscored in red ink said by John Bonham. It had me laughing, so I decided to share it. “I’d like to have it publicized that I came...
  11. jdenmo

    COME TO ME - Psychedelic Rock / Alternative Rock / Classic Rock

    Hey guys, I'm a 20 yr old who's been writing songs for 2-3 years now. Me and my college buddy have a little band project called Sensory Overload. If you're into classic rock you're definitely going to like this. We have 5 songs out for now, and are releasing a new one every week. Some bands...
  12. jdenmo

    SENSORY OVERLOAD - Psychedelic Rock / Garage Rock / Classic Rock / Alternative Rock

    Hey guys, Over the last few years I've been writing a bunch of songs. I managed to record them all this semester with one SM57 Mic running through a Steinberg CI1 Interface into my laptop. I composed & played guitar, bass, harmonica, even a little bit of drums, and mixed/recorded everything...
  13. sillyilly

    bonzo and ringo picture

    sorry if this is a repost, but I am a huge Bonham fan and have never seen this picture. quite a pair, no?