1. Sammybear

    SOLD....18" Kerope 1330g (2019)

    Almost brand new beautiful 18" Kerope cymbal. Very lightly used at home only. Purchased in 2019. Weighs in at 1330g. Some very faint stick marks may be present due to sampling and some light playing. $250 + Shipping (Firm.....for now) :) SOLD
  2. drummerboy7

    Zildjian K's (Kerope, Special Dry, Dark Thin)

    Hello, I am selling a few cymbals that are part of my collection I don't use. Im in the middle of making plans to move and need to thin out my inventory. All of the cymbals are either in excellent condition or like new. Prices are below. - 22" Kerope Ride Cymbal: Weight: 2414 g. Asking $310+...
  3. tradrad

    ALL GONE..mods, please delete

    :laughing3: the title says: these are text book versions of some pretty great cymbals. they were procured with specific uses in mind, and those reasons have since gone by...time to move them on. 14" AGOP SE 'jazz' hats TRADED ONLY SELLING ONE SET OF THESE 13" HATS...whichever sells...
  4. Bullseye_Doc_Holiday

    I've never been quite so happy with my drum sound as I am with this.

    Despite doing my best to be a well-rounded musician and dabbling with jazz, latin, and other genres; home base for me is really somewhere in the middle of rock, blues, and soul. A nice solid 4/4 backbeat with some ghost notes and a little swinging hop is heaven. 60's was good, 70's was ok too...
  5. Sammybear

    SOLD!!!! Lowered price-Kerope 20" 1848g

    For Sale: Zildjian 20" Kerope 1848g. Purchased this cymbal in Spring of 2018 brand new. Very little use. Great sounding cymbal with good stick definition and nice crash. $240 plus shipping. SOLD!!!!!
  6. drumrtommy

    20” Zildjian Kerope

    1915 grams great ride, patina and stick marks, selling to fund another purchase. Plenty of wash, very nice lower volume ride, warm, great for jazz, singer songwriter, musicals, church, and as a crash. Here's a very close video as you see its one gram off: Asking 250 Shipped
  7. drumtimejohn

    SOLD Kerope 15" Hi Hats 936/1180g

    936/1180g, Excellent condition. Super nice hats. CONUS. No trades. Finest cheesy, neck bending, phone video this side of the Mississippi. No special glasses required. PM as needed. Sold
  8. jazzdrummer

    >>> SOLD >>> Zildjian Kerope - 2300g

    SOLD 22" Zildjian Kerope - 2300g * No Issues. * 2016 Model * Check out the pics & sound-file * LOOKING TO SELL ONLY * NO TRADES * PM for more info, etc... Thanks...Matt
  9. Sammybear

    SOLD!!! 18" Zildjian Kerope 1370g

    SOLD!!!!!!!! 18" ZILDJIAN KEROPE 1370g $255 plus $15 shipping Gorgeous cymbal! This is a beautiful 18” Kerope weighing in at 1370g. The sound is dark and warm. I have used this cymbal sparingly on a jazz kit, so it is very lightly used and only gigged once, so...
  10. damespointkid

    ***SOLD*** 24" Zildjian K Kerope Prototype Currently on Reverb. First time trying to sell on the forum. Lightly used 24" k Kerope prototype 3228 grams Light marks. No cracks or flea bites. iPhone soundfile $365 Shipped PPG
  11. Markkuliini

    11 Zildjian rides compared

    For once I had almost all my cymbals in one place at the same time, so I though that it's better to use the opportunity and capture the rides on the same video. Well some of them are technically crashes or crash rides, but since I use all of these for riding purposes, I wanted to include them...
  12. HosaMogami

    SOLD! Zildjian 14" Kerope HiHats

    Selling a lovely pair of Zildjian Kerope hihats. These are sweet. Bottom weight is 1172g and top is 900g. Sound and play like butter. They have a real mojo to them. Would consider trade + cash on my end to get into 15" Kerope hats or 16" Avedis hats pending on weights. Top logo is fading a bit...
  13. P

    Zildjian Kerope

    Greetings from Omaha. :hello2: Just wondering how many of you out there have tried the new Zildjian Keropes and what your thoughts were? I have one of the first ones, love the tone, but the pitch is not quite what I'd hoped for. Any comments would be welcome.
  14. sillyilly

    My jazz band at The Rex, Aug 2

    This is a clip of my original tune "Florina". Incredible playing by saxman Luis Deniz, and the ride cymbal on my right is a new Kerope 22".
  15. Kerope Ride

    Kerope Ride

    for sale