1. Chicago.Drum.Exchange

    Ludwig Legacy Maple 13/16/18/24 USED

    Hey gang! Just got this gorgeous Legacy Maple in used at the shop. Super clean! Just giving you all a heads up before we throw it on the site! Shoot me an email with any questions! diego@chicagomusicexchange.com
  2. Chicago.Drum.Exchange

    Ludwig Month!

    Hey gang! Diego here from the Chicago Drum Exchange! For the month of March I will be offering some exclusive pricing specials for Ludwig Drums! Whether it be something we have in stock or something we have to special order, I just want you to have some killer Luddy's! Check out what we have...
  3. Vanhalen1984

    ***SOLD**Ludwig Legacy

    Sold - Thanks Folks!
  4. croomz

    Sabian HHX Legacy 20" Crash

    Looking for a Sabian HHX Legacy 20" crash cymbal to pair with the 18" I have. Shoot a PM if you have one Thanks, Brandon
  5. croomz

    Sabian Legacy Cymbals

    Looking for any legacy cymbals you may have to sell or trade. Interested in: Legacy Crashes Legacy Ride or Heavy Ride Legacy Hats Legacy Splashes Thanks, Brandon
  6. HosaMogami

    FS: Ludwig Legacy Maple 14x22 Bass Drum Shell-Silver Sparkle

    Selling a used 14x22 Ludwig Legacy Maple bass drum shell. It was originally purchased from Steve Maxwells NYC store and therefore is drilled for a rail consolette. It is also drilled for ludwig curved spurs and lugs obviously. Edges are in good shape. Silver Sparkle wrap is in good shape. It...
  7. drfills

    SOLD: Custom Order 2015 Ludwig Legacy Maple Drums in Black Glass Glitter - WOW!

    These are now SOLD! Thanks! For sale is a set of just immaculate Custom Order 2015 Ludwig Legacy Maple Drums in Black Glass Glitter. Sizes are 13/16/18/24. Virgin 9x13 tom and 14x24 bass drum. They were only very lightly played and are in like-new condition. Not a scuff, scratch or any sort of...
  8. croomz


    Looking for the following Sabian cymbals: Preferably in natural finish 14" Legacy Hats 14" HHX Mini China 18" Legacy Crash 19" Paragon China (wide flange) 20" Legacy Crash 20" HHXplosion Crash 20" AAXplosion Crash 20" HHXtreme Crash 21" Legacy Ride 22" Legacy Heavy Ride Let me know if...
  9. donnbennett

    Ringo Starr's Complete Custom 2006 Ludwig Drum Set, $150K

    Ringo Starr's Complete Custom 2006 Ludwig Drum Set, $150,000. I'm extremely excited to present what could be one of the most iconic drum sets ever made. This drum set was custom designed for, owned and used by Ringo Starr, arguably the most famous drummer of all time. Regardless of the...
  10. doubleroll

    Do you gig your Ludwig Legacy kit?

    How many of you gig with a Legacy in particular Maple kit but either one. How is the volume un-miked? Looking to purchase one soon and currently play in a alternative rock band. Don't want it to be a studio queen...I have my gretsch for that. Currently use a Pearl Masters MRX, 20, 12, 16 and a...
  11. r.fryoux

    Sold - Joyful Noise Snare Drums For Sale - Sold

    Up for sale are 2 Joyful Noise snare drums. Very nice, low serial numbered drums that are all in like new condition. The Elite will come with a gig bag I bought the Legacy before they came with Gig Bags, but all have the original accessories. These drums come a pet-free, smoke-free environment...
  12. M

    Ludwig Legacy kit without labels

    A Ludwig Legacy kit has recently come into my possession but it doesn't seem to have any of the labels inside the shells that I have seen on other legacy kits (see attached image). The shells are blank inside but have the reinforcement hoops. Just wanted to know from any Ludwig experts out...
  13. croomz

    SOLD - Sabian Legacy Heavy Ride - 22"

    Guys, I bought this ride recently from a drum shop. Its a great ride. Just a bit too heavy for my taste though. I prefer thinner rides. Superb condition, looks new. Slight stick markings from playing it a few times since I purchased it. Looking to sell. No trades for now. Asking...
  14. HosaMogami

    HELP: Ludwig Legacy Classic order (Burgundy Sparkle Discontinued)

    So I ordered my new Legacy Classic kit about 6 weeks ago, and I ordered it in Burgundy Sparkle. Today I got a phone call that my shells are ready, however the Burgundy Sparkle wrap is no longer available. And that I need to pick a different finish... Kind of a bummer, however maybe its an...