1. blue ant

    SOLD! Thanks for reading! Price drop $450.00 + shipping. Gretsch USA Custom Limited Edition Retro 4ply Snare Drum 14x5

    $450.00 buyer pays shipping. firm. Sale is final, instrument is like new except batter head (I have old Slingerland batter on the drum) I love the drum just want to sell some gear. DM me zip code of your location I will get exact shipping cost for your approval. Paypal works or Apple Pay cash...
  2. sixplymaple

    Ludwig’s Recent LE Metal Snare Drums - Thouhts?

    What does everybody think about the last few limited edition brass snares from Ludwig? One is red, one is white, and one is blue. I actually love the red, but it’s only offered in 8-Lug, so that kills it for me. In general though, I love the idea of the colored metal Ludwig snares. I think they...