1. mikepmcde

    14” ludwig floor tom 68-70’s

    Hello everyone. i’m looking for a 14” ludwig floor tom to do surgical work on. Any 14” ludwig floor toms out there? i have a relatively rare drum kit from the ludwig standards line- white astro in 12-20-snare with white interiors and a 16” orphan. i have a guy who has a 16 white astro orphan...
  2. Drum Discussion

    Ludwig 70's octaplus

    I am interested in Ludwig octaplus drum outfits. I am always looking for complete sets with vistalite ( acrylic ) shells or wood shells. Years ago I found a vistalite in tequilas sunrise that I fixed up.
  3. GiveMeYourSmallestSticks!

    Ludwig Raw Copperphonic Question....

    I posted in the latest drum purchase thread that I had recently picked up a 5" x 14" raw Copperphonic, but still needed to add a new strainer, heads and wires. Well, I've done all of that along with a lot of tuning and tweaking, and am finding that while I adore the warm, airy and open sound of...
  4. mikepmcde

    cleaning day & head combination

    huge mess in the drum shack but finally getting around to cleaning up my 69 white astro ludwig standards white painted interior. magic eraser sponge helps tremendously with cleaning 50+ years of cake off the wrap. careful not to over saturate the sponge. cleaning the bearing edge with beeswax...
  5. L

    Need expertise and advice!! On rare gold snaredrum

    My dad passed away recently and he left me a rare gold Ludwig snaredrum. He talked about it all the time and was so proud. He got it as a gift from his manager in Kiel in -64. But it was made in ‘59-‘62 he said and there were only a few made… Ss supra gold plated Now how can I “prove” that...
  6. Josh G.

    Pink Oyster Pearl Wrap

    I recently purchased a 1959-1960 transition badge Ludwig kit. It had been re-wrapped in black gloss by a previous owner and I don't love the look so I am going to re-wrap it again. I would like to wrap it in Pink Oyster Pearl, but different wrap maker's/sellers seem to have different versions...
  7. M

    need to mount a pearl tom on a ludwig kit, are there any options?

    Going to a recording studio next month, they have a Ludwig ’68 Super Classic but it doesn't have a 12' tom. i was thinking of using my own tom since i can't bring my whole kit (plus it's much worst than the ludwig), the only problem is the tom mount since i have a pearl export kit; i have been...
  8. B

    Help Identifying Ludwig Supraphonic Year

    Hi all, New to this forum but as the title suggests, I was hoping for help identifying a Ludwig Supraphonic I'm looking to purchase. Please see image attached. It looks to be a newer one but from what I could find out online, I don't believe the newer ones actually come with serial numbers? Or...
  9. olmanbenny

    1971 Ludwig Supraphonic matches Rare Original Green Sparkle 16” and 20”

    And here’s the Supraphonic snare that factory matches the 16” and 20” Ludwig Original Green Sparkle drums. .99 starting bid with No Reserve...
  10. mikepmcde

    supraphonic 68-69 keystone badge with dial muffler

    does anyone have a keystone badge supra with a dial muffler? i let one go on an auction sight for 321$. i was the highest bidder for like 15 seconds then someone at the very last second out bid me :,(. anyways, i have 3 supras, none of them r my dream drum as in they either have the B/O badge or...
  11. olmanbenny

    Rare 1971 Ludwig Green Sparkle 16” B/O Badge Floor Tom

    Hey Folks, .99 starting bid with No Reserve! 1971 16” Ludwig floor tom in rare Green Sparkle. I’ll be listing the matching Green Sparkle 20” bass drum shell soon as well! Thanks for looking!
  12. F

    Ludwig COB Supraphonic with brass hoops

    Modern Ludwig 5x14 chrome over brass supraphonic. 2.5mm chrome over brass hoops. Canopus leather washers, snare wire, and snare belt. The ultimate modern supra. $500 plus actual shipping.
  13. bon viesta

    how good are gretsch/ludwig style telescoping spurs?

    my ludwig bass drum is either going to have 2 sets of heavy duty curved spurs, or 2 sets of gretsch vintage style spurs. will 2 sets of the gretsch spurs hold down a bass drum though? last thing i want is to end up with spurs that don’t even work. i have a heavy foot by the way, but even with...
  14. bon viesta

    classic maple bearing edges: roundover vs standard 45

    i’ve been sort of planning the ins and outs of what i want from ludwig later this year, and after first settling on legacy maples i soon realized that it’s just too expensive for not a good enough reason. so, i’ve now decided that classic maples are just more reasonable and also resemble the...
  15. bon viesta

    13/14/16, or 13/16/18?

    i’m deciding on drum sizes for the ludwig kit i’m ordering later this year, and i’m stuck between 14 and 16 inch floor toms or 16 and 18 inch floor toms. also, ala mitch mitchell, the 14/16 kit would also have a 24x12 bass drum. 16/18 would be 24x14. any experience you have with either set up...
  16. bon viesta

    special order 60s ludwig drum sizes

    not talked about a whole lot as far as the custom drums they made in the vintage years, but there's a couple pictures floating around of 60s/early 70s era ludwig drum kits in these amazing custom order big sizes. the coolest part, in my opinion, are the cool double club date bass drum spurs that...
  17. David Hunter

    Ludwig 6.5x14 Legacy Mahogany Van Buren, Mint, $800 shipped CONUS

    Ludwig LLS503XXVB 110th Anniversary Legacy Mahogany Van Buren 6.5x14" Snare Drum with Wood Hoops, Mint, $800 shipped CONUS (was $950):
  18. bon viesta

    do round ludwig mufflers fit into the current baseball bat muffler holes?

    been piecing together my conceptual order form that i’d give to the local drum dealer (i’m a very very “i want it exactly this way” kind of person, so you bet i’m thinking of all the little details) and i don’t believe that ludwig offers round mufflers from the factory anymore. they do, however...
  19. bon viesta

    1965 gold sparkle ludwigs, value?? (very lengthy post)

    it’s a bit of a sad post, and very ramble-y, but i just want to lay it all on the table. i learned drums on these and they’ve been beat up a little bit since i got them but i’m still positive they have some good value. i’m expecting the value to probably be 1500-1800 on these, though i also...
  20. bon viesta

    might order ludwigs in the future, does ANYONE make a repro rail mount?

    in a year or so, i’m planning to give steve maxwell a call to custom order some ludwig drums and have him do his amazing vintage build set up on the drums. so… ordering a virgin bass drum, tom, and floor tom and having him get the bass drum badge facing out, getting the bracket on the tom in the...