1. O

    1997 B/O COB Supraphonic with serial number -- huh?

    Hey drummers, Just bought a COB Supraphonic with 1997 stamped on the inside. B/O badge, 3135785 serial number. BR stamped under the throw. Extra holes that look like they would have held a badge on the side. I know that B Stock Supras sometimes get/got a B/O badge but this is serialized...
  2. Zedd

    What Ludwig snare is this?

  3. digovii

    SOLD - 1965 Ludwig "Super Classic" 13/16/22 + PreSerial "School Festival"

    Hey all, I am floating the idea of selling a wonderful blue sparkle Super Classic, and my gold sparkle School Festival. 9x13, 16x16, 14x22 sizes for the kit. The floor tom hoops are COB while the rack has steel hoops (probably factory since this was a transitionary time). The original rail has...
  4. N

    Mounting system for vintage 14" Ludwig tom

    I'm looking for a new mounting system for my Ludwig mid-tom but I'm not sure what to get. Here's some specs: 1977/78, 14x10, 6-lugs, 3-ply (maple/poplar/maple), re-rings. I currently just have the stock dual L mount. One of the problems I'm having is that the tom sounds awesome and super...
  5. UptownShakedown

    6 piece Ludwig Vistalite Re-issue

    Hey DFO, the time has come to thin the herd a bit and get this killer kit to someone who will appreciate it. For sale is a ~2017 Ludwig Vistalite re-issue in clear finish. Sizes are 14x22, 16x16, 8x10, 8x12, 9x13 and a 5x14 snare in great condition. Never gigged and no blemishes but I'll give...
  6. My DWIGZ

    My DWIGZ

    2018 7 PLY Classic Maple Ludwig 10"X14" Silver Sparkle Snare Drum ..need to find a "lowest height" cradle type snare stand for it
  7. olmanbenny

    Poll: best rewrap color for Jazzette

    If you had to rewrap a Jazzette kit, what color would you choose besides mahogany or natural maple thermogloss? Is there something about the sizes that would make you enjoy one color over another? Cheers, Benny
  8. Josh G.

    1960s Ludwig Bearing Edges???

    I posted about my Super Classic recently. Basically a 1959 with a 1962 bass drum. I am recutting the bearing edges because they really need it. Especially the rack tom. Currently, all of the edges are 45 degree roundovers. -Would those be original or would these drums have come with 30 degree...
  9. sw532121

    FS: Noble & Cooley Birch, Ludwig Jazz Fest Reissue

    For sale are the following snare drums. All drums are in excellent condition and 100% functional. Prices include PayPal fees (if applicable). Prices do NOT include shipping. Shipping will be calculated to the actual cost to your delivery address (using the carrier of your choice). Shipping...
  10. Josh G.

    Info on my Ludwig Super Classic?

    I purchased this "1959 Super Classic" on Reverb not too long ago (I won't name the seller before giving them a chance to correct their mistakes). I've owned it for a couple of months and have FINALLY gotten the time to inspect it more thoroughly. My main source of confusion is the bass drum...
  11. J

    Questions around LM400

    Hello everyone, I have a supraphonic LM402 and decided to buy a LM400 to have both as I supposed the sound would be different. I bought a LM400 from 63 in pretty good condition. But I’m having trouble finding the right tuning compared to the LM402. I’m quite disturbed because this snare is...
  12. mikepmcde

    can someone help me I.D. this Ludwig snare

    I picked this drum up for 125 w/ a gibraltar flat base stand. my question: is this from the 80’s? or even the ludwig factory? serial number 3056031 Has anyone seen this wrap before? Did ludwig start using the generic made in taiwan snare wires in the 80’s? like what’s on the black acrolites...
  13. digovii

    Some Stainless Steel love

    I finally found an 18” floor tom to match my stainless kit. Love these drums! 13/16/18/24
  14. mikepmcde

    14” ludwig floor tom 68-70’s

    Hello everyone. i’m looking for a 14” ludwig floor tom to do surgical work on. Any 14” ludwig floor toms out there? i have a relatively rare drum kit from the ludwig standards line- white astro in 12-20-snare with white interiors and a 16” orphan. i have a guy who has a 16 white astro orphan...
  15. Drum Discussion

    Ludwig 70's octaplus

    I am interested in Ludwig octaplus drum outfits. I am always looking for complete sets with vistalite ( acrylic ) shells or wood shells. Years ago I found a vistalite in tequilas sunrise that I fixed up.
  16. GiveMeYourSmallestSticks!

    Ludwig Raw Copperphonic Question....

    I posted in the latest drum purchase thread that I had recently picked up a 5" x 14" raw Copperphonic, but still needed to add a new strainer, heads and wires. Well, I've done all of that along with a lot of tuning and tweaking, and am finding that while I adore the warm, airy and open sound of...
  17. mikepmcde

    cleaning day & head combination

    huge mess in the drum shack but finally getting around to cleaning up my 69 white astro ludwig standards white painted interior. magic eraser sponge helps tremendously with cleaning 50+ years of cake off the wrap. careful not to over saturate the sponge. cleaning the bearing edge with beeswax...
  18. L

    Need expertise and advice!! On rare gold snaredrum

    My dad passed away recently and he left me a rare gold Ludwig snaredrum. He talked about it all the time and was so proud. He got it as a gift from his manager in Kiel in -64. But it was made in ‘59-‘62 he said and there were only a few made… Ss supra gold plated Now how can I “prove” that...
  19. Josh G.

    Pink Oyster Pearl Wrap

    I recently purchased a 1959-1960 transition badge Ludwig kit. It had been re-wrapped in black gloss by a previous owner and I don't love the look so I am going to re-wrap it again. I would like to wrap it in Pink Oyster Pearl, but different wrap maker's/sellers seem to have different versions...
  20. M

    need to mount a pearl tom on a ludwig kit, are there any options?

    Going to a recording studio next month, they have a Ludwig ’68 Super Classic but it doesn't have a 12' tom. i was thinking of using my own tom since i can't bring my whole kit (plus it's much worst than the ludwig), the only problem is the tom mount since i have a pearl export kit; i have been...