1. B

    WTB: Ludwig centennial 14x14 silver sparkle

    Desperately searching for a Ludwig centennial 14x14 floor tom in silver sparkle. I have PayPal and will pay for shipping.
  2. K

    Ludwig 3 ply Keystone Transition Badge 12x8 vintage tom tom in Sky Blue Pearl

    Selling a few bits and bobs due to a house move, so this is the last of my Ludwig vintage drums. Wonderful warm sounding late 1950's 12x8 tom tom in Sky Blue Pearl Wrap is in good nick with no noticeable scratches or marks, it's stuck solidly to the shell. Interior is clear (so not the...
  3. A

    Help to identify Slingerland snare drum

    Hi everyone! I can not find on the Internet any similar model. The nameplate is very strange. Lags are similar to Ludwig Supraphonic. What is it? Thanks in advance!
  4. F

    Professional snares and cymbals

    Some great snares and cymbals I am parting with listed on Reverb.
  5. T

    Ludwig 26” x 6” 3ply shell Head - ported or no?

    I just picked up this old 26x6 Ludwig bass drum. Curious about what heads to put on it. I usually go with a p3 batter & reso side (with Hole) on my other kicks. Wondering if that might be too dampened for Such a shallow drum. Going for more of a vintage sound vs modern. Thinking maybe...
  6. popiomodena

    **SOLD** 1968 Ludwig Hollywood Silver Sparkle

    1968 Ludwig Hollywood Silver Sparkle 14”x22” kick, 8”x12” rack tom, 9”x13” rack tom, 16”x16” floor tom date stamped May 2 1968 These are all clear interior drums. The serial numbers are close together. All original with exception to heads and the resonant bass drum hoop. 12” rack Tom...
  7. Sammybear

    Ludwig LM400 (2015-16) 14 x 5 Supraphonic Snare Drum

    For Sale Ludwig LM400 14 x 5 Chrome Over Aluminum Supraphonic Snare Drum. I was informed this is vintage 2015-16. Comes with Ludwig stock medium batter. Remo snare side resonant head and Puresound snare wires. Drum is in excellent-mint condition. $350 plus shipping/fees.
  8. speady1

    Keeping...Mods Please Delete

    Decided to keep this one...
  9. F

    Gretsch and Ludwig snare drums

    Brand new Gretsch custom rosewood gloss 20 lug 6.5x14. Micro sensitive strainer. Canopus leather washers added. Includes Gretsch deluxe logo bag. $700 Modern Ludwig 5x14 chrome over brass snare. Upgraded with chrome over brass hoops; Canopus leather washers; Canopus snare wires; Canopus snare...
  10. bleen

    Pork Pie 6.5x14 Big Black BoB

    Pork Pie Big Black Brass 6.5x14 - the beast! Such a great drum at an insanely reasonable price. $225 + shipping
  11. Medellin

    Ludwig Legacy Maple Gold Sparkle 26/14/16/18 + Drum cases included

    Custom Ludwig Legacy Maple Bonham 4-piece. Bass drum heads: Ludwig Heavy resonant - Remo Coated Emperor batter All tom heads: (Resonant) Remo coated ambassador - (Batter) Remo Vintage Coated Emperor Felt strip on front and rear bass drum head. *MESSAGE ME IF YOU WOULD LIKE A DEMO VIDEO OF...
  12. P

    1960s Ludwig Speed Master Bass Drum Pedal - Fantastic Condition

    This beauty came with my 1966 Ludwig Club Date bop kit I picked up a few weeks ago. I scoured Reverb and DR to price it and haven't seen one in such good condition - very little paint has chipped off, the leather drive strap is flawless. I'm a player not a collector so I hope some collector...
  13. gingerb91

    70's 3 ply Ludwig Pro Beat + in Red Silk

    70's Ludwig Red Silk Pro Beat + 15" tom 3 ply clear interior Very Clean wrap and chrome, some beginnings of seam lift. All original hardware/parts. Legs, spurs, and tom mount included. No Mufflers Coated Emperor Batters & Clear Emporer Resos on all toms Full set of original hard cases included...
  14. DrumminLefty

    Ludwig Legacy Maple Gold Sparkle 13,16,22, 5" Snare

    2011 Ludwig Legacy Maple drumset. 9x13,16x16,14x22,5x14 Immaculate mint condition. Coated PowerStroke 3 on bass drum batter. Ludwig Coated on bass drum resonant. Ludwig Medium Coated on bottom of 13 and 16. Coated Ambassador on 13,16 batter heads. Coated Emperor on snare batter. Ludwig Thin...
  15. popiomodena

    **SOLD**Vintage Ludwig 5” Gold Tone Cowbell with Ludwig Bass Drum Hoop Mount

    This cowbell is presumably from the 1960s. It still sounds great even though it’s been weathered a little through time. I also have a vintage Ludwig bass drum hoop mount that this comes with. $80 shipped.
  16. V

    Ludwig Elements Cymbals- Why can I not find any info on these cymbals?

    Hey everybody, I have these cymbals I got when my parents purchased a drum kit for me when I was little. The drum set was a black Ludwig Element Series. Drums are fine, however these cymbals that I got with them are... well to say the least terrible and I upgraded recently to some better...
  17. M

    Vintage Ludwig "Blackrophonic" 6.5"x14" snare drum (10 Imperial lugs, black-coated aluminum shell)

    Please see the attached photos of a vintage Ludwig snare drum I bought via Austin Craigslist a few years ago. I'm calling it "Blackrophonic", because it's black-coated, with a non-plated aluminum shell like an Acrolite, but 10 Imperial lugs like a Supraphonic. It's not a Black Beauty, because...
  18. drums12

    ****SOLD*** Ludwig Supraphonic LM400

    This supra was made in 2011. I am the original owner. It hasn't been played in a couple of years and is a little dusty, but there is no pitting or rust. It's in excellent shape. A couple of the pictures look like there are scuffs on the shell, but it's just the reflection of old wood on the...
  19. J

    1965 Ludwig WMP 13” Tom

    Great drum. Bought to piece together a matching set but it has been very difficult to find matching drums. I have a blue oyster pearl kit from the same year. Would be willing to trade for blue oyster Tom 13”. No other trades considered. Thank you for looking! Missing the internal mute. I think I...
  20. Peterk256

    Ludwig ATLAS Arch Rail Mount opinions

    I'm considering buying a Ludwig ATLAS Arch Rail Mount but I haven't seen much mention of it on DFO or any follow up since it came out. The reviews on some retail sites complain a bit about its weight. For those of you who have gigged with it and from a practical/functional perspective - do you...