1. stewy

    1973 - 1975 Ludwig Blue/Olive Badge Serial Numbers - Dating Guide?

    Hi all, I never really thought twice about this, and just a quick search I didn't see this covered anywhere. On the Ludwig site - It shows: 1969 765XXX – 834XXX 1970 (Out of sequence, unnumbered) 1971 835XXX – 895XXX 1972 896XXX –...
  2. Rhythm Block

    Choicest Wires for COB Super Ludwig?

    I recently came upon a pre-serial brass super Ludwig 14x5" in phenomenal shape for $45. Didn't know exactly what it was beyond something in the vein of a supra til I had it in my hands and felt the weight, then a little detective work helped me to the right conclusion. As if simply holding such...
  3. Darrick

    Long Lost: Ludwig Black Beauty 14" x 5" 1970's #1647XXX

    Hi all I am new to the forum. I am curious to find where an old black beauty has wound up after 10 years and if there has been any new history that has been added. I've always loved vintage gear and hearing the history behind an instrument. The drum was bought new in 1976/77 by Tommy Davitt (a...
  4. digovii

    Ludwig 1920's Theatre Model 5x15 NOB 2-Piece Snare Drum - SOLD

    This is a 5"x15" 6-lug Theatre Model from the early 1920s. This is a heavy 2-piece shell that is definitely players grade. Most notably the throw-off has been replaced with a P-83 which required two small holes in the shell. This was done professionally and, in my opinion, is an upgrade from...
  5. julian downward

    HELP - Which Ludwig snare do I have? HELP

    Hey everyone. Thanks for your help. Could anyone help me identify this Ludwig snare? s/n 1891042. I bought it SH in 1985 but it's from the 70's. It has the pointy Blue and Olive badge (should mean it's for the early 70's) but the serial number does not make it clear as to when its from. It...
  6. T

    Drum and Cymbal Closeout

    Hi my music store Lefty’s Music in Weaverville CA has many items on closeout: Ludwig Evolution Maple, Keystone X Oak In stock: 25% off plus new kits coming in - special orders welcome on Ludwig and DW shells. Roland TD-17KV and TD-50K in stock ready to ship as well as SPD-10 and SPD-SX among...
  7. bconrad

    sold keeping

    Can do $799 shipped in the lower-48. Thanks for looking
  8. Rhythm Block

    Hello World

    Hi everyone. My name is Brady and I made my account today. I've played saxophone for about 17 years after starting on clarinet. I relearned clarinet 7 years ago and picked up flute as well, acquired a bass clarinet a couple years later, then learned trombone and eventually a little...
  9. D

    Shopping List of Wants

    Hey Everyone, My first post here as I was referred here to look for a bunch of things I'm looking for project wise. Please comment what you have and I'll PM you! -Zoomatic Strainer Knob -10 Torpedo style Slingerland tension rods, the longer ones for the single (center) lug bass drums (bass...
  10. T

    60s/70s 20/12/14 Ludwig Downbeat w/ Acrolite

    Hi all! For sale is an immaculate 20/12/14 downbeat outfit with a 60s Acrolite. The 14x14 and 20” kick both B/O badges while the 12” rack has a keystone badge. The serial numbers are as follows: 12x8 515866 14x14 767919 20x14 785698 5x14 Acrolite 584438 Cosmetically there are very few...
  11. T

    Identify my snare!

    Hey everyone! Can anyone tell me what year range this snare is from?? I've never seen these coating on a Ludwig before. Thanks!
  12. Ludwig Element Evolution w/ Paiste

    Ludwig Element Evolution w/ Paiste

    A peek at my LudElEvo, w/ Paiste PST 7 16, 17, 18, 19, 20" crashes, 22" Paiste 2002 Power Ride (from early 80's), 15" Paiste 2002 Sound Edge hi-hats, 10" Paiste PST 7 splash, 6 & 8" Wuhan splashes, 12 & 18" Wuhan chinas, 12 & 16" Zildjian Oriental trash chinas, 22" Wuhan wind gong, DW pedals, etc.
  13. sw532121

    [SOLD/TRADED] British Drum Co. Aviator 5.5x14, Ludwig Black Beauty 5x14 [SOLD/TRADED]

    For sale are the following drums. Both are in excellent condition and 100% functional. Price is shipped & pp'd to the Continental US. British Drum Co. Aviator 5.5x 14 - TRADED $475 TRADED Ludwig LB416 Black Beauty - 5x14 - $OLD $475 $OLD
  14. digovii

    New Gretsch Brooklyn's - Wow!

    Picked up a set of Brooklyn's from Maxwell's in IL this weekend and wow. I am have always been a die-hard Ludwig guy but these sound incredible! I threw some Vintage Ambassadors on the batters and these drums have such a great body and warmth to them while also maintaining great projection. A...
  15. artvandalaye

    *Price Drop* Ludwig Legacy Maple Downbeat Kit 20/12/14" Sky Blue Pearl

    Hi everyone! I'm offering up my Ludwig Legacy Maple Downbeat Kit for sale 20x14 / 12x8 / 14x14 (no snare) Beautiful Sky Blue Pearl Wrap 3-ply maple/poplar/maple with reinforcement rings Vintage build: rail mount, gull-wing spurs, vintage Keystone badges, T-Rods on the BD No paper tags on the...
  16. N

    Is this Ludwig snare authentic?

    Hi, I got the opportunity to buy this for a good price, but the badge looks sketchy to me, never seen a plain one, numbers only, like this. Also the 5 digit serial number... On the other hand, the overall appearance says it's a legit hammered brass ludwig to me... what do you think?
  17. Pancho12

    Vintage Ludwig Help!!!! Supraphonic?

    Hi forum! This is my first post so please bare with me... I recently purchased a ludwig snare and I need a lot of help identifying it! I can’t tell when the model is from or what the model of this snare is. Originally I thought it was a supraphonic, but as I did more research, I found it to be...
  18. U

    1940's Ludwig Zephyr tom and bass drum for sale.

    Hey there, selling a Ludwig Zephyr mounted tom and bass drum - wanted to see if anyone here had any interest. I'm located in upstate New York in the Hudson Valley. Would consider shipping but much prefer local pick up or would travel up to 100 miles to deliver for a small fee to cover gas. Open...
  19. A

    1930's Ludwig Chinese Tom Tom- Need help

    Hello all, new to the forum. I recently acquired this Vintage Ludwig & Ludwig Tom which appears to be from the 30's but am not so sure mainly because The dragons appear to be decals. and no clue about that signature. Any help or info would be appreciated.
  20. B

    Drum kits for sale. Ludwig/Yamaha

    Ludwig centennial silver sparkle Finish has a gold tint to it now 12x8, 16x15, 24x16 Good sounding drums in good condition All remo heads $800. Ludwig centennial 14x13 silver sparkle Bought new in February. Was a store return due to damaged box. Drum is in great condition. No floor tom legs...