1. sw532121

    WTB: Vintage Ludwig NOB Snare (8 or 10 lug)

    Looking for a vintage Ludwig NOB snare. Pioneer, Standard, etc. 8 or 10 lug drums only, please. All sizes and conditions considered. Thank you! Evan
  2. NewVintage

    Ludwig 20’s 2-Piece Brass 4x14” 8 Lug Snare Drum

    Here’s a beautiful playing workhorse of mine for sale. The classic 20’s Ludwig 2-piece heavy brass shell snare. 8 Lugs. Top hoop is NOB and appears to be original. The throw-off works great and holds. Tunes easily and plays great! Things to note: T-rods, clips and bottom hoop are not original...
  3. T

    Identify my Ludwig snare

    Hello everyone! I think I may have found a supraphonic from the early 70s in my dad's basement. Pointy B/O badge Serial number 1048597 Spun shell (no welds) I spent a bunch of time on the web trying to find ways to ID it for sure but I'm just not all that confident. I did notice some pitting...
  4. digovii

    Ludwig Black Oyster Bowling Ball

    I have always loved the bowling ball finishes of the '70s and I was finally able to pick up a 3 ply maple kit in black oyster. These drums just ooze that 70's tone that I love on so many records. Just thought I'd share! Def one of my favorite finishes.
  5. sixplymaple

    Ludwig LB545 5”x14” LE Bronze Black Beauty Snare Drum (LIKE NEW)

    Ludwig LB545 5”x14” LE Bronze Black Beauty Snare Drum (LIKE NEW) Basically brand new Ludwig snare drum. I like the bronze, but it’s a little to dark for my tastes. I just switched it out with a COB. I’ve barely played this snare. The only issue is the inside sticker. It was peeling off when I...
  6. sixplymaple

    Billy Corgan Vistalite Kit - Reverb

    Billy Corgan is the latest member of the celebrity Reverb seller club where everything is well used and overpriced. This is a pretty cool looking kit though. Is this factory Ludwig?
  7. digovii

    Ludwig Classic Oak

    Was curious if anyone is currently playing these and had any thoughts/reviews? Oak is such a great material for drums I am tempted to pick up a set. I personally think the rebranding of the Keystone line was much needed and the updated size options are very appealing. The medium tuning on this...
  8. olmanbenny

    ‘68 Ludwig Psychadelic Red shell pack Hollywood

    Vintage ‘68 Ludwig Hollywood shell pack in rare Psychadelic Red. 12/13/16/22. For sale are the shells only…I’ll include the remaining lugs on the rack tom and the muffler on the floor tom because I’m lazy. In great shape, except for the bottom of the interior of the bass drum, which has some...
  9. sixplymaple

    Ludwig’s Recent LE Metal Snare Drums - Thouhts?

    What does everybody think about the last few limited edition brass snares from Ludwig? One is red, one is white, and one is blue. I actually love the red, but it’s only offered in 8-Lug, so that kills it for me. In general though, I love the idea of the colored metal Ludwig snares. I think they...
  10. S

    Custom acrylic build question regarding bass drum lugs.

    Hello fellow builders. I'm creating a custom acrylic kit using shells from RCI that will be a replica of Bonham's famous Vistalites with some significant variations. Rather than put the mounted tom in a basket, I intend to use Ludwig's Atlas rail mount system. For the rail system to fit on a...
  11. distantplanet

    Ludwig Keystone Badge question... expert eyes needed

    Has anyone seen this badge before? I'm in search of a Ludwig Supraphonic 6.5 and someone posted a used one for sale, but its keystone badge has "Made in USA" where "Chicago..." or "Monroe..." would be on the badges I've seen on guides. I'm a newbie, so I'm still educating myself on these...
  12. codydee12

    Talk me off the ledge - have a Ludwig. thinking Gretsch Broadkaster...what is the difference to you.

    Update as of 8/22: a comparison of the two (I had the two kits to make this about a month after my original post): Alright, fellow drummer here chasing a sound in his head - I have a beautiful Classic Maple with all roundover edges. It is a killer kit. No complaints....but I have really be...
  13. distantplanet

    Newbie needs help with Ludwig snare ID - it was sold to me by GC as an Acrolite, but...

    I just received a snare I bought off the Guitar Center used site that was listed as a "Ludwig Acrolite 5x14 - Chrome." Here are the deets: 10-lugs, bowtie chromed pointy B/O badge, serial no. 1683596 NO internal muffler strainer appears to be not original (no Ludwig branding) butt plate has...
  14. codydee12

    Sold - Ludwig No. 404 Acrolite 5x14" Aluminum Snare with Pointed Blue/Olive Badge 1971

    In good players condition. Everything works as it should and is ready for your next gig to bring that iconic acro sound. Seems like everything is original but I will refrain from claiming that since I know there are some folks who know this drum much better than I. There is a small dent on the...
  15. R

    Question for owners of Ludwig Jazz Festival Re-issue

    I’m thinking of grabbing one of the re-issues of the 5.5” Jazz Festival. There’s so much they seem to have honored from the originals, but there’s one spec I can’t find clarification on: are the 2.3mm TF hoops they come with COB or COS? I just got my hands on a 60s pre-serial Downbeat kit and...
  16. popiomodena

    WFL P87 Snare Strainer Parts

    Hello all, I’m new to the WFL P87 and I have one that’s missing some parts. Could someone please help me understand what I’m missing so I can try to locate them?
  17. S

    Ludwig Custom Shop Question

    Would Ludwig be able to match the wraps on some rare vintage Ludwig drums through their custom shop? (1958 buddy rich signature super classics in white marine pearl) It is damn near impossible to find more of these drums to finish my set so I figured maybe I could just custom order some toms in...
  18. Aaronjiski

    Leedy & Ludwig 1951 snare

    Hello again, I found a killer deal on a snare and from experience I have learned to be careful when something seems to good to be true. So, long story short. The seller claims this is a 1951 original Leedy&Ludwig snare. It’s a players snare for sure. The throw-off seems shady to me but I...
  19. sixplymaple

    Need Help - Ludwig Throw Off ID?

    I never noticed that these Ludwig throw offs were different. I‘ve bought three different Ludwig metal snare drums this year. I thought all three drums had the new Ludwig Atlas P88AC throw offs, but one of them is not like the other. I need help identifying what the oddball throw off is… This is...
  20. Aaronjiski

    Ludwig 1920’s Super-Sensitive?

    I came across this guy, the seller claims it’s a 5.5” but all catalogs from 1920’s to 1930’s that they only made a 5” and deeper but no 5.5”. From what I can find it seems it’s missing the snare guards on the sides. Is this a super- sensitive or am I getting ripped? Thank you!