1. Andrew Linnemann

    DW Natural Satin Drum Set 1997

    Original Owner looking to part with this great DW set. Natural Satin finish, great sizes. Built in 1997, they have minor wear and tear from studio and live gigging over the years. New heads and ready for a new experience. 5x14 8x10 9x12 13x15 14x16 16x20 Not interested in shipping. Puget...
  2. cgrutledge

    22x14 or 24x14 shell for Gretsch kit

    I have a 24x16, 13x9, 16x16 gretsch renown maple red glass glitter kit i have loved. But I’m ready to switch things up and get into my favorite bass drum sizing and possibly rewrap. If you have anything i may be interested in please let me know!
  3. K

    Custom made maple bop kit for sale, 18x12, 12x8, 14x14 - London UK

    Hi all, sadly I can only keep one kit and need to keep the one with the larger bass drum, pah! So, up for sale is this never gigged lovely hand made maple bop kit Made by a lovely chap in South London who goes under the name of Panda Percussion (google him to see some of his other wonderful...
  4. bconrad


  5. bharrington

    SOLD Tama Starclassic Maple 2000's Cherry Black

    SOLD Hey all - Some cool early-2000's (my guess) Tama Starclassic Maple drums. Cherry Black finish w/ brushed nickel hardware. These drums are in mixed condition - the 10" and 12" toms are actually pretty nice. The 16" for some reason doesn't exactly match, but the finish sure still looks...
  6. bharrington

    Slingerland 70's 3ply Natural Maple 24/14/15/16

    Hey all - I love these but just haven't played them enough. Awesome sounding drums, no extra holes, all original. I went through and completely cleaned up the 24", 14" and 16". I never used the 15" so it could use a cleaning. The finish on top of the 24" is quite worn. I like the slightly worn...
  7. bconrad


  8. D

    Wanted : yamaha 14x12 tom - BCA or MCA or Beech

    Hi Anyone got a 14X12 Yamaha BCA or MCA or even beech tom they want to part with? Needed to complete a set; colour is optional as it's a studio/players kit. Looking for the non-nouveau stuff... Shipped to Melbourne, Aus. Cheers!
  9. D

    Sonor Designer Maple Light 22" Bass Drum - Green Stain

    Hi Everyone, We have a baby arriving fairly soon, so I am needing to sell some things to create space in the house. This is a Sonor Designer Maple Light 22"x17.5" (I believe 17.5") bass drum with a "green stain" finish. Based on the serial number, it was probably made in October of 1996. I'm...
  10. Big Beat

    For Sale: small antique wooden snare drum with maple hoops & calf heads - Ludwig Tango type

    Small antique wooden snare drum with maple hoops & calf heads. Single tension with four thumbscrew rods. Obviously a budget model, perhaps a step up from a toy drum. But it's old enough to have nice maple hoops and calf heads - and old enough to be interesting. The overall style is similar to a...
  11. Kcmcc

    Slingerland blue and silver duco student model snare

    This is a good ol 6 lugger. Single flanged hoops and clips. Mid to late 60s, very nice condition. The cosmetic dings you can see in the photos are the only real issue. Strainer works smoothly. Only selling because I just bought a 70s sound king and I have two student models and this one has less...
  12. & You Dont Stop

    You Decide "XXXX" Kit is For You....Then You Stumble Onto...(what would you do?)

    I know some a 'yous guys' poo poo the thought of buying new kits but, after thinking it over for several weeks, I've decided that the price point on the new Yamaha Tour Custom shell packs are commensurate with the shell construction, quality and look Yamaha brings. If I choose to buy a new kit...
  13. WGMitch

    DrumCraft Series 7 Maple - 14" x 6 1/2" - For Sale - SOLD!

    DrumCraft Series 7 Maple - 14" x 6 1/2" - Liquid Lava Excellent condition! Shells made from the finest quality hand-selected Maple 14-Inch x 6.5-Inch Snare Nickel Drumworks Throw Off 2.5mm Projection Hoops enhances tuning stability Remo USA Heads I am the original owner Shipped in original...
  14. markrocks68

    Beautiful 1978 Ludwig Thermogloss Maple kit. Local pick up only in San Diego. 1400

    Howdy Friends Selling my beautiful 1978 Ludwig Thermogloss Maple 6 ply shell kit in big ROCK sizes. 1400 14x24 16x18 10x14 12x15 6.5x14 brand new Acrolite reissue. Drums are in amazing shape with the only issues of a few very small nicks on FT and has a slight ding in the bottom rim. They...
  15. WGMitch

    Noble And Cooley CD Maple Snare Drum 6.5x14 - SOLD!

    Noble And Cooley CD Maple Snare Drum 6.5x14 Excellent condition! $425 $350 shipped TYD lower 48. No trades please. I bought this back in April on here and never played it.
  16. indedrum

    A couple of Last-Minute Snare Drum Deals!

    We have a couple of great deals for last minute Christmas Shoppers! $50 off Stainless Steel Snare Drums Use Promo Code: SSFORXMAS and $50 off In-Stock Maple Snare Drums Use Promo Code: MAPLEFORXMAS
  17. R

    Austin Era FIBES, Meinl Custom Shop

    I'm looking for this exact cymbal, haha. So specific... I almost had enough saved to buy it from Memphis Drum Shop a few years back and I just missed it. So bummed! It's a Meinl Custom Shop flat ride. The "perfect" one! Also, I just picked up a 10/13/16" mini-bop Fibes kit, Jasper shell...
  18. ruddy bich

    Vintage 1980 Ludwig 10 Piece 6-Ply Blue/Olive kit Amazing Condition!! $2375

    I have seen quite a few vintage kits over the years, and this one came to me in such AMAZING condition, I was and still am blown away! Restoration? HAH! I cleaned them. That's it! No scrubbing of rust or pitting because there isn't any, except for some pitting on the snare drum. No...
  19. DKmusic

    Your opinion on next kit purchase please...

    Thanks in advance. I'm a recording studio owner and lifelong drummer. I mostly use my kits in the studio but also sub on a few gigs. My two kits are a DW Collectors and a vintage Rogers. I've been hankering for a new kit to add something to the studio (and possibly for the gig so I don't need to...
  20. Vanhalen1984

    SOLD - Solid Maple Shell Snare