1. sixplymaple

    -SOLD- Paiste Sig Thin China + More -ALL SOLD-

    -ALL SOLD- 18” Paiste Signature Thin China - Used Like New Condition - 1290g - $OLD 21” Paiste Signature Dark Energy Prototype Heavy Ride - Used Excellent Condition - 3795g - $old 18” Meinl Classics Custom Dark Trash Stack - Used Great Condition - 1062g/1107g - $old 19” Sabian AAX Heavy...
  2. V

    Beginner Bongos as a gift, LP or Meinl?

    Hi there! I am new here, it's nice to have found this great active drummer community! :) Maybe you could help me with your better knowledge about I'm currently looking for some bongos to give as a gift to my girlfriend. She is Venezuelan, and although we now live in Germany, she...
  3. codydee12

    Sold - Meinl Foundry Reserve Light Ride 22"

    Hey everyone! I have just one Meinl left for sale. Message me with questions/offers! For Sale 22 foundry light ride All sold Here are the sound files of the cymbals. Recording was done with a mono large...
  4. stewy

    Collection ~50 Cymbals - Vintage+New Zildjian, Sabian, Meinl, UFIP, Paiste + More *Sound Files*

    Some great deals here. Sound files available for all cymbals. Can combine shipping, and will ship anywhere in the world Drum collection post to follow... 1/2: *ALCHEMY 14" PRO ART HI-HATS CYMBALS ISTANBUL AGOP A.R.T. HAND HAMMERED B20 SET* $178 *FACTORY METAL PERCUSSION 18" CROSS CRASHERZ...
  5. Ely

    Price Drops - Ely's Spring Cleaning Sale

    I have a bunch of cymbals I would like to sell off to help fund my Oriollo phantom kit. I will post each cymbal with a brief description of its' condition as well as price shipped to the lower 48. We can negotiate shipping if you are in Canada. I can get gram weights for all of them tonight...
  6. Chicago.Drum.Exchange

    ***Any of these cymbals interest you?***

    Hey guys, I am doing some pretty wild deals on THESE specific cymbals. If any of these interest you, get a hold of me asap! I cannot post prices because they are that stupid, you're going to have to get a hold of me directly. Thanks! [email protected]
  7. amazish

    Searching for a Meinl 20" Byzance Extra Hammered Thin Crash

    Hi ; ] As the title says - searching for one of those at a good price and good condition. Please send me a message if you're selling one of these ; ] Thanks !
  8. rdumas

    Sold - Meinl Byzance 14" Dark Hi Hats

    Meinl Byzance 14" Dark Hi Hats. No issues with these hats. Unlathed, raw, untreated finish. Dark sound with short sustain and strong chick sound. Plenty of Youtube vids out there if you wanna give them a listen. SOLD Trade possibility - Looking for a Bosphorus 20" crash/ride
  9. Ryandrummer26

    Zildjian S Series Trash Crash 20"

    Selling this Zildjian 20" S Series Trash Crash that's pretty much new...only hit once. Retails for $180, trying to get $160 shipped. Need to get rid of asap, DM me if interested.
  10. Ryandrummer26

    Zildjian S Series Trash Crash 20"

    Zildjian S Series Trash Crash 20".. friend of mine just bought it but gave it to me cause he didn't like it.. looking for any 20" crash and above. DM me with what you got!
  11. rdumas

    Meinl Pure Vintage...acquired taste?

    Some time ago I bought a 20" Meinl Pure Vintage crash. I very quickly had buyers remorse and thought about selling it. I should say that I primarily use a mix of Bosphorus. However, I put it as my primary right side crash and kept working with it. My initial bad feelings were primarily due to...
  12. R

    Austin Era FIBES, Meinl Custom Shop

    I'm looking for this exact cymbal, haha. So specific... I almost had enough saved to buy it from Memphis Drum Shop a few years back and I just missed it. So bummed! It's a Meinl Custom Shop flat ride. The "perfect" one! Also, I just picked up a 10/13/16" mini-bop Fibes kit, Jasper shell...
  13. dwdave

    Meinl byzance dry pack vs Mike Johnston pack

    Hey folks, Looking for an opinion on packs. I want to jump into the dry sound as an option. I have a set of K's and a set of 602's so I'm looking at a different sound. 2 packs have come up as options, I'm likely to only hear them on line although I am familiar with the line in general. The...
  14. C

    Quintuplet and Septuplet Drag Beats Explained

    Just finished this video, let me know what you think! &lc=z131wrepwlrdu34ij04cetojsmz0cx4hod4 Thanks Alistair
  15. Tilter

    Meinl Byzance 15" Extra Dry Medium Thin Hi Hats

    Looking for a pair in like new/excellent condition. I've got a few K and K Custom Zildjians and my Oriollo 6.5x13 snare that I can offer in trade. PM is the best way to reach me. Thanks.
  16. halldorl

    Meinl Pure Alloy

    Just got these this morning. Meinl Pure Alloy 22" Medium Ride, 18" Crash & 14" Hihats. More on the way; 20" Crash and 15" hats. First impressions: Silky smooth sound in the 602 vein with a bit more bite and chunkiness. I immediately thought Toto IV. Not a Toto fan but the sound reminded me of...
  17. troutstudio

    Meinl cymbals - WARNING - loud drum solo content

    I am getting interested in Meinl because a lot of cool drummers play them. They are not easy to find here in Australia. This video features Milos Meier. This sort of drumming normally doesn't interest me. But I have watched this solo three or for times. It's simply amazing foot technique. Skip...
  18. Ryandrummer26

    Zildjian K 24" Light Ride

    Up for sale is my zildjian k light ride 24". Its in awesome condition no cracks keyholes, etc. I thought this was gonna be my go to ride but it just isnt doing it for me. Its loud has an amazing bell and rides and crashes amazingly but its just not for me. DM me if your interested.
  19. franke

    Amazon Deal Undone by Amamorons

    Got my Meinl 16" suspended cymbal yesterday. It was packed with some paper and the cymbal was in a clear plastic bag. However, it appears that one of the ******* in their warehouse stomped on it. Normally, I would attempt to "pop" it back into place, but closer inspection revealed what...
  20. M

    WTB > Meinl Extra Dry Thin Ride and Crash

    Hello. Looking to buy a set of Meinl Extra Dry Thin cymbals, preferably a 22" Thin Ride (I might be persuaded to get a 20" if the tone is dark and low enough), a 16-18" Thin Crash and a pair of 14" Medium Thin Hats. I'm kinda new here, but been reading a lot of threads for knowledge and have...