1. shortsman

    Best Metal Song I've Ever Recorded With A Drum Solo At The End!

  2. shortsman

    Groovy Heavy Rock Drumming!

    This is the most straight forward song of Mother Turtle 's new album! The song has a "Rage Against The Machine, Alice In Chains" influence! Let me know what you think! ;)
  3. S

    Hand of Sorrow - Within Temptation - drum cover

    Had a fan request for this song... I gotta say her voice is amazing and powerful! Never heard the band until now but I'm a fan! Anyone else know Within Temptation? If this is your first time, enjoy!
  4. LAViking

    What is Your Preferred Genre as a Drummer

    Hello Fellow Drummers. I would like to get a general idea on what the genre mix and drum style preferences are within the community. Please answer this simple poll. Thanks!
  5. sixplymaple

    Ludwig’s Recent LE Metal Snare Drums - Thouhts?

    What does everybody think about the last few limited edition brass snares from Ludwig? One is red, one is white, and one is blue. I actually love the red, but it’s only offered in 8-Lug, so that kills it for me. In general though, I love the idea of the colored metal Ludwig snares. I think they...
  6. sixplymaple

    Need Help - Ludwig Throw Off ID?

    I never noticed that these Ludwig throw offs were different. I‘ve bought three different Ludwig metal snare drums this year. I thought all three drums had the new Ludwig Atlas P88AC throw offs, but one of them is not like the other. I need help identifying what the oddball throw off is… This is...
  7. sixplymaple

    -SOLD- Paiste 18” Twenty Custom Metal Crash (Like New)

    Paiste 18" Twenty Custom Metal Crash Cymbal (USED) I bought this cymbal brand new, sight unseen about 5 months ago as a “New Old Stock” item. I used it for a couple of weeks, but it just doesn’t fit in sonically with my other crashes. It is still in mint condition and is almost brand new...
  8. A


    Hi! I need help with what kit i should buy. It`s between PEARL SESSION STUDIO SELECT and PEARL MASTERS MAPLE COMPLETE. I`m going to travel a lot with the kit since i`m going to use it for touring , So i need something with good quality that will last and take a lot. I play and hit very hard...
  9. R

    Do you know anyone who can play fast DD with HeelDown technique?

    Hey guys, i was just wondering... all the blazing fast metal drummers use either swivel or heel toe. I have always been using heeldown since i started drumming, my drum teacher was very jazz rooted so i never knew anything different than that! Am i naive to try 16th notes in the 160-200bpm...
  10. BBasiliskritik

    Fersy The Raccoon - New singles released

    Hey guys please check out my band's new singles by clicking the link bellow....
  11. bongomania


    Second time through the new Ghost album I heard a couple of sweet high points that I had missed the first time through, but I also heard a lot more, um, things that I don't need to listen to again. But when the album ended, Spotify started playing a track from Gojira that I hadn't heard, and it...
  12. BBasiliskritik

    Avenged Sevenfold drum playlist

    Avenged Sevenfold cover playlist on Youtube Songs included : NIGHTMARE (2010) HAIL TO THE KING (2013) WELCOME TO THE FAIMILY (2010) CRITICAL ACCLAIM (2007) Please click the Link to check it out :
  13. BBasiliskritik


    Please check it out and make sure to like and subscribe to my channel ;D Thank you very much Slipknot - Psychosocial drum cover link
  14. scottpep

    Roland TM-2 Bass drum setup video - settings

    I made this video to give to people who ask me what my Roland settings are, or if they are having issues with double triggers and miss hits. I go over all the settings, what they do, and what ones to use. Copying my settings is not good as we all have different drums and play differently...
  15. BBasiliskritik

    My Bands first song (No Escape - Inevitable) Tell me your opinion

    Hey Guys this is my Bands First song video clip... Please tell me your opinion !!! (The band started with a rock style and female singer, but the new songs that we are writing now are with male vocalist and heavy metal tune ;D) No Escape - Inevitable(Official Video clip) More Videos: Not...
  16. BBasiliskritik

    Some of my work

    Hey guys I am new here and I am really glad Tobe a member of this forum.... Please check out my drumming channel... New cover Subscribe to my YouTube channel
  17. scottpep

    10 minute death metal song

    Here is one of my band Dissolution's new songs that is 10 minutes long. It is an endurance test to play this with no breaks. I know death metal is not everyone's cup of tea but it sure is fun to play. It really picks up around the 2:45 point in tempo. The audio is not CD quality, there are...
  18. trummis717

    Outdoor Drum Cover! Recorded in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    How Long (Unleashed Away) from the Andre Matos' album "Time to be free" External drums by Emiliano D' Ambrosio.
  19. SteveDilksDrums

    New Release by Progeny - ProgMetal from Canada

    Hi Everyone, My band, Progeny just released a new track. It's called The Light. Check it out on Youtube and let us know what you think! You can also listen and download the song here
  20. trummis717

    New drum cover!!