1. jogelby

    22" Istanbul Om Ride - $185 Shipped (US) SOLD

    Selling a 22" Istanbul Om ride cymbal. I had a crack professionally repaired. Sounds great! $185 Shipped (US) PayPal Gift Here's a sound file:
  2. S

    Istanbul Agop 20" OM crash & 14" Agop Signature hats

    Hey all - I have an Istanbul Agop 20" Om crash & and a pair of 14" Agop Signature hi hats ... The Om is on the thinner side for sure, really beautiful sounding. The sig hats are some of the best I've heard. I'm simply opting for the 15's. 20" Om crash - $185 + actual shipping 14" Agop - $225 +...
  3. RobJoanisse

    Agop 22" Om.

    Weighs 2505g with no issues. Asking $350 plus shipping from Canada.
  4. S

    Istanbul Agop 15" Om Hi Hats

    For sale are a pair of 15" Om Hi Hats. They're in great condition with no keyholes, cracks, edge nicks, etc... Unfortunately I don't have a way to weigh them. Low, dark and sloshy, with a clear chick and a dark and mellow wash. $300 + actual shipping ... paypal friends/family or add 3% Thanks!
  5. S

    Istanbul Agop Cymbals for Sale .. Traditional, Mel Lewis, Sig, Turk

    Hey guys, some personal situations require me to lighten up on gear. Pics and hopefully weights will be added later today. Paypal gift or add 3%. 22" Istanbul Agop Om Ride - SOLD 22" Istanbul Agop Turk Jazz Ride - SOLD 22" Istanbul Agop Traditional Dark Ride - $240 22" Istanbul Agop Xist Ion...
  6. bongomania

    Extra-dry cymbals -overhammered, refired, unlathed- what do you love?

    For a long time I've been resisting these extra-dry cymbals because so many of them either sound "dead" or like garbage can lids to my ears. But they are growing on me, and I've been hearing more and more good-sounding examples as more of these types hit the market. I just recently picked one...