1. jogelby

    Ludwig P-85 Issue

    I'm having an issue where the pin in the P-85 keeps falling out. I've used P-85's in the past and haven't had this issue so I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue or if there is a quick fix. I realize there are better throw off's out there and am willing to try some others. I just...
  2. Deane

    Two Ludwig Strainers_P-87 and P-85 12 hole

    For sale are two Ludwig strainers, both in good condition with mounting hardware included. P-87 Classic for Buddy Rich Super Classic snare in VG condition (Mounting hole spacing 1 3/8") : $35 shipped. P-85 12 hole in good condition: $30 shipped.
  3. drum101

    Ludwig P-85 Large Pioneer

    In need of a P-85 large pioneer throw off for a 1959 Ludwig Pioneer snare restoration. Thanks!
  4. pontiacrich

    Hurting the value of my Black Beauty?

    Hi all, Last year I bought a brand new hammered Black Beauty w/tube lugs from Russo. Instead of following Steve's advice about getting the P86 strainer, I got the P85 instead. Now I have seen the error of my ways and want to change out the strainer to the P86, but I'm concerned about...
  5. drum101

    Ludwig Large P85 Pioneer Strainer Needed!

    Desperately need a Ludwig Large P85 Pioneer Strainer for my 1960 "Keystone Badge" Pioneer snare drum. This is the 3 point strainer (two holes up top and one at the bottom) only made in 1959/1960. I have a few parts of the strainer, but not all of the parts. Any assistance/help would be...