paiste sound creation

  1. KLC

    Paiste Sound Creation 13" Dark Heavy Hats & 14" Dark Hats for 602 Blues

    I am seriously looking for 602 blues and I have two Paiste Sound Creation hi-hats I might be willing to trade for the right stuff. Let me know what you have and maybe we can work something out. See below for details & pics. I also have SC 14" Dark Mediums and SC 14" Dark Sound Edge that I...
  2. zenSCBMafttop3


    paiste sound creation bright crash 16.25"
  3. zenSCBMafttop


    paiste sound creation bright crash 16.25"
  4. zenSCBMb4bot


    pasite sound creation bright medium
  5. zenSCBMb4top


    paiste sound creation bright medium