1. stewy

    Collection ~50 Cymbals - Vintage+New Zildjian, Sabian, Meinl, UFIP, Paiste + More *Sound Files*

    Some great deals here. Sound files available for all cymbals. Can combine shipping, and will ship anywhere in the world Drum collection post to follow... 1/2: *ALCHEMY 14" PRO ART HI-HATS CYMBALS ISTANBUL AGOP A.R.T. HAND HAMMERED B20 SET* $178 *FACTORY METAL PERCUSSION 18" CROSS CRASHERZ...
  2. DuplexTim

    Set of Paiste 404's $150 - SOLD!

    Howdy All, Set of Vintage Paiste 404 Mediums. The Hi Hats are in excellent condition, the 20" ride also in very good condition. The 20" is the only serial numbered of the set. The 18" previous owner drilled it for rivets (not installed). It also has some small flea bites on the edge, denting...
  3. RTO

    Paiste Cymbal Sale: F602 Blue - 2002s - Signatures - Big Beats - Modern Essentials -

    Cymbals for Sale: Paiste F602 Blue Label 18” Thin Crash - US$550.00 (Like new) Paiste F602 vintage 12” Hi Hat - $350 (Good) Paiste Color Sound 5 14” Heavy Hi-Hat Blue Pair - US$375.00 (good) Paiste Sound Creation 80s MKI 14” Dark Sound Edge Hi-Hat Pair - US$575.00 (good - one key hole) Paiste...
  4. F

    Professional snares and cymbals

    Some great snares and cymbals I am parting with listed on Reverb.
  5. ThomasMagnum

    Paiste Signature Power Crash - 19"

    Well used, in excellent structural condition. No keyholing, dents or dings. The only thing worth mentioning is one very tiny flea bite I feel when I run my finger along the edge. She's a little dirty from her travels, but never cleaned or polished. Hi-res photos included. $250 shipped to CONUS.
  6. Vilkasi

    Paiste 1970s 2002 black label 18'' Medium crash/ride

    Some cool cymbals for sale 1970s Vintage Black Label Paiste 15" 2002 Sound Edge Hi-Hat Cymbals 1970s Black Label Paiste 18" 2002 Medium Cymbal Make An Offer!
  7. M

    Complete my Paiste setup with a Ride

    I'm putting together a set of mixed Paistes and have a hole in the ride position. Here's what will fill the rest of the puzzle... 15 DE hats 18 Full crash 20 Twenty Light ride (as crash) 20 Trad Med Light Swish A good point @shiek_yerbouti made was to be cognizant of the relationship b/w the...
  8. T

    What's going on with Paiste?

    I've gone to music stores large, and small. From coast to coast, and many in between. I've yet to go to a store and see anything besides a few 2002's, 900''s, or a few Signature Full crashes. The ones I see on display are often defective as well. I don't buy cymbals I don't play first. I've...
  9. F

    Rare, vintage, prototype, and special cymbals

    Open to reasonable offers. Paiste 22” Sound Creation Dark Ride. Rivets drilled by Paiste. No cracks, chips, or keyhole. Sounds like Paul Motian’s later era ride. 3243 grams. $850 Zildjian 1960s 20” Istanbul K Old K ride. @2281 grams. No issues. $1250 Zildjian 1960s 18”...
  10. Mathew Hamilton

    Paiste Reflector Full Crash vs. Everything else

    I have a 16" Paiste Reflector Full (not Heavy) crash which is easily my favorite cymbal I own. My collection is made up of Sabian, Zildjian and Paiste. Now Paiste has stopped making this line, though they continue to make the Reflector Heavy Full crash. Has anyone else used these cymbals? Is...
  11. Peterk256

    SOLD - Paiste Pre-Serial Formula 602 15" Hi Hat Pair

    These don't come up very often. Paiste Pre-Serial Formula 602 15" Hi Hat Pair, 1013/1125g for sale. Holes are perfect. There are a few minor rough spots on the edge of each cymbal, I never noticed them until I just checked. 1013g cymbal has some ghosted writing on the bottom from a magic marker...
  12. T

    ID This cymbal?

    I'd have to drive about an 2 hours to pick this up. It's a 16 inch from the 60's for under $100 bucks. I see the black label, and looks to be a vintage Giant Beat? Am I correct? If not, what else could it be?? The seller doesn't know I am color blind. It may be red?
  13. A

    Black/green spots on Paiste 2002 ride and paiste Alpha hihats/crash

    Hi all, As you can tel from the title, my cymbals have developed this blackish colored layer on them, ever since i (stupidly) cleaned them with a generic metal polish. The 2002 ride also has got some green spots on it.. Can this be cleaned/fixed? Will paiste cymbal cleaner work? Are there...
  14. T

    Just landed in LA. Suggestions?

    I've been here quite a few times, but never checked out any music stores. Any suggestions for a good selection on cymbals (looking Paiste) I'm curious to see the difference, if any between NY, and LA.
  15. Ely

    Price Drops - Ely's Spring Cleaning Sale

    I have a bunch of cymbals I would like to sell off to help fund my Oriollo phantom kit. I will post each cymbal with a brief description of its' condition as well as price shipped to the lower 48. We can negotiate shipping if you are in Canada. I can get gram weights for all of them tonight...
  16. M

    Paiste VIDEO DEMOS!! 22" Dark Energy Ride MKII + 18" Prototype DE/Trad China RARE

    Selling the following 2 cymbals. Asking $350 each + shipping. More pics available upon request.
  17. KLC

    Paiste Traditional 11" Splash (9" SOLD)

    I have two Paiste Traditional Thin Splashes with etched logo for possible sale or trade. They are in excellent condition. The 9" has quite a bit of light scuffing on the inside of the bell, I'm guessing the previous owner didn't have it mounted properly, but I don't see any physical damage...
  18. drumtimejohn

    SOLD: Paiste 18” Formula 602 Pre Serial Sizzle 1920g NOW $170 Shipped

    FS: Paiste 18” Formula 602 Pre Serial 1920g -22” Sold -Paiste 18" Formula 602 Pre Serial 1920g Sizzle Ride. Plays like a genuine crash ride and is excellent for the left side. Beautiful hammering. Mounting hole is starting to keyhole but is good overall. Edges are in excellent condition. No...
  19. Medellin

    Paiste 2002 or Paiste Formula 602 Modern Essentials or....?

    Hi guys! I just joined the forum and would appreciate some wisdom and advice i regards to choosing new cymbals! I am looking to purchase a whole new set of cymbals to use for recording and gigs. The style of music I play is hard rock and blues. Yes, the easy choice here would be to just...
  20. T


    Hey all. I'm still a newb here, so I'll give a quick intro, before I hit my topic. I've been playing for 40× years (on, and off) I'm from NY, studied privately, and in college. I can read charts, know my rudiments, and all that. I've played in cover bands, and some good tributes. I play a few...