1. K

    Strange Paiste 2002 Hats...

    Thanks in advance for any insight anyone may have to offer. I recently picked up a set of vintage Paiste 2002 hi-hats and they are vastly different from any I have seen. They are not Sound-Edge and the bottom hat is drilled with 4 holes in a Zildjian Quick Beat-esque fashion. While they sound...
  2. jmato

    In Praise of . . .

    Steve DiStanislao. I listened to David Gilmour's Live at Pompeii this weekend, and was really impressed by the musicality of the drummer, so I had to look him up. (I also was certain he was playing Paistes, and wanted to confirm what my ears were telling me.) Mr. DiStanislao was not well...
  3. Heartbeat

    WTB: 15" Paiste 2002 Heavy/Rock hi-hats

    I'm looking for a relatively nice pair of 15" Paiste 2002 Heavy (sometimes labeled "Rock") hi-hats. No cracks, major dings, or keyholes. Thanks.
  4. DudemanSeattle

    Guitar Center Purchase - Paiste Damaged Goods - Best Resolution?

    I have run into a GC purchase dilemma and would welcome some suggestions from the DFO Community. I purchased a set of used Paiste Energy Prototype Hi Hats. These were described by GC online as excellent condition with no flea bites, key holing, etc issues whatsoever. Unfortunately they just...
  5. jtpaistegeist

    Paiste Signature Dark Energy Sound Edge Hi Hats 14"

    Hey all, Just checking the want/need for what some deem the "greatest" of all Sound Edge combos. I bought both of these cymbals new, and they are in excellent condition. They have only been used occasionally in the studio the past year. No dents, cracks or issues. 14" Signature Sound Edge...
  6. azrdryms

    Paiste Signature 15" Sound Edge Hi-Hats

    Looking for a used pair of Paiste Signature 15" Sound Edge hi-hats in good condition.
  7. Paiste Giant beat 20

    Paiste Giant beat 20

  8. Paiste signature reflector dry ride

    Paiste signature reflector dry ride

  9. Chicago.Drum.Exchange

    ***Any of these cymbals interest you?***

    Hey guys, I am doing some pretty wild deals on THESE specific cymbals. If any of these interest you, get a hold of me asap! I cannot post prices because they are that stupid, you're going to have to get a hold of me directly. Thanks!
  10. sonortony35

    Used Paiste Dark Energy MK1 Ride Cymbal 21" - Video Demo!

    This is a very lightly used Paiste Dark Energy MK 1 ride cymbal. There are no dings, no cracking or key-holing of any type. It weighs 2607 grams, and sounds awesome. Asking $375 plus shipping, new these are going for $555. Let me know if you have any questions on it! Here is a video demo so...
  11. bodinski

    sold - delete

  12. BCautsDrum

    1960s Pre-Serial Paiste Formula 602 14" Hi - Hats and 20" Thin Crash

    1960s Paiste Pre-Serial Forumula 602 cymbals for sale. 1960s 14 Paiste Pre-Serial 602 Hi Hats - $300 No Keyholes present No cracks Red stamps still visible Top Hat Weight: 860 Bottom Hat Weight: 920 Great stick definition with tons of wash 1960s 20 Paiste Pre Serial Thin Crash - $150 Red...
  13. BRicca

    Paiste Signature Dark Crisp 14 Hi Hats (like New)

    Up for your consideration is a pair of Paiste Signature Dark Crisp 14 inch hi hats. These were purchased a few weeks back and played for about a hour. They are basically new save for a few stick marks on the top hat. Asking $365 shipped CONUS. please let me know if you need more pics or have...
  14. messineo21

    Traded! Mods Please Remove! Zildjian 14" K Custom Special Dry Hi Hats for 14" New Beats or 14" Paist

    Looking to trade my Zildjian 14" K Custom Special Dry Hi Hats for a set of 14 inch New beats, Armand, the new Avedis series or 14 inch Paiste Formula 602's. Weight: Top 868 grams Bottom: 1388 grams. Thin top with heavy bottom. Nice solid chick sound with a dark stick sound. Dirty sounding bark...
  15. apcpa2000

    Signature Light Dark Hats Mark1

    So like I always do, I was looking online for a set of Paiste Dark Energy Hats, and found Signature Light Dark Hats Mark 1. How are these different than the current Dark Energy hats. Anyone have direct experience. Looking for something to paid with my 22" Dark Energy Ride Mark II. Thanks.
  16. drumfx

    formula 602' pre-serial 18" and 20"

    Both have been sleeping in cases for most of their life, very lightly played, never cleaned in excellent shape. Will ship to the USA and Canada for $35 ea. Prices are $250 for the 18" and $300 for the 20". or take both for $500 plus actual shipping. Cheers.
  17. Reality_Check

    ***SOLD*** - Please Delete - 10” Paiste 502 Splash - $30 Shipped

    For sale is a 10 Paiste 502 Splash. This splash gives a medium/heavy tone and is a great splash for the value. No cracks or key holing. There is a ring on the top of the cymbal from being used in a stack but this does not affect the integrity of the cymbal. There is also a slight stain on the...
  18. K

    paiste signature flat ride - 20 or 22

    Anyone have a Paiste Signature flat ride - 20 or 22 (or?) in lovely shape? Thanks in advance.
  19. bodinski


  20. Vanhalen1984


    ***SOLD*** Thanks