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    Sept 2011 #3

  4. E

    Some advice upgrading my cymbals online (I have no other option)

    Hello there, I'm looking to upgrade my cymbal set. I don't have much experience with hardly any cymbals except Zildjian and Sabians and I don't have access to test cymbals or anything since I live in a somewhat resource-lacking part of Mexico. I do have a way to get things shipped though. So...
  5. B

    Paiste Sound Formula

    Can anyone tell me about the Paiste Sound Formula line of cymbals? I got an 18" Sound Formula Thin Crash as a gift when I first started playing and I don't know much about them. I think they're B20 alloy? (correct me if I'm wrong) and that they were somewhat of a mid-level line and thats about...
  6. The Whale


  7. Marquisjohnson22

    I found a set of 15" Paiste 2002 hats at a Pawn Shop!

    I went into a local pawn shop today, just to pass some time and I started looking around to see what they had. A little over a month ago I got a pristine condition Pearl Masters Studio BRX for $299 so I know they sometimes have some great deals in there. I've been looking for some Paiste hats to...
  8. Marquisjohnson22

    I got a Paiste 2002 Black Label Ride!

    A while back, I used to play a setup using 2 rides. At one point, I sold my 2nd ride to fund a snare purchase, but recently I've been missing that 2 ride setup. Back then, I was playing Zildjian cymbals, and now I'm playing mostly Paiste cymbals. My main ride is a Paiste Twenty series 21"...
  9. D

    What High-End Cymbals are the best to get?

    I'm trading in most of my cymbals in order to get at first Hi Hat, Crash, Ride, then I'll add an 18" crash of a High End model, but I'm not sure which to get. I'm thinking about Paiste Signature Dark Energy ones - what does anyone think of these, and the Paiste Signature Blue Bell Ride? Other...
  10. D

    Best 17" Crash to go along with 16" A Custom and 18" HHX Evolution Crashes

    I've got a 16" A custom crash and an 18" HHX Evolution Crash, but my other two crashes (Paiste Rude Thin Crash 16" and Z Custom 17" Crash) don't really sound very good so I was wondering what anyone thinks would be the best 17" crash to get? Would a Paiste 16" Signature Reflector Crash sound...
  11. AndrewsBrother


    Thanks Boo!
  12. AndrewsBrother

    Paiste 20" Giant Beat or 2oo2 Crash?

    I am in an ongoing search to find the perfect crash sound. I know I want it big and since I am buying sight unseen I was thinking Paiste. So far I have tried a Zildjian 21" Crash Ride that was a bit too heavy, a 20" A Ride that didn't quite have the attack or crashability I was looking for and a...
  13. Tj Crowder

    Looking to buy light, crisp cymbals? Brand? Model?

    Hi all, Im looking to buy a pair of 13" or 14" hi hats, a 18" or 20" inch crash, and a 21" or 22" inch ride. Each of the cymbals im looking for a light, and crisp sound. Not pingy or harsh. Maybe a little washy for the ride, but what brands or models might have what im looking for? Thanks for...