paper thin

  1. dunnenrb


    Hello all! I have here a beautiful Istanbul Agop 22" 30th Anniversary Ride weighing in at 2006g. Can you say paper!? It is extremely full and warm for something this light and has an amazing crash. It can stand alone as a crash. It has never been played out - only in my home studio. Asking...
  2. bodinski


  3. dunnenrb


    I don't want to get rid of this one, but I can't hold onto them all... Here is a papery thin 21" Istanbul Agop Signature Ride weighing in at 1742g. Here's the sound file of the actual cymbal:
  4. komodobob

    SOLD Vintage Alejian 12" hi hat cymbals

    Here we have a very nice pair of paper thin Alejian hi hat cymbals. These were the Slingerland house brand, most likely produced by Zildjian. You will find them cataloged by Slingerland from the 1920's to the 1970's. I'm guessing these to be from the 30's or 40's. The top cymbal is 12 3/16" and...