1. bon viesta

    i want zildjian a avedis, but i would clean off the patina

    i’m wondering if cymbal cleaner would even take the patina off of them, but if it could i would. i like the sound, the look, the whole vibe of avedis cymbals but i absolutely want to take off the patina and logo. has anyone else done this? would it ruin them? structurally i mean, with tarnish...
  2. lugs


    This Oklahoma air is leaving it's mark on my snare. I don't mind.
  3. stickinthemud

    Stickinthemud Patina Challenge Big Reveal, Winners, and Comments

    If some of you sense a disturbance in the force today, it's because, I, in the interest of personal enlightenment, purchased a "vintage" 20" Zildjian ride and, after making a recording of it with the patina intact, proceeded to clean it shiny as a new penny. For those of you who have not loaded...