1. cayjarlson

    80s Pearl DLX conversion project

    I scored what I feel is a pretty cool project: Pearl DLX 10/12/13/14" hanging toms and a 16" floor tom. My plan is to convert these into a kit with a 16" bass drum, 10 and 12" rack toms, and 13 and 14" proper floor toms. The previous owner told me that they got the 10, 12, and 13" toms (used...
  2. B

    Pearl snare super hoops (pair)

    Pearl Snare super hoops 14” 10 lug snare top and bottom $50 plus shipping. PayPal accepted
  3. sixplymaple

    My First 6-Lug Snare, Show Me More!

    I recently bought this 20ply 6.5”x13” Pearl Reference 6 Lug Snare on Ebay for a mere $215 including tax + shipping. The lugs, tension rods, and hoops were all horribly cheap aftermarket parts. I thought the drum looked super ugly without the factory hardware, so I tracked down the stock Pearl...
  4. R

    1973 Pearl Hairline Silver kit

    The first new drum kit was at age 14 and was a circa 1973 5 piece Pearl Hairline Silver (vertical finish direction not horizontal). I'm putting together a montage for a family gathering and would like a photo of that kit if any one has one or knows where one is. Does not matter if there is...
  5. A


    Hi! I need help with what kit i should buy. It`s between PEARL SESSION STUDIO SELECT and PEARL MASTERS MAPLE COMPLETE. I`m going to travel a lot with the kit since i`m going to use it for touring , So i need something with good quality that will last and take a lot. I play and hit very hard...
  6. sixplymaple

    Pearl Icon Curved Rack

    Pearl Icon Curved Drum Rack $450 Used, but in great shape. It isn’t scratched up badly and the chrome isn’t pitted. The only thing missing is 1x plastic pipe end cap. Included are all 3x sides of curved rack, all 4x posts, and all 4x feet. The feet on this one are special in that they are...
  7. G

    Pearl World Series

    Hello, I would really like to know which year is my Pearl World Series from. Can someone tell me?
  8. M

    Mystery PEARL Snare?

    Hi! I got a snare in Michigan. The snare (& Michigan!!) is quite a state! I’ve oiled & cleaned it; added Lug Gaskets & switched round the internal muffler (which is my long time favourite modification BTW) but nothing more... It seems to never have had a badge but, as I say, it WAS neglected...
  9. popiomodena

    **SOLD** 1960s Slingerland BDP Project

    This is a 1960s Slingerland BDP 22/12/16 kit. It is definitely a players kit. The floor Tom is not Slingerland; it is a 1960s MIJ Tom that had the badge removed. 14”x22” kick drum: Has several extra holes on top by the badge. The spurs are original but there are unoriginal bolts on the mounts...
  10. bleen

    Pork Pie 6.5x14 Big Black BoB

    Pork Pie Big Black Brass 6.5x14 - the beast! Such a great drum at an insanely reasonable price. $225 + shipping
  11. D

    DW, Noble Cooley, Pearl and Gretsch snares for sale - all mint

    hello folks MINT condition for all 4 of these recent snares - some with bundles: Noble Cooley, Solid walnut 5x14" - Rare DW Collector's 12x5 Black Oyster Pearl...
  12. WGMitch

    Axis Longboards - Double pedal - Price lowered! $155 shipped - SOLD!

    Pedal has signs of use, but is in excellent working condition. These things are tanks! $185 $155 shipped TYD, lower 48. No trades.
  13. M

    Help Identify Pearl Snare

    Hello. Could someone please help me identify this Pearl snare. It is an aluminum shell and measures 6 or 6.5 x 14. I think it is early to mid 1990's. Any help is appreciated.
  14. jmato

    SOLD - Pearl SensiTone Steel 5.5x14

    In very good condition. Clean. New snare side head; batter nearly new. Ready for tuning and playing. $120 shipped Continental US to my DFO brethren.
  15. tbh

    Dynasonic bridge on non Rogers drums?

    I have a question for the group... With the rebirth of Rogers Dynasonic snares and hardware, is it possible to just buy the bottom hoop and snare bridge and apply to a standard 14” 10 lug drum. I have a beautiful pearl 6.5 and would rather spend a few hundred on a few pieces than $700 What are...
  16. bconrad


  17. snared

    Gretsch Brooklyn items

    For sale 2, 22" hoops in brand new condition off of a Brooklyn set. I removed the mole skin. $60 each Brooklyn 302 stick chopper rims 2,10"and 1,12" $15 each RIMS style tom mounts 10" and 12" $40 each Bass drum 8 die cast padded claws and tension rods all like new. $50 3-Floor tom legs and...
  18. Kcmcc

    Like New Pearl Mounting Hardware

    recently bought a decade maple kit in the 13/16/24 sizes (open box, so more or less new.) Decided immediately that I do not like the hanging 13 on a cymbal stand with a 24" combination (the kit comes with a virgin bass) and am using a snare stand instead: so here is the included tom mounting...
  19. JMSpider

    Interesting hi hats at a church I was at.

    I was at a local church for a Boy Scouts meeting and I saw a set of Pearl hi hats that appeared to be made out of B8 bronze. I thought that Pearl only ever made those cheap brass cymbals that come with drumsets so I found this interesting.
  20. S

    Swapped to Pearl Air Suspension Floor tom Feet

    So I was having troubles with loosing a lot of tone in my floor toms and also when traveling light having my floor toms move on me. I wasn't always taking my big drum rug for small gigs so sometimes my floor toms were right on the floor. Well they were loosing all of their tone and they were...