psych red

  1. olmanbenny

    ‘68 Ludwig Psychadelic Red shell pack Hollywood

    Vintage ‘68 Ludwig Hollywood shell pack in rare Psychadelic Red. 12/13/16/22. For sale are the shells only…I’ll include the remaining lugs on the rack tom and the muffler on the floor tom because I’m lazy. In great shape, except for the bottom of the interior of the bass drum, which has some...
  2. FloydZKing

    Behold! Blaemire shells + Psych Red celluloid + lights? Bingo

    70s Blaemire fiberglass shells are translucent (also Pearl FG and older Fibes) and so is most pearloid drum wrap before the opaque substrate is added. Chinese celluloid is available through ebay and alibaba which has no backing and LED lighting strips are an easy add. This set had two beige...