1. J

    Recording midi and stereo with Yamaha ead10

    Hi all Im considering buying a ead10 but had a question before i take the leap. Is it possible to record midi and stereo at the same time? As in trigger the kick and snare on one track then on a separate track have the rest of the kit coming from the mics? Didn't know if anyone had any...
  2. T

    Recording drum tracks

    I picked up a Focusrite 8 input Scarlett, had all the mics etc... Thing is, what really hurt me when moving to new cities was not having professional tracks for self promotion. I have some old ones I did in 1 take, and won't share it, and live footage, but recorded through a phone. I will use...
  3. Medellin

    Paiste 2002 or Paiste Formula 602 Modern Essentials or....?

    Hi guys! I just joined the forum and would appreciate some wisdom and advice i regards to choosing new cymbals! I am looking to purchase a whole new set of cymbals to use for recording and gigs. The style of music I play is hard rock and blues. Yes, the easy choice here would be to just...
  4. scottpep

    Album teaser from my punk bands new album

    My skate punk band In 2 Months did some recording and it is FINALLY done haha. I finished the drums last summer and have been patiently waiting for guitars, bass, vocals, backups, mixing, mastering etc. This is quite a bit different than the death metal stuff I usually play. We have some...
  5. Iristone

    Port Holes on Tom Heads

    Cut a smallish hole on the bottom (or batter like Kickport FX?) and stick an SM57 inside it. ;-) Anyone ever tried (or thought of) that? What was the result? P.S. I don't mind going completely single-headed either. IME that led to an even more full-bodied resonance. ;-)
  6. Bulldog1967

    6 Piece Yamaha Recording Custom Drum Kit "Sunburst" MIJ

    Up for sale is a very rare Yamaha Recording Custom shell pack in stunning Antique Sunburst finish. This kit was made in the mid 1990's and is in great shape with a few lacquer chips on the 10 and 12 toms (pictured) and typical wear on the hoops as the only real visible flaws (the chips are on...
  7. S

    Need help building a mini studio

    Hey guys I'm new to the forum. I'd greatly appreciate I could get some advice here on building a mini studio. What I'm trying to do is record a drum kit, vocals, and electric guitar. I just got a MacBook Pro today as step one for GarageBand. I'm thinking to get 3 drum microphones; one to go next...
  8. RustyNails

    Going to Attempt Recording my Band for the First Time

    My band (3 piece) is poor and we don't have a lot of nice equipment, but we are going to attempt to produce a demo or ep with what equipment we have. We have a Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 interface (two inputs), an SM57, SM58, and a little Zoom recorder with a couple small condenser mics in it...
  9. DHA

    Getting prepared for your first studio / recording experience

    I've noticed most drummers have to learn the hard way... playing in the studio can be extremely different to your usual rehearsal / gig playing. There's a lack of guidance/resources out there on how to prepare for your first recording experiences. Making an album (or even just a few songs) can...
  10. drumrtommy

    Pair of Shure SM81 Condenser Microphones *SOLD*

    Pair of great overheads, guitar, or general purpose Mics. Looking to upgrade my vibraphone so if you have one for trade I have a black beauty and some istanbuls that are going on the chopping block. Asking $500 shipped
  11. The_SupraPhonic

    I made a promo for a friends new group. Black Keys cover

    I recorded this and made the video for some friends of mine. They are a new band and have only gigged about 3 times now. Tell me what u think.
  12. The_SupraPhonic

    Any Pat Benatar fans?

    I just recorded this Pat Benatar cover with my new Go Pro camera and Cubase 8! Let me know what you all think, good or bad, if u subscribe to my you tube channel I will subscribe to yours also!
  13. scottpep

    Video and lesson on using 5's in solos and fills

    Figured I'd make this video right away before the holidays. This one is on a few groups of 5 I often use in my fills, solos, and licks. I'll be making a bunch of these in the next few months. This is the second one I have made with the other being groups of 3.
  14. drumrtommy

    Akai EIE audio interface

    An audio interface that I'm not using. 4 inputs, phantom power, solid metal design, ask me anything if you need. Asking 200 shipped
  15. trentdavis

    Lots of splashes! - Top down performance video This is a top-down performance video of my current setup which incorporates 13 different splash/bell cymbals as well as 2 cut-down Wuhan chinas. Feel free to leave comments. I'd love to hear your thoughts.
  16. drumrtommy


    Open to trades but mainly looking for what's about shoot an offer though, all my stuff is in great condition, if you want pictures PM me so I can send you pictures via text, so they don't appear lopsided and I can send a high volume Just thinking out loud here, but I might sell my recording...
  17. beef

    SOLD 80's Yamaha Recording custom snare Cherrywood finish 6.5x14

    SOLD 1980's Yamaha 9000 RC Japan-made snare in beautiful Cherry wood finish. -From the original catalog: "Carefully handcrafted all-birch construction, 10 precise lugs, and our sturdy "power" hoop enable the SD-096 wood snare drum to deliver the highest standards of sound and play-ability. With...
  18. O

    Editing Drum Tracks

    Hey all, As drummers we strive for great playing & technique both on stage and in the studio. But sometimes we need to edit our drum recordings. Generally I prefer a minimalist approach, just manually correcting the odd beat here and there. But sometimes more in depth drum editing is required...
  19. scottpep

    punk music cover

    This song is about 18 years old and takes me back.. Not the most complicated but its a good way to get the single foot double strokes going. Same with the 1/8 note right hand going the whole time. I know this site isn't as much about the loud fast music but I can handle the criticism :) To be...
  20. B

    What's the bare minimum mic stepup you can have?

    Haven't been drumming for very long and the few gigs I've played the kit/mics were already pre-set. Working on starting a band and wanted to invest in some mics but currently on a budget. Wondering what the bare minimum setup you can have that would still offer a decent sound. I've read a few...