1. D

    Rocket Shells snare restoration

    *First time posting here.* Hello, all you skin beaters! ;) I was going through some of my old gear, and I came across my Rocket Snare that I purchased in the early 2000's. After stripping the hardware and looking closer, I noticed that there are a few cracks, chips, and some lug rash in the...
  2. jGrind

    NEED Premier 2000 snare wires! any leads?

    I know of all the usual sources but they are clear out and I'm hoping someone has a set or two kicking around. Thanks!
  3. brya0125

    DELETE/SOLD My Heartbeat Cymbals for your Zildjian

    I have a set of Heartbeat Cymbals that I have for sale over in the for sale section. i'm interested in trades for any newer Zildjian cymbals. Let me know what you have. Here's the link to the for sale ad...
  4. Drumskillz

    Need Some Help With My Snare...

    Ok. This is my baby. Now, before you go talkin' about my baby, she may be ugly...but she's MY BABY! :) But seriously, I love the sound of this snare drum. It was love at first hit! However, I have a problem. It is the same problem that I have with my Ludwig Rocker Elite piccolo (another...
  5. blue ant

    Slingerland snare mounting screws (clamshell)

    Hello friends I'm using a snare cord threaded through the clamshell holes to attach snares on my vintage Slingerland. Do you know where to get the screws or what size/thread etc they are? Have other mounting ideas? Thanks
  6. cericd

    Bent P-83 Lever - Repairable? And Acrolite Restoration?

    I purchased a 1967 Acrolite and didn't notice the bent lever on the strainer. The strainer moves nice and smoothly and the bend doesn't seem to affect any moving parts but I would like to know if it is possible to straighten it. The cost of buying a replacement P-83 looks to be pretty expensive...
  7. Cosh

    Filling a major hole in the bass drum (HELP!)

    about a month back i got my hands on a couple of shells from an older gentleman in my town, which was strange because i live in a small community with only about a dozen or so working drummers , so needless to say, i thought i knew about all the old kits around here. anyway, i went to look at...
  8. J

    Cymbal Transforming

    I have discovered that I can really transform/enhance cymbals to make the sound I need out of cheap cymbals by turning them into ozone cymbals, taking out cracks, sandblasting, or hammering them. What if I could take people's broken or boring cymbals and turn them into something great for just a...
  9. T

    Mid 50"s Slingerland Restoration Help!

    Hello, I'm new to the site and am looking for some advice. My father passed away about a month ago and I wanted to restore some of his old gear. He played professionally for 47 years and has left a few old sets behind that have been sitting in storage. I have a early to mid 50's(best guess)...
  10. supraphonic

    Leedy cracked hoop repair

    So I brought this hoop off another forum member for a leedy resto I'm In the middle of doing. It arrived with an undisclosed crack on one side. Looks like it has been there for awhile and that an attempt gas been made To braze it as it is blackened around the area. It is a 14" 20's leedy...
  11. Picniclightning

    Ludwig acrolite screws

    i have what I'm fairly certain is a late 70s acrolite 5x14 snare. I am attempting to replace the snares but the screws on the butt plate are so close to stripped, I'm afraid to put them back on for fear of never being able to replace them. I took them to the hardware store for replacements but...
  12. sargeantgreg

    P86 Strainer Fix

    Hello fellow DFO-ers. I am in need of a small piece to fix my Luddy P86 Millenium throw. It appears there is a tiny brass colored piece that looks like a roller that allows the strainer to prop up on this lip and lock to keep the tension. It is missing on one side of the throw only. I can't...
  13. bongomania

    Getting a bent Acro back into perfect round?

    Short version: I have an Acro that I suspect is out of round. How do I get it back into perfect shape? Long version: I recently picked up a Blacro in a trade; I knew about a couple of small dents in it, but otherwise it seemed good. Upon receiving it I noticed that the P85 was bent out of...
  14. M

    Pearl President phenolic bass drum repair

    After looking around for a while, I finally found a late 60's/ early 70's Pearl President kit with phenolic shells. Everything looks to be in good order except....the bass drum is missing one of its spurs. I called some suppliers, but alas, no original parts can be found. I've never worked...
  15. pontiacrich

    Bill Fulton...Speed King Master!

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I had Bill Fulton work on two of my Speed Kings. I got them back today and just had to share the pix. They came out beautiful. All cleaned, tuned, painted, and buffed. They are snappy and responsive. Bill is a craftsman of the highest degree. And his charges are...
  16. dlancioni

    Vistalite Reno

    Hey, all! New to the forum, thanks to @Saladdaze for the invite! About a year and a half ago I purchased a BEAUTIFUL 4-piece (24-14-12-16) clear Vistalite kit from Rainbow Music in Grand Rapids, MI, with the original snare, for $900. It was my first experience with a 24" kick, and I was in...