ride cymbal

  1. bconrad


    Excellent condition. Only selling to be an all-Sabian snob. This ride has a a great stick response and is very fun and dynamic to play. Asking $300 plus shipping. Check out the video. Will have a 20" Traditional up for sale soon, too.
  2. T

    Zildjian ride with no top logo

    Hey, could someone tell me which Zildjian 20" ride this is? It has the Zildjian logo on the back and the Zildjian stamp on top, but the top logo is off. I guess it's from the 90s or 80s. I'm thankful for any information. Best regards
  3. J

    Which ride for which Jazz?

    Two good threads this week made me question something: “which jazz?” The threads were about best Zildjain rides and Paiste for jazz. Both mentioned a particular cymbal being good for jazz. Which jazz? “Big band jazz” ala Buddy Rich is a very different medium than “small group jazz” such as John...
  4. bconrad


    Only 75 of these were made. This is # 05. Overall good condition with stick marks and fingerprints evident. No keyholing, cracks or flea bites. Asking $450 plus shipping and PP fees (or best offer). Trades for Bosphorus cymbals considered.
  5. IJR

    Achieving "Click Grip" or "Click Technique" on the Ride Cymbal

    Hi! I just joined the forum. I am a big fan of Bill Stewart's drumming. I saw him live in Little Rock last month- it was awesome! There is a distinctive "woody"/"clicky" sound when he strikes his cymbals. I've noticed it in some other players as well. I have seen very few mentions of the...
  6. O

    Recommendations for an acoustic ride with woody stick definition but capable of wash

    Greetings and Salutations, I'm in a frustrated search for the ride described in the subject line and will appreciate recommendations. By "acoustic ride" I ideally mean one capable of being played in a low volume jazz combo without overpowering the other instruments, although that degree of...
  7. JR Richley

    Istanbul Mehmet Legend Dark 22" Ride Cymbal

    Istanbul Mehmet Legend Dark 22" Ride Cymbal Looking to buy an Istanbul Mehmet 22" Legend Dark Ride Cymbal, somewhere on the lighter side if possible. Adding this ride to compete a pre-existing set. The balance of this set is stunning, so this 22" has to be the "right" pie. Please send gram...
  8. rdumas

    SOLD - Bosphorus 22" Gold Series Ride

    I have a gorgeous, mint condition Bosphorus 22" Gold Series ride cymbal. Bright, loud, articulate, 3300g. Very clear ping on this baby. I bought it new, love it but realized it is just too big for my liking. It's a beautiful cymbal and virtually brand new. SOLD Several audio/video reference...
  9. L

    Vintage 1950's /60's /70's Zildjian A Cymbals For Sale/Trade

    Hello! Up for sale are the following vintage Avedis Zildjian cymbals: 1950's 20" Ride Cymbal (Medium Thin)- $225 1960's 22" Ride Cymbal (Medium) Low Pitch- $225 1960's 20" Ride Cymbal (Medium Thin) 6 Rivet Holes- $250 1970's 22" Zildjain Swish Knocker With 6 Rivets- $180 1970's 16" Crash...
  10. L

    20" Old K Zildjian Constantinople Ride Cymbal- $400

    Hello drum and cymbalholics, I'm selling my 20" Zildjian Old K Constantinople ride cymbal. It's in great condition and has no major dings, scratches, or keyholing. It's an early U.S. made K Constantinople which I haven't seen too many of. They don't pop up every day. I'd estimate it to be in...
  11. D

    Hammerax Liquicy Rides??

    Does anyone know where to find a Hammerax Liquicy ride for sale? I used to be very interested in the sound and feel of these and always wanted to buy one. It seems there isn't a single one for sale anywhere on the Internet. What happened to these cymbals? Anyone got one they wanna sell??
  12. jmpd_utoronto

    For you "2 up" guys: ride cymbal placement?

    For almost as long as I've been playing drums (about 20 years), I've played either a three-piece, or a 1 up/2 down configuration. Now I have a gig that requires a 2-up/2 down setup, and I'm trying to figure out how to position my ride cymbal so that it's comfortable. I've typically had it...
  13. lowchizo

    Istanbul Agop 20 in Medium Ride

    Hello There, I have an Istanbul Agop 20inch Medium Ride for sale. It weighs roughly 2450 grams and it is in mint condition. I bought this cymbal brand new about a month ago and it has less than a hour of playing time on it. These go for $334 (without shipping and tax) brand new and I'm asking...
  14. jaccomacacco

    Zildjian Earth Ride

    years ago, i purchased a Zildjian 20" Earth Ride in Brilliant finish. after a few months of playing it, i realized that it wasn't the cymbal i was looking for. i picked up a Zildjian 22" A Custom ride and put the Earth Ride into early retirement. when the A custom broke, after years of...