1. bconrad


    A custom lathed Sabian ride cymbal: 21 inches, weighing in at 2980 grams. It has a great bell. It's drilled for two rivets. Check the photos for how it looks. Looking for Bosphorus cymbals, particularly some jazz hihats.
  2. Sammybear

    SOLD....22" Zildjian K Constantinople Medium (2818g)

    For Sale (Re-listed): 22" Zildjian K Constantinople Medium (2818g). Mint Condition. Purchased July 2019. Very light use. Beautiful cymbal. SOLD
  3. bongomania

    SOLD Paiste Dark Energy Mk II 22” blem discount

    SOLD, a 22 Mk II at 3014 grams. $270 shipped in the US! This price is because it has some flea bites and rough spots on the edge, including one area where there was a 6 mm line that I wasn’t sure if it was a scratch or a crack. I examined with a magnifying glass and couldn’t tell, and it’s not...
  4. Ddrummer23

    SOLD: Sabian AA 16” extra thin crash $55/reduced price

    Very good condition Sabian AA extra thin crash 16"...some fingerprints and fading on the ink but otherwise there are no cracks or keyholing. If you look close you can see the Canada stamp. If you have any questions or would like more pics just let me know. I will ship at buys cost. Thx for...
  5. drums12

    20" Sabian AA Tight Ride

    20" AA Tight Ride: excellent shape, brilliant finish; This was sabian's version of the mini-cup ride. It's bright and the bell, although very small, really cuts when you hit the sweet spot. Great stick definition and ping. $135 shipped to lower 48
  6. dunnenrb


    Got a great 22" MTL weighing in at 2532g. Some slight patina and light stick marks - beautiful cymbal here. $350 plus shipping
  7. SaranacJack

    ALL SOLD 50s, 60s, 70s & 90s Various Zildjian Rides (Jazz, Rock & Flat Top) - Sound files

    Changing the guard from old A's to buy a Noble & Cooley piccolo snare. Owned most of these for decades, ready to pass them on. Prices + actual shipping from Baltimore, MD area. Make an offer for multiple cymbals! Sound files below for these cymbals: * 1960s 22" Ride, 3,031g ($115) SOLD...
  8. Sammybear

    SOLD....20" Zildjian K Constantinople Renaissance Ride 1802g (2019) ***Reduced***

    For Sale: 20" Zildjian K Constantinople Renaissance Ride 1802g in excellent condition, purchased in 2019. Some stick marks may be present due to sampling and some light playing. $325 $290 + Shipping SOLD
  9. M

    Complete my Paiste setup with a Ride

    I'm putting together a set of mixed Paistes and have a hole in the ride position. Here's what will fill the rest of the puzzle... 15 DE hats 18 Full crash 20 Twenty Light ride (as crash) 20 Trad Med Light Swish A good point @shiek_yerbouti made was to be cognizant of the relationship b/w the...
  10. Sammybear

    21" Masterwork Jazz Series Extra Thin Ride (1716g) *SOLD*

    For Sale: 21" Masterwork Jazz Series Extra Thin Ride (1716g). This is a 2019 cymbal purchased directly from Turkey. The 21" Extra Thin Ride is Masterwork's flagship ride. This cymbal, due to it's luscious light weight, is low in pitch and has a beautiful, warm, plush wash with a great woody...
  11. danpetersdesign

    Istanbul Agop 24" Signature Ride 2534g

    I have a 24" Istanbul Agop Signature ride weighing in a thin and wobbly 2534 grams. Looking very specifically to trade this for an Agop 24" Traditional Dark Crash
  12. dunnenrb


    Hello all! I have here a beautiful Istanbul Agop 22" 30th Anniversary Ride weighing in at 2006g. Can you say paper!? It is extremely full and warm for something this light and has an amazing crash. It can stand alone as a crash. It has never been played out - only in my home studio. Asking...
  13. drummerboy7

    Zildjian K's (Kerope, Special Dry, Dark Thin)

    Hello, I am selling a few cymbals that are part of my collection I don't use. Im in the middle of making plans to move and need to thin out my inventory. All of the cymbals are either in excellent condition or like new. Prices are below. - 22" Kerope Ride Cymbal: Weight: 2414 g. Asking $310+...
  14. Sammybear

    *Sold* Istanbul Agop 20" 30th Anniversary Ride 1898g-Mint *Sold*

    For Sale: Istanbul Agop 20" 30th Anniversary Ride in mint condition. Acquired this cymbal in 2018 directly from The Drum Shop. In perfect shape. There may be a few stick marks and/or fingerprints due to some light playing and handling. This is a beautiful, musical cymbal at a great weight...
  15. Sammybear

    *SOLD* Zildjian 22" K Con Med Thin Low (2496g) cymbal- New *Reduced*

    For Sale: Zildjian 22" K Constantinople Medium Thin Low (2496g) cymbal-Brand New! Great sounding cymbal, great weight. Brand new! Some stick marks may be present due to sampling. Works great as a ride or crash! $385 + Shipping SOLD
  16. dunnenrb


    I got this recently on Reverb (it might have been a forum member?) but I bills have come up and need to let it go. Here I have a wonderful Istanbul Agop 22" Medium Ride at just about 2560 grams. The cymbal has a stick that will never wash out and a fundamentally low pitch but it has just a few...
  17. Sammybear

    SOLD! Zildjian 20" K Light Flat Ride SOLD!

    SOLD!!!!! Almost like new 20" Zildjian K Light Flat Ride purchased in March 2018. Thinning out inventory. $235 plus shipping. SOLD!!!!!
  18. lordkoos

    19" Vibra Zanchi ride 1435 grams

    18" Vibra Zanchi ride, 1435 grams, in excellent condition with nice hammering, sound is dark and dry with a low-pitched wash that stays under the warm stick attack, will try to post a sound file soon. $150 + shipping obo.
  19. drumrtommy

    Zildjian Steve Gadd Ride

    1990 grams Steve Gadd Signature Ride, great for most applications or have a compact ride! Selling to purchase another cymbal. Asking $180 shipped If interested please DM
  20. d.heine

    New Ride Cymbal