1. bongomania

    Let’s see your Luxor and Powertone snares!

    After all the acclaim in that recent “best wood snare” thread, I had to get a wood Powertone. Did some hunting, and saw mostly either high prices I didn’t want to pay or poor condition I didn’t want to buy. Saw that Luxors go for a lot less, and I’ve wanted to try a six lug snare anyway. So I...
  2. DuplexTim

    Roger's Big R Dynasonics for Sale

    Hey all, I have a Rogers Big R Dynasonic's for sale. Dyna COB S#730939. Has one war wound. Not huge and no dent, just chrome wound. New rail/replacement snares, new heads. Otherwise, a clean drum. $225+$25 flat rate shipping, lower 48 US only, paypal only. I have more pics if you would...
  3. Medellin

    60s Roger Holiday vs. Delta Tower (20/14/12)

    Greetings all! I am currently in the market for a Rogers 20/14/12 kit (Holiday or Delta Tower) I am at a crossroads of which to buy... I understand the physical differences between the Holiday and Tower kits, but is there a sonic difference between the two? Anyways, any input/ experience...
  4. M

    Rogers Swiv-o-matic tom arm and BD spurs

    Hey all, On the search for a Swiv-o-matic single tom arm as well as a pair of Swiv-o-matic bass drum spurs for a 16" bass drum. Let me know what you got. Thanks! Mitch
  5. popiomodena

    1960s Rogers 12x22, 8x12, 16x16 Black Diamond Pearl Drum Kit

    1960s Rogers Black Diamond Pearl Drum kit with 12”x22” kick drum, 8”x12” rack Tom, and 16”x16” floor tom. Super punchy! The finish on several areas of the kit is slightly discolored from sunlight. The interiors were painted white by the original owner at some point. They either painted over or...
  6. SaranacJack

    Rogers Snares (including a 6.5" COB Dynasonic) for 22" Kerope or 6 x 14” Noble and Cooley Copper Snare

    Building up funds, but also interested in trading. Looking a 6 x 14” Noble and Cooley Copper Snare or 22" Kerope ride Can do a cash, cash + trade or trade with the following snares (which are sitting on my shelf not getting played nearly as much as they should): 5 x 14" Rogers Luxor, Blue...
  7. SaranacJack

    WTB or Trade - 6 x 14” Noble and Cooley Copper & 22" Kerope Ride

    Building up funds for both purchases, but for now I'll take whichever one surfaces first. Will also post in the trade section in case there's any interest there. Can do a cash, cash + trade or trade with the following snares (which are sitting on my shelf not getting played nearly as much as...
  8. SaranacJack

    2 x Rogers Swan Leg Swivomatic Cymbal Stands

    $250 + actual shipping cost for 2 x 1960s Rogers Swiv-o-matic Swan Leg Cymbal Stands, fully functional and ready for your vintage kit. These are the solid rod era ones where the Swivomatic tilter cannot be removed. One has all parts, the other is just missing one of the two knobby tightening...
  9. tbh

    Dynasonic bridge on non Rogers drums?

    I have a question for the group... With the rebirth of Rogers Dynasonic snares and hardware, is it possible to just buy the bottom hoop and snare bridge and apply to a standard 14” 10 lug drum. I have a beautiful pearl 6.5 and would rather spend a few hundred on a few pieces than $700 What are...
  10. rock roll

    msytery mij stencil rogers kit?

    i bought this kit a few weeks ago because looking at it , it had re-rings and was cheap . but the snare and toms i coundnt figure out. snare seems like a stencil with rerings but had what looked like a rogers style throw and leedy lugs. floor tom has rogers tighters on the legs and not the...
  11. FloydZKing

    TTO - Housework

    Answering the question of "why all the covers" again. Wanky drum solo with bass and pointy guitar from my gal. A sexual metaphor of frustration. mid 60s Rogers Holiday 20/12/14 with 5x14 wood Powertone and a KCON flat ride.
  12. B

    Wanted: Rogers fasteners

    Wanted: A set of Rogers machine screws, fender washers and lock washers from the Cleveland/Dayton era. Enough to fasten 12 lugs for an 8x12 rogers tom. 24 screws 12 large washers 12 small washers 24 lock washers I need the zinc plated ones. thanks! John
  13. SaranacJack

    Rogers Swivo swan leg stands and cymbals for newer Zildjian K’s

    I have 3 x Rogers Swivo swan leg cymbal stands, a 1950s 16” Zildjian hi-hat bottom, a 1970s 21” Zildjian Rock Ride and a 1990s 16” Sabian HH med crash (links to Reverb listings below). Also available, though not listed on Reverb: Swivo bass pedal and Ludwig speed king bass pedal both from the...
  14. EvEnStEvEn

    The DYNA Has Landed!

    Thanks to a DFO brother, I got a matching-era Dyna-Sonic 6.5 snare this week to incorporate into my recently-acquired '80-81 Londoner-Six outfit. It's a "no serial" badge Big-R Dynasonic, the same badge-era as my XP-8 set. Overall, a clean & complete drum in good shape with just a few battle...
  15. EvEnStEvEn

    Roy & The Greatest Generation

    I somehow missed this wonderful piece after the passing of Roy Burns last May.....enjoy.
  16. S

    Rogers 18" Bass Drum

    Any finish will do. Thx! -Slup
  17. markrocks68

    SALE!! 1963 Rogers Swingtime No. 1807 Outfit in Blue Onyx Pearl 1400!! SOLD!!

    Hi all For more pics please see the thread in vintage venue under title: Rogers Restoration 1963 Buddy Rich Headliner No. 1807 Outfit in Blue Onyx Pearl Selling this kit locally to make room. Sorry, not shipping. I'll play them until they go! Any questions, please PM me. 1900 cash or PP. I'm...
  18. Steele

    Rogers swivomatic parts

    Hi guys, I need the following parts. Would prefer the more durable machined swivo parts to the cast fullerton versions 2x 60 degree swivo mount (for 22" BD spurs) 2x machined swivo collet noses (or will consider 2x complete 90 degree mounts) 2x hex BD spurs 3x hex FT legs Shipping to 2758...
  19. markrocks68

    Need Rogers Wine Red Ripple Snare

    Prefer a Powertone as a Dyna will cost too much.
  20. markrocks68

    Vintage Drums & Honky Tonk Country Music at Cowboy Country in Long Beach CA this weekend Oct 5 & 6

    Hi all My Honky Tonk Country Dance band is doing another 2 BIG nights at Cowboy Country in Long Beach CA this Friday & Saturday night October 5 & 6. This place is a REAL DEAL country dance hall and actually kinda famous. It's actually a HUGE night club with 3 dance floors, 3 bars, a huge stage...