1. R

    I Can't Post in "Drum/Cymbals" For Sale. Why Not?

    I'm a new-ish member to this forum and I noticed that I am not allowed to post in either of the Sale forums for Drums or Cymbals. Why is this? I have some gear that I would like to see if anyone here would want, before putting it on eBay or Reverb. Thank you!
  2. USA Liberty Drums

    Liberty Drums - EX DEMO Drum Kit - NAMM Show 2017 -20%

    Hi all We - The Libertized Team - had a great time at this year's NAMM Show where we had a chance to meet lots of Liberty Drums fans and supporters. We had a very good end of the year with a memorable moment of signing with Liberty DeVitto. As the UK team just got back home to bend more...
  3. indedrum


    I am dropping prices on in-stock demo kits until the end of the year: 22/13/16, INDe Black $1199 22/13/16, INDe Blue, $1199, OR 22/10/12/16 $1499, OR 22/10/12/13/16 $1599 22/13/16, "Beet It", $1199 24/13/16, Red Stain, $1099, (Slightly rougher finish on Bass than normal) 18/12/14, INDe...
  4. indedrum

    15" Snares IN STOCK!

    We now have 5.5X15" snare drums in stock, and boy do they sound killer! That extra inch gives them a huge sound that you just can't get with a 14, and I have found the 5.5" depth to be the perfect depth for a big fat tone, but still keeping the sensitivity of a shallower drum. I have several...
  5. indedrum

    SOLD INDe Black Friday/ Holiday- 10% off ALL DRUMS!

    On Black Friday we are starting a sale that will go until 12/25, 10% on everything. Kits, Snares, Parts, even kits and snares at DEMO pricing! That means 3pc. kits starting at $1169, snares starting at $269. In stock or made-to-order. PROMO CODE: INDE10
  6. andrewro

    Worldmax Black Dawg snare 5x14" DC hoops $165

    DFO brothers and sisters, here is a 5x14" Worldmax Black Dawg snare drum, 10 tube lugs, die cast hoops, their standard modern strainer. I added a Remo Skyntone batter head and black grosgrain ribbon on the snare wires. This was a refurbished drum from after they had a flood...
  7. S

    How much should I sell my drums for?

    Hello! So I've never posted on here so this should be fun! Any who, I have a custom made OCDP kit from the pre- Guitar Center take over days that I may be interested in selling. I just need help knowing what to sell it for, as I've never sold drums before. So please help a young amateur out...
  8. lododrumguy

    20% Off All Cymbals for the next week!

    Hey guys, I've got way too many cymbals in my loft right now (just came back from a few buying runs) so I've decided to run a sale for Drumforum members for the next week! I'm releasing it to you guys before anyone else so you get the pick of the litter. Just type in DFOtwenty while checking...
  9. Thom

    New to site Rogers

    Have Rogers Holiday (Dayton) since new (present when i was a kid). Red Onyx 12, 14, 20BD 14 powertone snare. in nice conditoin, no mods or holes. have kick pedal, snare stand (only top half). I may be selling. much sentimental value to me. i'd like opinions. values. will have pics...
  10. lododrumguy

    Weekend Cymbal Sale—18% off all cymbals larger than 18˝

    Happy weekend everyone! I'm overloaded on large cymbals right now so I thought I'd do a weekend long cymbal sale—18% off on 18˝ or larger cymbals until this Sunday, February 8th at midnight (Colorado time). Use the coupon code DFOEIGHTEEN2015 when you check out to get 18% off. If you need some...
  11. OptikDrums

    1970s Ludwig RED Vistalite Drum Kit : 24-18-16-13 : SOLD

    Ludwig 1970s RED Vistalite Drum Kit : 24, 18, 16, 13 SOLD These drums are in excellent condition! No cracks at all in the shells. The bearing edges are very clean and the acrylic shells do no show any severe damage. There are some surface scratches but nothing that is very notable or out of...
  12. jmpd_utoronto

    Dream Cymbals at PASIC

    Just found out from my friends at Dream that they are going to be taking a bunch of B-stock/one-offs/prototypes/oddities to PASIC and will be selling them for $3/inch (16" or less) or $4/inch (17" or more). That is a pretty solid deal for some pies. Don't know what exactly they'll be bringing...
  13. dadon1255

    RESTORED Ludwg Standard 1968AS 1970BM 1971RM

    Hey everybody, We all know by now that the "Standards" have the same shells as the "Ludwigs" back in the day. Unfortunately, what's left of the "Standards" are beat to hell and nearly forgotten.From what I can tell the Ludwig Standard is an endangerd species and nearly extinct.So,I made it my...
  14. Arizona DRUM Shop

    NEW, Gretsch NEW CLASSIC 4pc w/22 Bass $1369.00

    Hello again Guys and Gals, Another Gretsch New Classic Special.... 4-PIECE Shell Pack W/22 BASS In addition to the Ocean Sparkle Burst BOP 3pc kits FOR $999, we have a handful of Black Sparkle Lacquer and Vintage Glass Nitron kits available with the Evan's heads, NC-E824 part numbers...
  15. Arizona DRUM Shop

    27% Off NEW Gretsch Taylor Hawkins Signature Snare Drums

    Hey Guys and Gals, We currently have 5 of the Gretsch Taylor Hawkins Signature Snare Drums available for 27% Off and FREE Shipping to the lower 48 States. Normal street/MAP price is $249.99 which is the lowest we are allowed to print.... though the math is pretty easy to get to your member...
  16. Arizona DRUM Shop

    NEW, Gretsch New Classic 3-pc. from Auth-Dealer $999

    Hey Everyone, Ron here for Arizona Drum Shop... Just wanted to start a clean thread title to let you know we have a few more Gretsch New Classic 3-Piece BOP Kits (12/14/18) available in Ocean Sparkle Burs... $999.00 to your door. Sealed/Unopened factory boxes. Reach us by calling...
  17. Man minus label

    GC circular: gretsch Catalina maple $700. 7 pcs

    Just got the GC ad and looked through it before it was discarded. Just a heads up for shoppers. 6 PC kit w/ a free tom gives a 3 up 2 down kit shell pack with a snare. Seems like a decent deal?
  18. C

    Intro + Snares + Cymbals + Kit

    Hey guys SO i just joined this forum. I am from Australia and i am part of a huge drummers group called "Drummers Speak" Anyways i firstly wanted to Started by giving a run down of my gear. I use a Early 2000 Tama Starclassic Birch in Amber Gold Finish. My kit was a custom order kit from...
  19. Arizona DRUM Shop

    GRETSCH close-out deals while supplies last...

    Hello fellow Forumites... Arizona DRUM Shop picked up great deals on some Gretsch kits planned for posting on eBay... DFO has been good to us and we'd much rather offer them here directly to you with all the "eBay fat" cut out. All kits are never opened, New In Box and ready to ship same day...