1. R

    I Can't Post in "Drum/Cymbals" For Sale. Why Not?

    I'm a new-ish member to this forum and I noticed that I am not allowed to post in either of the Sale forums for Drums or Cymbals. Why is this? I have some gear that I would like to see if anyone here would want, before putting it on eBay or Reverb. Thank you!
  2. J

    NEED HELP! What do you look for in an effects cymbal or cymbal in general?

    I'm trying to sell some effects cymbals that I make in the shop, they sound great, but most of them aren't selling. I want to see what kind of operation I can get going here to maybe make a few dollars. I know a large percentage of drummers don't even use effects cymbals, but for those who do I...
  3. Drumland Vaughan

    Introductions are a must!

    Hello everyone, Some of you may know us, and some of you may not, but we are Drumland! We are an independent store that is lovingly owned and operated by John "JD" DiCiommo out of Vaughan,Ontario. I am Justin Armour, one of the few people lucky enough to work here, and we wanted to say hi! The...