1. Cosh

    Information On Selling Drums Online

    Had some general inquiries about selling some shells online. I recently came into some 70's Ludwig stainless steel shells but I am missing the bass drum. I have the 12, 13 and 16 toms but since its hard to get my hands on a stainless steel bass drum I was thinking about selling the toms online...
  2. R

    I Can't Post in "Drum/Cymbals" For Sale. Why Not?

    I'm a new-ish member to this forum and I noticed that I am not allowed to post in either of the Sale forums for Drums or Cymbals. Why is this? I have some gear that I would like to see if anyone here would want, before putting it on eBay or Reverb. Thank you!
  3. F

    Selling Zildjian A Custom 20" Projection Ride

    Please check it out.