1. cgrutledge

    22x14 or 24x14 shell for Gretsch kit

    I have a 24x16, 13x9, 16x16 gretsch renown maple red glass glitter kit i have loved. But I’m ready to switch things up and get into my favorite bass drum sizing and possibly rewrap. If you have anything i may be interested in please let me know!
  2. ThomasMagnum

    Tama Starclassic Performer Bass Drum Shell - 100% Birch MIJ

    Tama Starclassic Performer 18x22 Bass Drum Shell 22" head size. Handcrafted in Japan. Transparent Black lacquer. It's faded and had a lot of scratches. Interior is very clean. Shell is in round and bearing edges are in very good condition. No extra holes. Includes the mounting bracket...
  3. hdrums

    14 x 26 Ludwig 3 ply shell

    or drum any condition, 60's- 70's, let me know what you have
  4. drfills

    WANTED: Vintage Ludwig 1960s 3 Ply 16" Floor Tom Shell

    Hi All, Looking for a Vintage Ludwig 1960s 3 Ply 16" Floor Tom Shell for a rewrap project. Only need the shell with or without badge and grommet, although keystone badge a plus. Please PM me if you can help me out. Thanks much! D
  5. S

    New Wrap on a not perfect shell

    Hi, i need some advice on a project that i'm about to start. I'm putting together a small jazz kit using some ludwig shells that i have around. The 2 toms are covered in butcher block wrap and i have a 12x18 concert tom (black panther finish) that will become the bass drum. Don't ask me why...
  6. krisredusjazz

    Follow Up - Gretsch Customer Service +++++

    This is a follow up to my post about my messed up Gretsch New Classic wrap finish. I wanted to start a new thread just to show how awesome Gretsch has been! See my original post here with my problem: Nick (Gretsch...