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  1. dunnenrb


  2. B

    Kit in sizes 12 14 16 24 silver sparkle

    Looking for a kit in sizes 12x8, 14x14, 16x16, and 24x16. I prefer silver sparkle finish but if the sizes are the correct size I can always rewrap them. I’m open to most brands, even custom kit. Also older vintage kits as well. Let me know if anyone has something like this. Thanks
  3. sonortony35

    Used Ludwig Classic Maple 4pc Drum Set Silver Sparkle

    This is a very lightly used silver sparkle Ludwig Classic Maple kit in EXCELLENT condition! These have been well taken care of and only have some slight signs of wear on the bass drum batter hoop (see photos). The sizes are 22x16/10x7/12x8/16x16 and two clamp on tom arms are included. *Double...
  4. donnbennett

    Mitch Mitchell Drum Kits History, Photos??

    I'm looking for photos and info about Mitch Mitchell's Silver Sparkle or Champagne Sparkle Ludwig sets that he played with Jimi Hendrix. Who is the best Mitch Mitchell historian? Does anyone know the timeline about which sets Mitch used with Jimi Hendrix?
  5. My First Snare Drum

    My First Snare Drum

    MIJ 6 Lug Snare Drum (Sold)
  6. drfills

    SOLD: Vintage 1965 Ludwig Jazz Fest Snare in Silver Sparkle

    This is now SOLD. Thanks! For sale is a sweet Vintage 1965 Ludwig Jazz Fest Snare in Silver Sparkle. Shell is in-round with nice original bearing edges. Chrome hardware with chrome over steel hoops have minor oxidation and pitting. Silver sparkle wrap is a little faded but tight and glossy...
  7. zedave

    Santa brought me some Ludwig 3 ply orphans!

    So I'd bought a 22" red Mach 5 kik years ago for parts, and just this fall stumbled on a vintage pre serial 9X13 Ludwig in silver sparkle, which has now faded to an even ginger ale. So I then found an orphan mid 70's floor tom with a damaged wrap at Beatit, a vintage drum shop in Calgary. It...
  8. a partial 1971 Ludwig Rock Duo (one bass missing)

    a partial 1971 Ludwig Rock Duo (one bass missing)

    bought this in october or november of 2015. it was used by a friend from high school who was the drummer in a band thet went by the name of Mom's Apple Pie. do a search fro their first album, a collectible piece if you're into vinyl.
  9. drumsargeant

    F/S: SOLD! Premier Artist Birch Heritage Club 8"x20" B.D. with Boom Arm - Silver Sparkle $225.00 + s

    For sale is a Premier Artist Birch 8"x20" bass drum from a Heritage Club Kit. It is in excellent condition and is very clean! It includes a cymbal boom arm with L-arm and mounting bracket. This little kick sounds huge for it's size and is very portable, perfect for small clubs or pit gigs...
  10. drfills

    SOLD: Vintage 1960s Silver Sparkle MIJ Stencil Kit

    For sale is a Vintage 1960s Silver Sparkle MIJ (Made In Japan by Pearl) Stencil Kit in sizes 12/20 with matching 14 snare. Good players condition. Snare throw a little sticky and a couple tension rod inserts on snare seem stripped or possibly have aftermarket incorrect rods in them. Could use...
  11. MonkeyGrass

    I got my first matching snare after 30 years of playing!!

    So I just finished a deal on a minty fresh 1965 Silver Sparkle Jazz Festival! After all my decades of playing, I've never had a matching snare. Never really wanted one, I've always been a natural maple/chrome/brass snare kind of guy. Well I worked out a deal with one of my students. He owns...
  12. david_w_850

    Gretsch Catalina Elite - My New Kit

    Hey guys, I picked this up for a steal on Craigslist! Its beautiful, and sounds great. But can't find much info on them Gretsch's website. Whats the word on these?
  13. drumdevil9

    My new (used) Ludwig Club Date SE

    A couple of months ago I bought a used downbeat (12-14-20) Club Date SE in silver sparkle. Since I won't need my own drums for my next gig I decided to set them up in the living room with some Soundoffs and a dish towel for the kick (held with a large paper clip) to practice and play along to...
  14. Rogers Silver Sparkle drum kit 22/13/16/16

    Rogers Silver Sparkle drum kit 22/13/16/16

    Silver sparkle Rogers (Cleveland Dayton) kit, set up for gig in Banks, MMXI