1. popiomodena

    1960s Slingerland BDP Project

    This is a 1960s Slingerland BDP 22/12/16 kit. It is definitely a players kit. The floor Tom is not Slingerland; it is a 1960s MIJ Tom that had the badge removed. 14”x22” kick drum: Has several extra holes on top by the badge. The spurs are original but there are unoriginal bolts on the mounts...
  2. A

    Help to identify Slingerland snare drum

    Hi everyone! I can not find on the Internet any similar model. The nameplate is very strange. Lags are similar to Ludwig Supraphonic. What is it? Thanks in advance!
  3. S

    Identifying Slingerland Drum set?

    Hello all, I have recently acquired a Slingerland drum set, but I was unable to obtain much information about it. I think that it is in the 1963-69 range from the badge it has, the bass drum is 20in, has two 12 in rack toms, and a 16in floor tom, and is a sparkly silverish color. From what I...
  4. D

    Late 1970s Slingerland Marching Snare with Custom Wrap

    This is a late 1970s 15x12 Slingerland marching snare from Northwest Webster (NWW) High School in Mason, IA. This drum is the first time I've seen a school-specific custom wrap on a Slingerland marching snare. I'm sure it was not uncommon, but it's a first for me. I thought the color and...
  5. C

    ***SOLD***Slingerland 1973 80N Buddy Rich Set WMP

    1973 Slingerland WMP 80N in great players condition. 24, 13, 16, 16. The wrap is in great condition. Mufflers were gone when I purchased the kit, but I didn't mind. Comes with some original hardware, but it's definitely in used condition. I would give the drums a 7/10, as there are the...
  6. Josh Garside-Meyers

    1976 Slingerland rack tom 12x8

    Slingerland Country Road 1976 Black
  7. Drewdrum

    $575 OBO- 1970s Slingerland Black Diamond Pearl 3 ply Drum Kit 12, 13, 16, 22

    1970s Slingerland Black Diamond Pearl 3 ply drum kit. Sizes are 12, 13, 16, 22. Finish is in very nice condition. No extra holes. Both rack toms are missing bottom hoops and tension rods as well as their mufflers. Bass drum is missing one spur and one hoop inlay. Floor tom is complete...
  8. bharrington

    Slingerland 70's 3ply Natural Maple 24/14/15/16

    Hey all - I love these but just haven't played them enough. Awesome sounding drums, no extra holes, all original. I went through and completely cleaned up the 24", 14" and 16". I never used the 15" so it could use a cleaning. The finish on top of the 24" is quite worn. I like the slightly worn...
  9. H

    mid-60s vintage Slingerland goldflake 4 piece kit

    I'm a musician but drums are not my main instrument. I literally had a family member beg me to take this full kit with cymbals (on the cymbal forum) and all the hardware off his hands because he was tired of it collecting dust in his basement. I asked around with some of my drummer friends and...
  10. GeeDeeEmm

    Slingerland Rewrap Project

    Just to recap a bit, John Ollis hooked me up with a Slingerland Concert King drum set (imported 5 ply maple shells), a Nashville 18" floor tom, and enough Delmar WMP wrap to rewrap the entire kit. It's been many years since I did any rewrapping, so I've had to learn and relearn a lot of the...
  11. snared

    Gretsch Brooklyn items

    For sale 2, 22" hoops in brand new condition off of a Brooklyn set. I removed the mole skin. $60 each Brooklyn 302 stick chopper rims 2,10"and 1,12" $15 each RIMS style tom mounts 10" and 12" $40 each Bass drum 8 die cast padded claws and tension rods all like new. $50 3-Floor tom legs and...
  12. E

    Slingerland 15" x 8" Concert King Snare Red Sparkle

    Slingerland 15" x 8" Concert King snare drum in Red Sparkle 60's Niles Badge $400 OBO plus shipping
  13. P

    Slingerland dating?

    I found this set on Craigslist and will be looking at it tomorrow. Hard to tell but it looks like a Niles badge which I am guessing is late 60's? I'd like to get a better sense of the date. Would anyone have any suggestions on what i can look for when examining them? I'm guessing the heads...
  14. 2000dan2000

    '56-'58 Slingerland Special Student Snare

    Mid-late 50's white lacquer Special Student model snare. No extra holes, 3-ply shell is in round and in great shape. 3-point strainer is missing its arm and one small attachment screw, one unoriginal hoop clip, lacquer finish is certainly showing its age with chips and dings but nothing too bad...
  15. drfills

    FOR SALE: Vintage 1960s Slingerland Sound King Snare

    This is now SOLD. Thanks! Hey all - up for grabs is a nice players vintage COB Sound King snare. Aftermarket hoops and strainer knob. Unoriginal tension rods and wires. Bring it back to original or rock it as-is. Take it for $195 shipped CONUS. Message me with interest. Thanks and have a great day!
  16. markrocks68

    Satin Flame wrap cleaning

    Hi all So my first kit in a satin flame needs some TLC. Whats the best way to bring the wrap back & shine it up? I'm hearing Novus is not going to work? I'm wiping down with warm soapy cloth first. Any special cleaners I should have? These drums were in a storage trailer for decades and are...
  17. markrocks68

    Slingerland 60's Blue Satin Flame Floor Tom Wanted

    Hi all I picked up a real nice 1965 Windsor No. 6N Outfit but alas NO FT. So either a 16" or 14" will do. Please PM if any leads. Thanks
  18. Kcmcc

    Slingerland blue and silver duco student model snare

    This is a good ol 6 lugger. Single flanged hoops and clips. Mid to late 60s, very nice condition. The cosmetic dings you can see in the photos are the only real issue. Strainer works smoothly. Only selling because I just bought a 70s sound king and I have two student models and this one has less...
  19. markrocks68

    Capri Pearl orphans wanted

    Hi all Looking for a tom & floor tom in Capri Pearl finish. Can be any brand model. Any size. Prefer not trashed. PM me if anyone has anything for sale. Thanks all!.
  20. Reality_Check

    ***SOLD*** 1967 Slingerland 3-ply Hollywood Ace Snare

    Hey all, I have a special deal for everyone to check out! This is an 8 lug 1967 3-ply Hollywood Ace Snare in a White Pearl wrap. It is in great shape and comes with the original case, stand, and sticks (for nostalgia's sake). This snare has a brand new head on the top but it has the original...