1. D

    1965 Slingerland Tom Drum 15X12

    What this drum is a mystery. It is spray painted black on the exterior (interior screws also black painted) There’s no badge but has stage band rods and lugs. There are 3 extra holes that have been filled in but there is no badge or vent hole. It does not appear there ever was a badge or vent...
  2. olmanbenny

    Single ply or 3-ply?

    It’s very hard for me to tell if this drum has a 3-ply shell or single ply. Yes, I do need new glasses. What do you see?
  3. D


    FOR SALE: SLINGERLAND PARTS Have the following Slingerland parts for sale (with a link to more photos and info on Reverb, but will do better here!) 20 Slingerland Torpedo T Rods and Claws: $260 plus shipping (willing to split into 2 lots of 10). These are the longer style torpedo rods for a...
  4. red66charger

    Slingerland 1930s Radio King Kit - Florida Only

    Please note: I am not interested in selling the snare separately (sorry). $1,800 for the following... Slingerland Radio King drum set that mostly dates to the late 1930s. The floor tom is a few years newer dating to the 1940s and is not nearly as yellowed as the rest of the drums. They are in...
  5. Dtucci

    Slingerland LITES snare

    This drum sounds even better than it looks and it’s hard to let go. The drum is from the HSS era of Slingerland and features the TDR strainer and throw-off system as well as dual tensioners to dial in your sound. The drum has been played and has a couple nicks as pictured. You will be the only...
  6. 10thMtnDivCpl

    Snare Hardware Gurus - Need Help ID'ing Neil Peart's Slingerland Snare

    Hello all! I got the itch to play again after about 15 years off. I was going to make my first thread on here about how awful of a snare my Mapex Tomahawk is (the snare beds are grossly mis-aligned compared to the lug holes!) but I won't. I lurked on here for a while, searching for a good cheap...
  7. bon viesta

    tom mount mania!! slingerland or rogers?

    i was planning to have just a snare stand as tom mount, but there’s something a lot nicer looking about a tom mounted on a bass drum, along with the reduction in choking, that i want to take advantage of. so, maxwell makes a reproduction slingerland tom mount of the setomatic. they look cool...
  8. D

    Slingerland 1970s Black Diamond Pearl Floor Tom

    WTB: Slingerland 1970s Black Diamond Pearl Floor Tom Must be 1969/70/71 (chocolate milk interior) 14 or 16". My Bass Drum/12" tom have serial numbers starting with 437XX and I have an extra badge I can always swap if needed (so Long as the interior is the chocolate milk interior).
  9. D

    Vintage Mount Identification

    Hi All Got this tom mount a few weeks ago. I think its an early 70s Slingerland mount, but it doesn't fit any of the 70s Slingerland toms I have. It came as a throw in with a slingerland kit and some other random parts. Most of the time when I see these they have 1 arm, not two and this only...
  10. R

    Slingerland Modern Combo White Tiger Pearl

    This kit was for sale a few months ago through Nelson Drum Co. in Nashville. I am trying to track down the person who bought it to make an offer! It’s the most beautiful kit I’ve ever seen and sounds absolutely perfect for the music I’m making these days. I also love the curved tom arm. Anyone...
  11. dunnenrb


    Help me fund a Jenkins Martin kit Tom Sale I bought these last year off of Ulysses Owens Jr. on reverb (see screenshot) who got them from Steve Maxwell Drums in NYC. They sound so so so good. They are pretty clean overall, obviously the lugs on the 13" are not original. Paint is not as good on...
  12. BeatMeToIt

    Late 50’s SS Radioking 14x5.5 needs a facelift

    Just got this today. The wrap is in terrible shape from what I’m guessing is sunburn or being too close to a heater or similar for long periods of time. The shell is solid and has no extra holes and looks pretty clean and modern heads spin freely even with the current wrap on. I’m ditching...
  13. BeatMeToIt

    1960’s Radioking kit yay or nay?

    Hello, I have been burnt badly in the past on gear and before I risk doing the same thing again I am reaching out to the drum gods of this forum. So! Long story short. 1960’s Radioking kit WMP. Seller claims no extra holes or mods. He claims no re-ring splits and that the edges are in great...
  14. BeatMeToIt

    Slingerland COB TDR “Buddy Rich” model

    I acquired my 3rd TDR since they are fantastic. It’s a brass shell with 3 vent holes and the TDR throw. Question: Did they make them with and without a muffler? My other 2 have mufflers and both date to around 1979-1981. The 3rd one I got doesn’t have any holes for a muffler and the badge...
  15. codydee12

    Sold - Slingerland Student Model With Original Heads / Case 5.5x14" 6-Lug Snare 1950s Red Sparkle

    This is a beautiful red sparkle Slingerland snare. It is ALL original! Original heads, wires, tension rods, stand, practice pad and hard case. All is in good working order! Just needs a little shining and will be as pretty as the day it was brought home. It hasn't been used since the school band...
  16. C

    Vintage Large Slingerland Kit Help

    Hello, I need help identifying the age and potential price range for my older Slingerland kit. I need to sell it relatively soon but I'm not gonna cheat myself out of a good price. Any help is greatly appreciated. I currently have them listed for $1,800.
  17. B


  18. codydee12


    Beautiful condition! It seems like the 6.5 is hard to come by. This drum sounds huge and has a great warmth to it. Still has mostly original hardware. No issues tuning, holding its pitch, or keeping tension on the snare wires. There are a few spots worth noting (all are pictured) that the drum...
  19. Y

    Can Anyone told me anything about this Slingerland drum

    I recently got a slingerland drum.It’s so strange that I can’t tell whether it is a snare drum or tom. Can anyone help me? Thank you.
  20. BeatMeToIt

    Slingerland snare 1-ply maple or 3-ply? Possible Radioking?

    Hello drum fans! I came across this little fellow, going for $150 it stopped me in my tracks after seeing a photo of the inside. Is it 1ply maple or 3ply? It’s a 1960’s 6-lug Slingerland snare. Here are some photos, from what I know the Radiokings could show up in different maple configurations...