snare drum

  1. Sammybear

    Ludwig LM400 (2015-16) 14 x 5 Supraphonic Snare Drum

    For Sale Ludwig LM400 14 x 5 Chrome Over Aluminum Supraphonic Snare Drum. I was informed this is vintage 2015-16. Comes with Ludwig stock medium batter. Remo snare side resonant head and Puresound snare wires. Drum is in excellent-mint condition. $350 plus shipping/fees.
  2. S

    Fixing a cracked DW Edge Snare

    So one of my students brought me his DW Edge snare drum to look at. It has a nice size crack in the shell and he was scared of it getting any bigger. So here was my solution to the problem. Build a plate like I did for my Yamaha to help spread out the pressure. We decided to build a big enough...
  3. tbh

    DW Drum Workshop Collector’s Bronze Knurled Snare Drum 14 x 5.5 new with tags

    Looking to move this snare. Bought new, gig canceled then put into storage and never played. Brand new with tags and original heads, DW Bronze 14 x 5.5 3.0 mm thick snare. $650 plus what ever shipping comes out to be, no markups or other seller bs. PM if interested, just can’t let is be...
  4. bconrad


  5. S

    Drum Fairy stopped by

    So every time I get new drum toys my wife always asks the "Drum Fairy" brought this time! hahaha Well this time the Drum Fairy dropped of a 13x7 Pork Pie snare made from 100% oak with African Marble. This thing is gorgeous! I can't wait to get home and play it since it'll be nice and warm finally!
  6. Sammybear

    SOLD Ludwig 5 x 14 Classic Maple Snare Drum (LS401)-New *Reduced*

    For Sale: Ludwig 5 x 14 Classic Maple Snare Drum (LS401) Vintage White Marine-NM Finish P85AC Throw Off & Butt Plate 2.3 MM Steel Hoops Ludwig Weather Master Coated Batter Head Remo Ambassador Hazy Snare Side Puresound snare wires $310 plus shipping This...
  7. S

    Converted Yamaha Live Custom Oak floor tom into a snare drum

    Had a friend who loved the PDP snare drum I made ask me to turn his Yamaha Oak Custom floor tom into a snare drum also. It turned out beautiful!!!
  8. Big Beat

    For Sale: small antique wooden snare drum with maple hoops & calf heads - Ludwig Tango type

    Small antique wooden snare drum with maple hoops & calf heads. Single tension with four thumbscrew rods. Obviously a budget model, perhaps a step up from a toy drum. But it's old enough to have nice maple hoops and calf heads - and old enough to be interesting. The overall style is similar to a...
  9. Big Beat

    SOLD: vintage 1910s COB tango drum / banjo drum / single head snare drum

    Here's something you don't see every day. Vintage single headed tango drum (a.k.a. banjo drum), c. 1910s. These were a budget, more compact alternative to a full snare drum and a brief fad that did not catch on - an obscure piece of history. This drum measures approximately 12" in diameter by...
  10. Big Beat

    SOLD - 1960s MIJ gold sparkle snare drum - Crown - 10 lugs - very pretty!

    Here's a pretty unusual Crown snare I recently rescued. Unlike most MIJ snares, which are budget models with only 6 or 8 lugs, this one is an obviously deluxe 10-lugger. While most makers seemed to copy Slingerland, these lugs take after Rogers. And that oversized logo is pretty cool - almost...
  11. W

    Ludwig 6.5 hammered bronze .

    Hi ,I noticed when I was changing the bottom head the other day that their is more space on one side of the drum than the other ,it's not the head because I have tried it with different heads ,it is like this just on the bottom ,is this normal ?or is the drum not round .it is around 15yrs old.
  12. sonortony35

    Used Acoutin Solid Ply Osage Orange/Stainless Snare Drum 14x6.5

    I am letting my amazing Acoutin Custom snare drum go... The shell is a one of a kind solid ply osage orange/stainless steel hybrid and it is STUNNING. There are a few finger prints here and there, but overall this drum is near mint! I have an INDe on there now, which is great, but I will include...
  13. Sammybear

    SOLD...Ludwig Supraphonic 5 x 14 Black Beauty (LB416)

    For Sale: Ludwig 5 x 14 (LB416) Supraphonic Black Beauty Snare Drum w/ Imperial Lugs & Ludwig P85AC Atlas Die Cast Throw-off. $489 + Shipping (lower 48 only) SOLD
  14. lordkoos

    Snares -- Taye 5 x 14 nickel over brass EX+, vintage Slingerland solid maple 5 x 14, players cond.

    Two snares for sale: #1: Vintage Slingerland one piece maple 5.5 x 14, players drum. Non-original wrap, missing badge, throw was changed to a Ludwig P-85, which works well. Upgraded Fat Cat snares. No issues as far as playability, edges are good and it sounds great. Remo heads are in good...
  15. indedrum

    New Stainless Steel Snares! 5.5x15, 6.5x14, 8x14

    INDe is introducing a new line of Stainless Steel snare drums! 1mm thick flanged shells, in 3 great sizes. Sound samples are available here!
  16. Sammybear

    SOLD!!! Ludwig 6.5 x 14 LB417 Black Beauty-REDUCED!

    For Sale: SOLD!!!!!!!!!! Ludwig 6.5. x 14 (LB417) Supraphonic Black Beauty Snare Drum w/ Imperial Lugs & Ludwig P85AC Atlas Die Cast Throw-off I purchased this new in 2014. This drum has seen very limited use. Excellent condition! $525 Shipped (Lower 48 only)
  17. drumsforme

    Vintage Slingerland Indentification

    Hello Forum members- Came across this snare drum in a deceased neighbors home. It looks from the badge to be a late 50's 8 lug Slingerland maple shelled snare. Obviously the wires are incorrect and the top part of the lever is missing. It looks to have no modifications and it tunes up quite...
  18. indedrum

    New Snare Drum Demos

    I finally got some decent snare drum demos put together. Please forgive my hack playing!
  19. Sammybear

    SOLD....Ludwig 2015 Acrolite Re-issue

    SOLD!....'Ludwig' Acrolite LM404C This is a mint condition 2015 Ludwig Re-issue Acrolite snare drum, like new, very little use, original owner. The stock P85 throw-off has been upgraded to a P86 throw-off strainer. The snares have been upgraded to Puresound 30 snares. The stock Ludwig...