snare drum

  1. MxS

    SOLD Premier Elite 14" x 5.5" Maple Snare Drum Renee Blue - NEW - $210

    **SOLD** For sale: Premier Elite 14" x 5.5" Maple Snare Drum in Renee Blue Color I bought a set of Premier Elite drums over the holidays and this snare came with it. I'm selling this drum in order to recoup some of the money spent on drums lately... This is a gorgeous drum and I'm a bit sad to...
  2. Normandy Drums

    Considering Drum Workshop 3mm Brass vs 3mm Steel snares vs Bronze snare. Anyone have one of more of

    Hi all, I'm strongly considering a new snare from DW - i've used their products for a while and wanted to get something in addition to what I currently own/use. My current snare arsenal is a Collector Series 6.5"x14" Black Nickel over Brass 1mm shell snare and a Design Series 8"x14" 1mm shell...
  3. broganphillips

    SOLD 1968 Acrolite $225 shipped

    For sale: 1968 Ludwig Acrolite $225 shipped OBO. It's in great shape other than a tiny dent below the muffler (see pics)
  4. R

    Non drummer here... All round snare drums? Cheap? Do they exist!?

    Hey Everyone! Non-Drummer here... Looking for a snare drum. Long story short, I'm recording an album, and my brother is drumming on it. He's a decent drummer, but he only has a DW PDP mainstage kit, with the stock snare. He doesn't really care enough about drumming to upgrade the kit he only...
  5. Medium Size Dog

    Slingerland Experts Please: Who Knows the Code?

    This 6.5x14 chrome over brass was old and scuffed when I got it so I never babied it and probably scuffed it up some more. It's a serious workhorse that sounds BIG tuned low and will take your head off when tuned high and everything in between from a whisper to a scream depending on heads and...
  6. A

    WFL 7 x 13 snare drum

    I have an old white marine pearl WFL kit, and I'm trying to find out more about my 7 x 13 snare drum. I was trying to research WFL 13 inch snares but couldn't find anything, I only found 14" snares. I've attached a picture of it below
  7. father time

    Lousy snare drum sound playing outdoors

    Don't know if any of you experience this or not. Every time I play an outdoor show, my snare drums sound like crap while sitting behind the drums and playing. I use a 70's 14x 6 1/2 Ludwig Supra, a 14 x 5 solid walnut Craviotto, and some times an old Acro. The Craviotto sounds the best. I've...
  8. Hill Country Percussion

    14x6 Walnut Stave

    Here's a 14x6 walnut stave is completed a few weeks ago!
  9. Hill Country Percussion

    My Handmade Snares

    Hey guys my names Caleb! This is my first post in this forum. Check out one of my first handmade snare drums! My company is Hill Country Percussion (, just launched in November of 2014!
  10. sargeantgreg

    Need Help with Slingerland Snare ID

    Hello fellow DFO-ers. I have come seeking some help in ID-ing this snare drum. A co-worker said he had this snare drum he thought was from about 1985 and it was a re-wrapped Slingerland. The re-wrap wasn't the best job but good enough for a freebie. He was going to throw it into the dumpster...
  11. Sir_Lancelot

    Carolina Drumworks, Rosewood Stave Snare Drum, SOLID ROSE WOOD 14"x6" STUNNING!

    All Custom made Carolina Drumworks 14"x6" Rosewood solid wood stave snare drum. Absolutely stunningly built, by one of the best master drum builders around. It features a solid Rosewood stave shell, 45/rounded bearing edge on top, and a 45 sharper cut on the bottom bearing edge, to bring out all...
  12. drummerboyfitz

    Pearl Hip Kit?

    Anyone ever use one of these? If so, what's it like?
  13. drummerboyfitz

    Vintage Ludwig & Ludwig snare drum Salt Lake City

    This price is almost too low to bear. Wish I had the dough. A lucky DFO member may get to own this. Located in Salt Lake City, the ad says he's going to post on eBay next.
  14. Mike W

    Wittman Stave Drums

    This is my most recent build its a 6 piece done in some really nice White Oak I make fairly thin stave shells and include machined in re rings for a little added strength and a nice mid-range boost. This kit includes a 20 stave 14x20 kick, 20 stave 14x16 floor ,20 stave 13x14 floor, 12 stave...
  15. halldorl

    Dunnett 2N Stainless Steel review

    A short write up on this snare drum I received a few weeks ago: This Dunnett 2N 6.5x14" Stainless steel snare drum is called "Eyjafjallajökull". Yes a difficult name to pronounce but a very Icelandic one, named after the volcano that made life hell for thousands of people all over the world a...
  16. E

    Snare drum advice please

    Hi I play acoustic guitar and currently accompany myself with drum samples (bass drum and snare) triggered by midi pedals I play with my feet. But I want to change to real drums. My idea is to get a small floor tom for the bass drum and an regular snare drum, and mount them on the floor so they...
  17. B

    Cant get a decent snare sound since changing head

    I bought a 5" ludwig black beauty about 8 months ago for my recording studio, and just swapped the top head from the stock ludwig to an evans g2 about a week ago. It sounded fantastic since the day I took it home from the store, but my drummer said I should swap the head because the coating was...
  18. TimOnDrums

    Slingerland Snare Beds

    I own a 1950's Slingerland single ply maple snare (not a Radio King). It has snare beds on the bottom bearing edge. I just put new heads on top and bottom and promptly broke the bottom trying to get it tight enough so the head was seated to the bear edge above the snare beds. What I don't...
  19. M

    Vintage Ludwig Marching Snare

    Newbie here, I just picked up this drum for $30 and was wondering if anyone has any insight to its' history? The badge would tell me that it was made in the 70's but I really don't have any other clues than that. Pardon the poor image :) Thanks!!! -Matt
  20. InVistaArts

    A quick introduction by the medium of photographs of a snare I built

    [sharedmedia=gallery:albums:717] I made this little fella at the beginning of the year, well over a couple of hundred hours of work but very enjoyable