1. jmele2

    Unusual 14.5” solid shell snare drum early 1900’s

    Hi guys - found this weird drum online at a price I’m comfortable taking a chance on and it just arrived. The listing said it was a 15” drum, but in actuality it’s 14.5” across. Trying to figure out if I can get plastic/non-calf heads made for it and if it’s worth it. Or maybe just have new...
  2. spyrock72

    Vintage Tama Snare

    Hi folks, does anybody have any information about this Tama snare? Unfortunately, as you can see on the photos, the previous owner drilled two large holes in the shell. Are these Freedom lugs? What’s the name of the throwoff? what series… Any information is welcome! Thanks in advance, Spiro
  3. A

    1993 Brady Snare Drum 8x14 - Requesting Info

    I have a Brady Snare Drum in very good condition. No scratches at all. I purchased this drum in the beginning of 1994 when I was a senior in high school. I had a drum teacher named Michael Briggs that I believe was hired by Brady Drums to find distributors for them in the Houston area. I was...
  4. Aaronjiski

    WFL 1958 turquoise and gold duco 13x3

    Hello, I just acquired this little lady. My question is, some sites call this the Jazz Combo and some say be-bop snare. I know when they switched the name back to Ludwig the Jazz Combo named remained and the WFL compacto snares have smaller lugs. Is Jazz Combo the correct model name for this...
  5. Chasforeman

    Argue/Vote for Next Snare

    Looking for arguments for or against. Will be primarily playing live blues/americana/rock with a Ludwig Classic Oak set. I have a Raw Brass snare and I’m looking for a wood option to contrast and provide more articulation for brushes and softer folk work.
  6. murraythehump

    Mismatched shell series: Snare vs Set

    How do people feel about shell mismatches between your snare and set? - from different series and thus different construction (but within the same brand). Anybody do this? Or is matching better? For example: 1) Gretsch Broadkaster snare & Gretsch USA custom set. ...or... 2) DW Jazz Series...
  7. bconrad

    traded sold

    Up for trade is a rare tube-lugged Oriolo NOB seamless spun brass snare. 14x6.5. Great condition but note the extra holes drilled for the Trick throw. I'll include the original throw as well. Great snare, but it's too close to my Ludwig Black Beauty so this one is on the market. Looking for...
  8. justensen

    DW Nickel Over Brass or Gretsch Renown Snare?

    I'm currently debating between getting either the DW Design Nickel over Brass 14×5.5 snare, or the Gretsch Renown Maple 14×5 snare. Versatility is the goal, but sound wise I'm going for Stanton Moore's sound. Does anybody have any experience with either of these snares? Any suggestions help, thanks!
  9. B

    Brad got a Black Beauty (hooray)

    I'm going to be fiddling with this snare a lot and I don't want to post a dozen different threads about it. Nobody wants that. I got a 5x14 Black Beauty and I've only had an hour or so to play on it, but I like where it's going. I'm going to be going for a low/medium universal...
  10. sixplymaple

    -SOLD- Ludwig LB545 5”x14” LE Bronze Black Beauty Snare Drum -SOLD-

    Ludwig LB545 5”x14” LE Bronze Black Beauty Snare Drum (LIKE NEW) Basically brand new Ludwig snare drum. I like the bronze, but it’s a little to dark for my tastes. I just switched it out with a COB. I’ve barely played this snare. The only issue is the inside sticker. It was peeling off when I...
  11. Aaronjiski

    Late 50’s SS Radioking 14x5.5 needs a facelift

    Just got this today. The wrap is in terrible shape from what I’m guessing is sunburn or being too close to a heater or similar for long periods of time. The shell is solid and has no extra holes and looks pretty clean and modern heads spin freely even with the current wrap on. I’m ditching...
  12. bconrad


    Asking $499 shipped or make an offer. Would consider a trade for another similarly valued snare.
  13. sixplymaple

    Ludwig’s Recent LE Metal Snare Drums - Thouhts?

    What does everybody think about the last few limited edition brass snares from Ludwig? One is red, one is white, and one is blue. I actually love the red, but it’s only offered in 8-Lug, so that kills it for me. In general though, I love the idea of the colored metal Ludwig snares. I think they...
  14. Anthony84

    Outlaw Drums Bandit Series Blue snare 14x6.5 Stave Maple Mint

    This is essentially a brand new snare. It’s been sitting in my closet for some time now. I’ve never actually hit it with a stick let alone mount it on a snare stand. It does look like it’s gotten a few hits probably from people at the shop I got it from. I just have way too much gear and I’m...
  15. codydee12

    SOLD A&F Raw Brass Snare 2021 14x5.5

    Made just a few weeks ago as a special order straight from the folks in Texas! An amazing snare. Honestly the best recorded snare I have ever played. I was worried that a 5.5” would make me frustrated with a lack of depth….couldn’t be further from the truth. I have a sound file that I will post...
  16. Aaronjiski

    Duluth Bell Brass 14x6 3/4 Slingerland and Ludwig, Tama combo

    I finally got her in! It took a long time and a lot of research to get it done. I love vintage Slingerland and Ludwig drums so I chose to honor the classics and also have a bell brass in the process. I took specs from a Tama Bell Brass and also specs from some older Broadways and Radiokings...
  17. B

    Maybe a different type of video than what is typically posted here. "Crossing" is a drum duet thats supposed to mimic a railroad crossing.

    Hello everyone! I'm new here - but I hope this is an interesting video and is accepted here... I have drum set videos I can post as well. Let me know what you think! - this was part of a recent recital project for my DMA degree in perc. performance.
  18. codydee12

    Sold - Ludwig No. 404 Acrolite 5x14" Aluminum Snare with Pointed Blue/Olive Badge 1971

    In good players condition. Everything works as it should and is ready for your next gig to bring that iconic acro sound. Seems like everything is original but I will refrain from claiming that since I know there are some folks who know this drum much better than I. There is a small dent on the...
  19. sixplymaple

    -SOLD- Pearl 6.5”x13” Reference Snare Drum 20ply 6-Lug RF1365S/C102 (Rare) -SOLD-

    Pearl 6.5”x13” Reference Snare Drum 20ply 6-Lug RF1365S/C102 (Rare) I rescued this drum from a pawn shop in March 2021. It had the wrong hardware attached to it and it needed some work, but the shell and finish were in great shape. The drum is now factory correct and looks like new! It has 2x...
  20. sixplymaple

    Pearl 6.5”x13” Reference Snare for Ludwig 5”x14” COB?

    Pearl 6.5”x13” Reference Snare Drum 20ply 6-Lug RF1365S/C102 (Rare) I rescued this drum from a pawn shop in March 2021. It had the wrong hardware attached to it and it needed some work, but the shell and finish were in great shape. The drum is now factory correct and looks like new! It has 2x...