1. A

    Leedy & Ludwig 1951 snare

    Hello again, I found a killer deal on a snare and from experience I have learned to be careful when something seems to good to be true. So, long story short. The seller claims this is a 1951 original Leedy&Ludwig snare. It’s a players snare for sure. The throw-off seems shady to me but I...
  2. sixplymaple

    Need Help - Ludwig Throw Off ID?

    I never noticed that these Ludwig throw offs were different. I‘ve bought three different Ludwig metal snare drums this year. I thought all three drums had the new Ludwig Atlas P88AC throw offs, but one of them is not like the other. I need help identifying what the oddball throw off is… This is...
  3. codydee12

    *Price Drop* Slingerland Student Model With Original Heads / Case 5.5x14" 6-Lug Snare 1950s Red Sparkle

    This is a beautiful red sparkle Slingerland snare. It is ALL original! Original heads, wires, tension rods, stand, practice pad and hard case. All is in good working order! Just needs a little shining and will be as pretty as the day it was brought home. It hasn't been used since the school band...
  4. A

    Ludwig 1920’s Super-Sensitive?

    I came across this guy, the seller claims it’s a 5.5” but all catalogs from 1920’s to 1930’s that they only made a 5” and deeper but no 5.5”. From what I can find it seems it’s missing the snare guards on the sides. Is this a super- sensitive or am I getting ripped? Thank you!
  5. J

    Help! Broken lightning throw on ~1970 Gretsch Snare

    I have been happily using a Gretsch snare model 4157 for some years, but the other day, when I was adjusting the snare strainer, I think part of the lightning throw-off broke. Gigs approaching, and I don't want to drill new holes into this thing and retrofit a different strainer, so I was...
  6. B

    Pearl snare super hoops (pair)

    Pearl Snare super hoops 14” 10 lug snare top and bottom $50 plus shipping. PayPal accepted
  7. A

    Thoughts on Ludwig Supralite snare (6,5x14")?

    I'm attracted to the price of the supralite, but I have read that it has some problems, like lugs that are stripping out easily and also problems with the snare wires. Has anyone had this kind of problem with the supralite? or some other problem?
  8. sixplymaple

    DFO, Look What You Made Me Do! 100% Your Fault...

    You guys here on DFO are completely responsible for this... Like an old flame, my love for Ludwig has been reignited. I used Ludwig Supraphonic snares all throughout elementary school, middle school, and high school. I also used a Black Beauty snare on a rehersal kit at my guitar player‘s house...
  9. R

    Been offered 2 snares

    I recently bought a ‘60s Yamaha D-20 shell and tried to find the matching snare somewhere. Some friend of the guy I bought the kit from has these 2 for about $282 usd ($200.000 clp according to google). Is the price right, should I ask for a lower price?
  10. D

    Ludwig Supraphonic 14x6.5 with b/o badge

    Hey all, I own a new supraphonic 14x6.5, but I was wondering about the badge. (I think it’s a Lm402) Usually, supras come with the keystone badge, but mine has a B/O badge, uncut. I’ve seen some topics about b-stock snares, but there’s literally nothing to be found on my snare that could be a...
  11. Sammybear

    *SOLD* Ludwig 14 x 6.5 Black Beauty LB417 with Imperial Lugs

    For Sale: (1) Ludwig 14 x 6.5 Black Beauty with: Imperial lugs Remo Ambassador Hazy Snare Side Puresound30 Remo Controlled Sound P88AC Throw Off & Butt Plate Some light playing at home only. Purchased new March 2021, but some circumstances have changed. Ships from Omaha. Thx for your...
  12. sixplymaple

    My First 6-Lug Snare, Show Me More!

    I recently bought this 20ply 6.5”x13” Pearl Reference 6 Lug Snare on Ebay for a mere $215 including tax + shipping. The lugs, tension rods, and hoops were all horribly cheap aftermarket parts. I thought the drum looked super ugly without the factory hardware, so I tracked down the stock Pearl...
  13. G

    Die Cast Hoops on both sides?

    I have two snare drums: A 6.5"x14" hammered Ludwig black beauty with triple flanged hoops, and a 5.5"x14" Gretsch Brooklyn maple/poplar snare with 302 hoops. Both have 10 lugs. I recently decided to order myself a single Ludwig die cast batter side hoop, and will be receiving it soon. This...
  14. sixplymaple

    LP - Pedrito Hand Snare

    I haven't seen anything like this before, have you? I can’t find any videos. Is this a new product? A new concept altogether? I would love to try one out!
  15. sixplymaple

    Vacuum Drum Storage?

    I recently purchased some large Space Saver vacuum bags for storage at the house and realized they might be awesome for long term drum storage. I figure if the drums are vacuum sealed, the bags should slow oxidation of the chrome? So I tried it out and included a silica packet in each one. I...
  16. codydee12


    Beautiful condition! It seems like the 6.5 is hard to come by. This drum sounds huge and has a great warmth to it. Still has mostly original hardware. No issues tuning, holding its pitch, or keeping tension on the snare wires. There are a few spots worth noting (all are pictured) that the drum...
  17. sixplymaple

    -SOLD- SQ2 7”x14” Heavy Beech Snare -SOLD-

    Sonor SQ2 7”x14” Heavy Beech Snare - Special Order I custom ordered this snare drum through Memphis Drum Shop on 6/29/20 and the drum just arrived today on 3/1/21. It took so long that I no longer need it. This is your chance to own a special order Sonor SQ2 Snare with unique finish. It looks...
  18. J

    Sonor snare identify - D426?

    Hi Need to have som clarify on this one, is it a serial number on the badge? Anyone know around with year it's manufactured? Is it original strainers? All other info you have is of course interesting! Thanks!
  19. bconrad

    Sold Ludwig Standard Aluminum snare

    Asking $150 plus shipping and paypal.
  20. A

    Slingerland snare 1-ply maple or 3-ply? Possible Radioking?

    Hello drum fans! I came across this little fellow, going for $150 it stopped me in my tracks after seeing a photo of the inside. Is it 1ply maple or 3ply? It’s a 1960’s 6-lug Slingerland snare. Here are some photos, from what I know the Radiokings could show up in different maple configurations...