1. jmato

    Pearl SensiTone Steel 5.5x14

    In very good condition. Clean. New snare side head; batter nearly new. Ready for tuning and playing. $140 shipped Continental US to my DFO brethren.
  2. bconrad

    Sakae Flat Based Snare Stand

    Nearly new, asking $40 plus shipping.
  3. drummerboy7

    Yamaha Vinnie Colaiuta Snare Drum

    I am selling an ultra rare Yamaha Vinnie Colaiuta Snare in a turquoise finish. Drum is in great condition, I absolutely love the sound of this snare. These snare's are no longer made and are highly sought after collector drums. I am asking $1390+ shipping for the snare. Size: Maple - 14" x 4...
  4. B

    No springs in snare lugs?

    So i decided to disassemble my snare to retune and just clean up in general. I noticed that there aren't any springs in the lugs. Is this normal? I see a lot of guys putting cotton balls in their lug springs to dampen spring buzz so I assume that there's supposed to be springs in the lugs. It's...
  5. drfills

    SOLD: Vintage 1961 Ludwig School Festival 6.5x15 Snare Drum in Red/Silver/Red Sparkle

    This is now SOLD! Thanks. For sale is a Vintage 1961 Ludwig School Festival 6.5x15 Snare Drum in Red/Silver/Red Sparkle in good players condition. Shell is in great condition, in-round with factory edges and interior paint. Barely readable faint black datestamp of XXX XX 1961. The wrap is tight...
  6. jGrind

    NEED Premier 2000 snare wires! any leads?

    I know of all the usual sources but they are clear out and I'm hoping someone has a set or two kicking around. Thanks!
  7. drfills

    SOLD: Vintage Early 1950s Gretsch Dixieland 6x14 Snare Drum in Blue Sparkle

    This is now SOLD. Thanks! For sale is a Vintage Early 1950s Gretsch Dixieland 6x14 Snare Drum in Blue Sparkle in good players condition. The harder-to-find 6x14 three ply shell in great condition and in-round with factory edges. No date stamp present on the clear interior. The wrap is original...
  8. J

    Best quality brands???

    Hey guys was wondering if any of you have tried to drum wraps, planned on stripping some extra shells I have and starting a little project. What wrap companies do y’all know of that are best quality and are most visually appealing? Also what companies have the largest variety of parts (hoops...
  9. Sav2319

    Gretsch identification

    hi DFO community, I’m having trouble finding the exact model snare I have and determining if it is the original finish or not. The drum if fitted with a microsensitive strainer and has no interior paper tag, assuming it is mid-late 50s. Finish is black paint/lacquer, wood grain is visible...
  10. M

    70s Ludwig Standard (wood) Bearing Edge/Re-ring Question

    Hey all, I recently got a 70's ludwig standard 5x14 snare and wanted to get some opinions on if the bearing edges and re rings look to be in ok condition. This is my first vintage wood snare drum and I'm not sure what to be looking for. To my eye there is a section that looks to be deforemed or...
  11. unphased

    Premier XPK Birch Eucalyptus 5 Piece w/ Matching Snare 2065 Circa 1998

    SOLD! $500 (Paypal) Offers are welcome. I'm reasonable, cool, calm, and collected (easy to deal with). Premier XPK 2065 Topaz lacquer finish set circa 1998 made in Leicester, England. The Shells are Birch with a layer of Eucalyptus in between. I have had this kit since it was new. Kick is...
  12. J

    Some advice...

    so I stopped into a random pawn shop out of town, going back by there today will post a photo then, anyway came across a snare, pretty sure it’s a Ludwig acrolite, blue/olive badge, serial: 2159111. With their current discount they offered $52.00, good buy or no???
  13. bconrad

    Tama Classic Flat Base Snare Stand

  14. Fifty9Dunes

    Yamaha Beech Custom Snare

    Seeking any size, any series (Custom, Absolute) Yamaha beech snare in best possible condition. Willing to shell out more for mint in Pear Yellow...
  15. 2000dan2000

    '56-'58 Slingerland Special Student Snare

    Mid-late 50's white lacquer Special Student model snare. No extra holes, 3-ply shell is in round and in great shape. 3-point strainer is missing its arm and one small attachment screw, one unoriginal hoop clip, lacquer finish is certainly showing its age with chips and dings but nothing too bad...
  16. dunnenrb


    Selling another lightly used A&F Raw Brass Snare 5x14" - it has not been gigged, only played in my home studio. These drums sound GREAT. I just have had some unexpected expenses come up and need to let it go. Please keep in mind these snares are all hand made, so you should expect...
  17. E

    kevlar only drum head

    I need a drum head made of only kevlar or another aramid fiber. no hybrid material (no mylar or other laminates). Anyone have a recommendation? Price < $70 preferable. Possibly the Evans System Blue (looks aramid but no material listed)?
  18. supraphonic

    Brady Jarrah Snare 4.5x14" $850 shipped

    Brady Jarrah Ply Snare Drum 4.5 x 14". Made by master craftsman Chris Brady in Australia. Drum is as it came from the factory except for heads. The shell is made from Australian Jarrah hardwood and 4.5" deep by 14" diameter. 10 double ended Brady chrome lugs, Trick throw off and butt, chrome...
  19. Drums

    Oriollo Phantom 6.5" for Geo. Way Aero or Acro

    This is a nearly new, never gigged 6.5" Oriollo Phantom that I’d like to trade for a George Way Aero or a 6.5" Supraphonic or Acrolite- Limited Edition Acro reissue preferred. Watcha got?