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  1. beef

    Sonor Phonic 10,12,16,18,24x2

    Sonor Phonic Kit 10,12,16,18,24x2 (No hardware) Located NE Atlanta, Ga Prefer local pick up, but open to shipping if you understand the cost. Most of the shells are clean, one of the bass drum interiors has some cosmetic discoloration. No structural or sound issues. This drum also has generic...
  2. R

    Replacing Sonor Phonic Snare Wires

    I wanting to replace the snare wires on my mid 80's D505 - any thoughts on the closest thing I could get to original, but new? Currently have snappy wires on there that are great, but thought someone here might have thoughts on the matter. Thanks!
  3. R

    Looking for red mahogany 14” Sonor Phonic floor Tom (mid-80s or thereabouts)

    Is this a fruitless search? I’ve been lurking for a year or so and haven’t seen any come up so thought I just need to ask. Do you think I should just try to find a 14” plus sized rack Tom and try to convert it? If so does someone have parts and know how on the best way to do it? Thanks a...
  4. D

    *SOLD* Sonor Phonic Z5456 Hi Hat Stand 1979

    Happy New Years Eve! I am now selling my 1979 Sonor Phonic Hi Hat stand. Has scratching and some parts where chrome flaked off. Missing a foot/foot locking bold as well as the original clutch wing nut. I think all should be cheap easy replacements or use as is. Asking $90 OBO, no trades but open...
  5. D

    Sonor Phonic

    Hello Everyone, I have a Sonor Phonic snare that needs T Rods. I saw these on eBay and think they are the right ones but are newer. Would these work? Need 20 of them
  6. DudemanSeattle

    Input on Vintage Sonor-Phonic Beechwood Kit + Ferro Manganese Centennial Snare - 1975?

    Morning DFO Vintage Gurus - would welcome feedback on the quality and history of this Sonor Phonic kit. I have included photos of the bass drum, kit badge and a Centennial badge on the snare. Appears it is from the mid to late 70's with a stamp date on the interior shells that look to be...