1. Germandrummer

    Restoration complete - TAMA Imperialstar 14x5

    Covid-19 restrictions combined with some off-duty time let me get some nice restoration projects. After restoring a badly neglected Gretsch 4160 SSB from the mid-1970s, I now have finished my TAMA project. Bought for a couple of Euros as an abused marching snare (see the additional holes in both...
  2. Radio King

    **SOLD** SONOR SQ1 Shell Pack, 24/12/13/14/16, GT Black, New, $2700 Shipped

    New set of Sonor SQ1s in GT Black. Set consists of 12/13/14FT/16FT/24BD. Made in Germany. Everything is in new, unplayed condition. $2700 shipped CONUS. Bass drum reso head has been ported (5" Bass Drum-O installed). Shell sizes (depth x diameter): 12" x 8" tom, 13" x 9" tom, 14" x 13" floor...
  3. J

    Is this an old Ajax (B&H) snare?

    Hi drummers Can someone help me identify this snare drum? There's no batch on the drum, no serial number and nothing written on the inside of the shell. Thanks!
  4. 2

    Looking for Opinions on Sonor 600 series pedal (673)

    I'm looking for a new single pedal. Tried this one out in my local drum store, and found it to be very, very smooth and effortless. Anyone have any feedback on it, positive or negative? I know that it's all subjective, but it felt so good that I'm surprised that it isn't more popular. Yes, I...
  5. dunnenrb


    I got this in March last year, it is a KILLER kit and is in excellent condition. I’ve played it out only a few times and it has a few nicks in the BD hoop but other than that it is immaculate. The only noticeable blemish is some of the chrome flaked off one of the floor Tom legs (it arrived this...
  6. Big Beat

    For Sale: Sonor Sonic Plus 12" & 13" rack toms in blue

    Sonor Sonic Plus 13" tom. Germany, c. 1990s. Birch shells with natural blue finish. Good condition, nice and clean overall, a few scuffs and dings. $125 + $30 shipping. Note: the 12" tom has been SOLD.
  7. Radio King

    **SOLD** Sonor Sunset Beech Shell Limited Edition Bop Set w/ matching snare

    Sonor Sunset Bop Set, Made in Germany, Limited Edition Heavy Beechwood Shells, Birdseye Red Stain Lacquered Shells. Only 25 of these kits and snare drums were made available. Flawless drums, both in sound and appearance. No blemishes; nary a scratch. Toms and bass drum are equipped with brand...
  8. D

    Sonor Designer Maple Light 22" Bass Drum - Green Stain

    Hi Everyone, We have a baby arriving fairly soon, so I am needing to sell some things to create space in the house. This is a Sonor Designer Maple Light 22"x17.5" (I believe 17.5") bass drum with a "green stain" finish. Based on the serial number, it was probably made in October of 1996. I'm...
  9. Big Beat

    For Sale: Sonor 1960s vintage hardware - hi-hat stand, bass pedal, snare drum stand

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Set of original Sonor teardrop era, made-in-Germany hardware that came with a 1966 Sonor set. Includes hi-hat stand, bass pedal and snare stand. Hi-hat has original ball feet and clutch, snare stand original ball feet. Pedal is missing the plastic end-caps, like all of them, has...
  10. C

    sonor phonic thick post single tom holder

    Looking for a single-tom post for some 80's era Phonics. The thick kind, like the example below: If you happen to be sitting on one of these hit me up. I can pay a premium :)
  11. bongomania

    SOLD several snares

    I'll break this up into a string of posts, so please keep scrolling down. I'm happy to provide more/different/bigger pics upon request, as well as answers to any questions. Let's say $28 shipping to west of the Rocky Mountains, $38 east of them; I pack well. I'm open to some specific trades...
  12. T

    22/13/14 Sonor Phonic Mahogany

    For sale is a beautiful late 80s Sonor Phonic drum kit. The hardware, bearing edges and Mahogany Veneer are all clean. The floor tom is a 14x14 hanging floor which uses the Sonor standing mount (included). The 13" rack has one additional hole above one of the badges. The kit does NOT include a...
  13. Radio King

    SOLD: SONOR ProLite Stage 3 w/ Matching Snare in High Gloss Ruby Red Stain, $2300 shipped

    SONOR ProLite Stage 3 Drum Set w/ matching Snare in Excellent Condition. Only played out a few times. They look stunning. The vertical grain of the veneer is apparent beneath the Ruby Red stain, though it's difficult to photograph. Chrome is flawless. These thin Vintage Maple shells really sing...
  14. Radio King

    *SOLD* Sonor Prolite 14X6 Snare Drum, Die-Cast Hoops, Nussbaum Finish, $670 shipped

    Sonor Prolite 14x6 Snare Drum in mint condition. This one features Sonor's "Hella" die-cast hoops. The only sign of any wear at all is minor stick wear on original batter head. No marks, scratches, no scuffs of any kind. It has honestly never left the house. In my opinion, it is among the finest...
  15. RobJoanisse

    Sonor 5x14 Vintage Seamless Ferromanganese Snare Drum

    Here's a nice vintage 70's Sonor Ferromanganese snare drum. 5x14 seamless shell, 10 lugs, fairly certain it's all original except for the batter head, which is a lightly used Remo coated controlled sound Ambassador. An excellent all around drum that sounds kind of like a Ludwig Supraphonic on...
  16. unicorncop

    Why isnt Sonor more popular?

    Wondering why Sonor is not more popular in mainstream drummers. Is it a regional thing, an endorsement thing, or what? They seem to make great high end drums and in my opinion are superior to what DW is doing now.
  17. oneeyedcat


    Up for grabs, 16 Sonor slotted tension rods. Perfect condition. I'm including 9 washers (probably not stock). Maybe I can find another 5. $30.00 shipped. Thanks, Rick
  18. exwag


    Hi everyone, fairly new to the forum but not to drums--been playing 40 years and have owned many kits. I'm interested in selling, or even better, trading my 2008 Sonor S-Classix 5 piece kit in black pearl. Scandinavian birch wood. 24"X 17.5" deep kick drum, 14" and 16" floor toms, 13" rack tom...
  19. DuplexTim

    Need help- Sonor Pancake Snare...snare problem

    Hey all... so I recently picked up a mid 60's Sonor pancake snare in great condition. So I go to change the heads and put on new snares and for the life of me, I can't get any snare to actually make contact with the head. The snare bed looks almost nonexistent but it looks factory. At first I...
  20. DKmusic

    Your opinion on next kit purchase please...

    Thanks in advance. I'm a recording studio owner and lifelong drummer. I mostly use my kits in the studio but also sub on a few gigs. My two kits are a DW Collectors and a vintage Rogers. I've been hankering for a new kit to add something to the studio (and possibly for the gig so I don't need to...