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    Gruv-X Xclick Review and Sound Sample

    Just picked up one of these Gruv-X percussion accessories. I can't believe how good it looks on my snare drum!! What a crazy match. The quality seems top notch, and I like the feel of the height as it's been used. Put together a video about it. Check it out! Lots of cool finishes to pick from...
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    Rival Town - Run - Drum Cover

    Super grateful that my covers are starting to get noticed. I had a band out of Canada write me and told me they loved my covers and asked if i would do one of their new song they just released. I was. more than happy to do so! i think it's great to help try to support bands and music any way we...
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    Tesla - Cumin' Atcha Live - New Snare drum test!

    Picked up a new Pork Pie Hip Pig Iron snare so I of course had to take it for a test drive! No better way than some old school Metal \m/ Let me know what you guys think!
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    Trapt - Headstrong -Milestone 2k views!

    Super excited, my drum cover of Headstrong by Trapt just crossed 2k views for the New Year. For me, that's a big accomplishment! For most it probably means nothing, and I understand. So I figured I would share my most watched video with you guys! I've got a couple that hit 1k views but my first...
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    Fixed a nicked edge Sabian China!

    So I bought a brand new 18" Sabian XSR China at a bargain of a price because it had some nicks in the edge. Did a quick sanding and threw it on the kit for some sound samples! Let me know what you think!!
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    Sabian 18" XSR Chinese - fix and sound clip

    Happy New Years all! I picked up this discounted cymbal because it had some nicks in the edge. After a quick sanding it's all good and ready to go! So I did a quick sound clip of my new Sabian 18" XSR China!
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    Silver Tongue - Alter Bridge (final cover for 2022)

    I feel I learned sooo much in 2022 working on these drum covers. I've had some ups... and some downs... I've had some hits and some flops... but overall I'm super happy with all of my videos. This is my final video for the year! I really hope it goes out with a bang! I think it's an absolutely...
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    Ludwig Centurian snare in exotic African Sapele wood

    Busted out my Ludwig Epic Centurian snare drum for our 4th Episode of: The Sounds of Snares! My daughter is really loving it and that makes me a happy drum dad! Anyways, here's just a quick talk and sound sample of this snare! All comments and feedback welcomed! Thanks for watching!
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    Cult of Personality

    This song just kicks major arse! Even after over 30 years of being released it still just gets my drum blood pumping! I tried some new editing both video and audio... I feel it's my best one ever! So please, give it a watch and let me know what you think! All comments welcomed (good or bad)...
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    Hand of Sorrow - Within Temptation - drum cover

    Had a fan request for this song... I gotta say her voice is amazing and powerful! Never heard the band until now but I'm a fan! Anyone else know Within Temptation? If this is your first time, enjoy!
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    20" Sabian HHX vs AAX vs XSR Crash Off

    (If this should be in the video file section I apologize - please feel free to move it) I did a video comparison between some of my large crash cymbals! I used a 19" AAX X-plosion, 20" AAX Medium, 20" XSR Fast crash, 20" HHX X-plosion. I was super intrigued in the results especially since there...
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    Slayer - Raining Blood : Happy Halloween Drum Covers!

    Did any of you do a fun Halloween drum cover? Did you decorate or dress up for it?! Post them up lets see what you did! Here's my fun Halloween cover of Raining Blood by Slayer!
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    Episode 3: The Sounds of Snares! : Brass Patina 13x7

    Super excited for this video! Check out the 3rd Episode of The Sounds of Snares! Today my daughter picked out the Pork Pie brass patina snare for review! We talk about the snare and I play it in multiple tunings! So check it out and let me know what you think!
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    Stacking ProLine Snare Racks

    Someone asked me about all my snare racks in the background of my videos. So I thought I would share one of my DIYs I did awhile ago. I'm just rocking ProLine snare racks but stacking them together to help save space and room for all of my snare drums. Any questions just ask!
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    Killswitch Engage - The End of Heartache

    So I worked really hard and dialing in my sound. My focus was making sure everything was in phase and man what a difference it makes!!! I still have a LONG way to go and learn... but slowly but surely it's getting better. I'm finally pretty happy with the snare sound now that it's all in phase...
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    Window Cling for Dampeners

    My daughter was super excited and wanted me to make a video talking about how I like to use Window Clings for dampeners when we get close to holidays! She's getting super good at making videos with me. I'm glad we can share some fun together! Anyone else use clings for decoration?!
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    Breaking Benjamin - Diary of Jane

    Another friend of mine who is also an amazing drummer requested a did Breaking Benjamin - Diary All feedback/comments welcomed! Thanks for watching
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    DW Pro-Hat review

    So I just picked up this DW Auxiliary hi-hat clamp arm and I tell you what, the clutch on this thing is AWESOME! Check out the incremental clutch by DW
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    Led Zeppelin - Rock and Roll - Drum Cover

    Recently I did a cover of Led Zeppelin Immigrant Song and one of my students requested I do a cover of Rock and Roll. He really wants to learn the intro so I said no problem! And here we are! All feedback / comments welcomed. I didn't play the main song note for note, I just had fun and went...
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    PDP Maple Snare : The Sounds of Snares : Episode 1

    With 70+ snares in my collection I thought it would be cool to do a video for some of them. So I'm doing a small series called "The Sounds of Snares" on my channel. Here is my first Episode with help from my daughter Harper! Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think! Thanks for watching