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    DW Pro-Hat review

    So I just picked up this DW Auxiliary hi-hat clamp arm and I tell you what, the clutch on this thing is AWESOME! Check out the incremental clutch by DW
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    Led Zeppelin - Rock and Roll - Drum Cover

    Recently I did a cover of Led Zeppelin Immigrant Song and one of my students requested I do a cover of Rock and Roll. He really wants to learn the intro so I said no problem! And here we are! All feedback / comments welcomed. I didn't play the main song note for note, I just had fun and went...
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    PDP Maple Snare : The Sounds of Snares : Episode 1

    With 70+ snares in my collection I thought it would be cool to do a video for some of them. So I'm doing a small series called "The Sounds of Snares" on my channel. Here is my first Episode with help from my daughter Harper! Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think! Thanks for watching
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    Siren's Call - Live

    This song was requested by a viewer after watching my video of Lakini's Juice. I had personally never heard this song... but once I heard it I was in love. I think this is my new top favorite Live song. I marked out a couple of areas that are my favorite. Like around 2 minutes and the small...
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    Highly Suspect - Little One - Drum Cover

    This song helps my cope with the loss of our Zoey Rose... She was our family Akita and my daughters best friend. It's been a struggle for me and I miss her so much. But she'll forever be in our hearts and she'll never be forgotten. This is my newest drum cover. Little One by Highly Suspect...
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    Immigrant Song - Led Zeppelin

    Had a request for something Led Zeppelin... so I choose Immigrant Song cause this song just gets me moving! A fun 2 minute adrenaline pumping song. All feedback and comments welcomed, good or bad! And yes I know, it's not note for note at all. This is more or less if I were to record the song.
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    What Bass Drum Beaters do you use?!

    I feel, the DW Control Beater is the top available bass drum beater out there. But that's my opinion, so what is your go to choice of beater?! Here is why I love the DW Control Beater
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    Danger Zone - but more metal

    Who here has watched the new Top Gun movie?! I thought I would pay my tribute to a great movie with a classic Kenny Loggins song. But only I played it more my way... Let me know what you think, all feedback welcomed! Thank you for watching
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    Chicago 25 or 6 to 4

    Youtube finally released my original cover I did. It kept getting blocked and I had to change the tuning down to get around that but it sounded awful. So finally now I can post this Rock version cover. This is done in my style. I absolutely love Chicago and had a blast covering this song. All...
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    Evans EC Reverse Dot and 500 Snare Side

    First time trying out the EC Reverse Dot batter head with a 500 snare side head from Evans. Typically I always play the Genera Dry or the HD Dry with a 300. So far I love the different ranges and sound. I just threw this video together quick of some different tuning options. Let me know what you...
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    Shinedown - Devour - Drum cover

    Really enjoyed playing and editing this one!~ Let me know what your thoughts are on it! All comments welcomed good or bad I enjoy the feedback.
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    Upgrade Snare Wires

    I decided to upgrade my factory 20 strand PDP snare wires with Pure30 Puresound wires. Did a comparison video
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    Nylon Sleeve Upgrade DIY

    Made a simple $7 upgrade to the snare drum.. Installed some nylon sleeves I picked up at my local hardware store. You can really feel the difference if you drum didn't come with them compared to just a metal washer!
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    System of a Down - BYOB cover

    This song is a lot of fun to play. The Mezmerize album was probably my favorite album of theirs. Thanks for watching! All feedback and comments welcomed!
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    Lakini's Juice - Live

    Absolutely one of my personal favorite songs. It just puts me in a state of trance and I just want to close my eyes and jam out to this song! What song does that for you?! All feedback and comments welcomed! hope you enjoy it as much as i did. Thank you for watching!!
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    Final piece to my Yamaha Kit! 20" Bass Drum

    So I have a Yamaha Maple Custom kit I have been building for years! I finally found the final piece to my kit. a 20'" kick. The kit now has: Bass Drums: 22x18, 22x16, 20x16, 18x14 Snares: 14x6.5, 14x5, 14x4, 12x3 Toms, 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16
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    Megadeth - Hangar 18

    I absolutely love this song. Such a powerhouse blast to play on the drums. Nick Menza was a killer drummer! I played this more my way but still wanted to keep his vibe alive. I feel I also really dialed in my drum mix the best so far on this cover! I'm not using any plugs in, just standard EQ...
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    Alice in Chains - Check My Brain

    Any Alice in Chains fans?! This is one of my favorites from them. When i first heard this I fell in love with the dark bending guitar riffs. Just a killer song for me! Hopefully I did this one justice! All feedback welcomed! Thanks for watching!
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    Face Down - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (Drum Cover)

    My newest video. I really enjoyed playing this song! Was a lot of fun to just have fun! All comments/Feedback welcomed! Thanks for watching!
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    Removing Tom Bracket and Swapping to Upgrade older PDP Snare

    I have a PDP Concept kit and the 12" tom has a side bracket on it i don't use. I prefer the DW Tom basket stand. So I removed the bracket, inserted button bolts and upgrade my older popcorn snare with the bracket I removed. It's truly the little details that add up when you want things to look...