1. inaglasscage

    70's Gretsch USA Customs?

    It's been a while since I've been on here but I'm curious to hear what you folks have to say about this Gretsch kit I recently acquired. I bought it off a very friendly gentleman here in Los Angeles about a month ago. He explained that he got the kit years ago and originally it had a black wrap...
  2. T

    70's Gretsch SSB 22/12/16 - Signed by Steve Jordan

    For sale is a set of vintage 22/12/16 SSB Gretsch drums in Rosewood finish. This is definitely players kit but also has a cool little added bonus of being signed by the great Steve Jordan on the inside of the 12 tom. The bearing edges are clean on all three drums. They were unfortunately fitted...
  3. charlesm

    First Gretsch kit in house + pic

    Had some coffee a little too late tonight, so here goes: Recently acquired this Gretsch Progressive Jazz kit, my first-ever Gretsch kit, in beautiful Midnight Blue Pearl. 20/12/14, of course. It’s an interesting specimen. The kick is RB and the toms are SSB, but I believe this to be a...