1. indedrum

    New Stainless Steel Snares! 5.5x15, 6.5x14, 8x14

    INDe is introducing a new line of Stainless Steel snare drums! 1mm thick flanged shells, in 3 great sizes. Sound samples are available here!
  2. vintagedrummersweden

    My new/old Ludwig Stainless Steel

    Hi! I'm so happy! The stinging dry sound of stainless steel! My collection now includes all three versions of Ludwig drums, as seen in the mini catalog from Ludwig in 1976: a 60's black oyster, a 70's pattern c vistalite and a 70's stainless steel - all kits in 22, 12, 13, 16 configuration.
  3. bharrington

    Ludwig SS From Ebay Last Night

    Congrats to the Bonham fan who grabbed this. I haven't see many like this. I've only seen two true 12"x15" toms ordered with mach lugs on ebay before. Grabbing the other correct stainless drums for that Bonham kit will be cake compared to this...
  4. Classic Stainless Duco

    Classic Stainless Duco

    A Classic Stainless steel 6.5 x 14 with a rare duco finish.
  5. bleen

    **SOLD!** Dunnett 2N 5.5x14 Stainless

    Studio needs dictate moving some gear! Minty Dunnett 2N Stainless. 5.5x14, perfect condition. Includes an Ahead bag. $400 + shipping
  6. drums12

    New Tama Stainless Steel Made in Japan

    A Tama dealer in Japan listed this beauty on the U.S. Ebay site. Not available in the U.S. I gotta say I love it!