1. V

    Zildjian Avedis 50s like in ad or 70ies thin stamp?

    Some put it in a site like ebay but for austria, I believe it's date falsely as trans stamp. Please let me know what you think...
  2. MelvinJones

    Help with stamps - 15" Zildjian Hi-Hats

    Hi y'all, Just picked up a nice set of Zildjian 15" hi-hats. The seller was estimating them as 70's era hats. I'm looking at the stamps and they look like they might be two different styles. I'm thinking they might be a pair that was "matched-up" by a drummer later on. Probably New Beats? One...
  3. Z

    Which Old K Stamp is this? A DIY tool for easy id

    Announcing the beta test release of my project to identify your K Zildjian Istanbul stamp: Which K Stamp? This is a 95/5 project. That means I'm hoping for 95% of people can use it (including beginners) 95% of old K stamps can be correctly classified in 5 clicks or less 5% of cymbals can't...
  4. P

    Zildjian Stamp(s)

    This one has two different stamps that appear to be from different decades. One with three dots and one without. She's 20" and weighs 2120g any opinions about what decade she's from and why there's two different stamps welcomed.