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  1. E

    [SOLD] Yamaha Club Custom 16" x 15" Floor Tom Orange Swirl

    Yamaha Club Custom 16" x 15" Floor Tom in Orange Swirl finish $725 OBO https://reverb.com/item/15319351-yamaha-club-custom-16-x-15-floor-tom-__-orange-swirl-mint?publish_confirmation=true
  2. T

    70's Gretsch SSB 22/12/16 - Signed by Steve Jordan

    For sale is a set of vintage 22/12/16 SSB Gretsch drums in Rosewood finish. This is definitely players kit but also has a cool little added bonus of being signed by the great Steve Jordan on the inside of the 12 tom. The bearing edges are clean on all three drums. They were unfortunately fitted...
  3. bharrington

    Yamaha "Club Jordan" Cocktail System in Pink Champagne

    Should this be in the vintage forum? Are we calling discontinued stuff from the 90's vintage? I don't know, but mods feel free to move. --- Being a huge Steve Jordan fan, for years I've been on the lookout for the now discontinued "Club Jordan" cocktail outfit in Steve's preferred finish, pink...
  4. M

    The Godfather with The World's Most Dangerous Band

    Incredible show on Letterman in '82. I didn't know it, but Steve Jordan played in the band at that time.
  5. dogmanaut

    Yamaha Club Jordan cocktail drums

    This is one of my bucket list kits. Looking for the full shebang - with tom and snare. Anyone got one?
  6. troutstudio

    Great pic of Jordan, Waddy and Keef

    From the lasted issue of Audio Technology. Cool story on recording with Keith Richards and Steve Jordan. Love these old Ludwigs.
  7. Scott K Fish

    Steve Jordan: Listen to Every Type of Music

    Steve Jordan: Listen to Every Type of Music SKF NOTE: Steve Jordan was 21-years old at the time of this interview. [Steve] Jordan‘s advice for young drummers: The best thing is to be wide open, totally objective. Listen to every type of music. In other words, when you start listening to one...