1. IJR

    Achieving "Click Grip" or "Click Technique" on the Ride Cymbal

    Hi! I just joined the forum. I am a big fan of Bill Stewart's drumming. I saw him live in Little Rock last month- it was awesome! There is a distinctive "woody"/"clicky" sound when he strikes his cymbals. I've noticed it in some other players as well. I have seen very few mentions of the...
  2. scottpep

    A video explaing different stick sizes and types.

    I made this for new drummers or people who haven't experimented with sticks. I own almost every shape and size of stick available and there is a lot of people who don't ever change. It makes a huge difference in your playing.
  3. M

    3S by Bunken Sticks

    Hi everyone! I've had a pair of 3S by Bunken sticks for a couple years. Great feel, weight, and balance. This morning I was practicing ON A PAD and one of them broke! Sticks can be seen here: Anyway, I'd like to ask...