1. Normandy Drums

    Recording Is Fun (If You Want It To Be)

    My band started recording our original material in a basement studio last night. I did all of the drum tracks at that time (4 songs). Quick thoughts: -Glad we incorporated a click into practice as it made tracking to one easier. -I forgot how humbling/sobering recording can be (great bit of...
  2. pontiacrich

    Help with Studio set up

    I just got a 16 channel Mackie mixer - from here - and two Kustom passive monitors from Musician's Friend. I want to set this up in my practice space so I can hear get the music on my phone to play through the monitors and some VF headphones. Is this possible? If so how and what wiring do I...
  3. F

    Stage or Studio Crash?

    I need some help.. Does anyone have some experience with the differences between stage crashes and studio crashes? Particularly the Sabian AAX series?
  4. Demonslayer

    Hi! This is me...

    Hello, Been playing for 20+ years. Mostly rock and metal. This is a clip of a session I did for a friend guitarist for his solo album. Peace!