1. bon viesta

    tom mount mania!! slingerland or rogers?

    i was planning to have just a snare stand as tom mount, but there’s something a lot nicer looking about a tom mounted on a bass drum, along with the reduction in choking, that i want to take advantage of. so, maxwell makes a reproduction slingerland tom mount of the setomatic. they look cool...
  2. SaranacJack

    2 x Rogers Swan Leg Swivomatic Cymbal Stands

    $250 + actual shipping cost for 2 x 1960s Rogers Swiv-o-matic Swan Leg Cymbal Stands, fully functional and ready for your vintage kit. These are the solid rod era ones where the Swivomatic tilter cannot be removed. One has all parts, the other is just missing one of the two knobby tightening...
  3. SaranacJack

    Rogers Swivo swan leg stands and cymbals for newer Zildjian K’s

    I have 3 x Rogers Swivo swan leg cymbal stands, a 1950s 16” Zildjian hi-hat bottom, a 1970s 21” Zildjian Rock Ride and a 1990s 16” Sabian HH med crash (links to Reverb listings below). Also available, though not listed on Reverb: Swivo bass pedal and Ludwig speed king bass pedal both from the...
  4. Steele

    Rogers swivomatic parts

    Hi guys, I need the following parts. Would prefer the more durable machined swivo parts to the cast fullerton versions 2x 60 degree swivo mount (for 22" BD spurs) 2x machined swivo collet noses (or will consider 2x complete 90 degree mounts) 2x hex BD spurs 3x hex FT legs Shipping to 2758...
  5. markrocks68

    Rogers Restoration 1963 SwingTime No. 1807 Outfit in Blue Onyx Pearl

    Well here it is my latest restoration and addition to my collection and it just happens to be a beautiful Rogers kit. I believe this to be a 1963 Rogers Buddy Rich Headliner No. 1807 Outfit in Blue Onyx Pearl. Correct me if Im wrong Rogers experts on the year. All the drums are the Holiday...
  6. markrocks68

    My incredible Rogers score last weekend

    Howdy Forum Friends Some pics of the drums from last weekends acquisition. I'll know more of the history of the drums soon but I believe they were part of large Roger's collection in the northwest from many years ago. The drums are in amazing shape with some minor issues typical of a kit that...
  7. E

    SOLD Rogers Holiday 1960's Pink Champagne Pearl Sparkle 12/13/16/22

    Rogers Holiday drum set in Pink Champagne Pearl Asking $1800 obo The finish has 'ginger ale-d' quite nicely. 12x8, 13x9, 16x16, 22x14 Very Good condition, I would call this AAA Players Grade. Swivomatic Hardware all intact and working well All drums Rogers script badges are intact and in...
  8. drumsargeant

    F/S: SOLD! Vintage Rogers Swivomatic Hex Floor Tom Legs (3) $65.00 + ship

    For sale are (3) Vintage Rogers hex floor tom legs. They are in very nice shape with new rubber feet. I am not sure what era they are from but they do remind me of the ones I had on my new 1973 Rogers Swivomatic kit. I am asking for $65.00 plus shipping (No Lower). I only accept PayPal for...
  9. Luke_

    Value on rogers?

    Hey guys, new here, Im in the hunt for a swivomatic and found these guys ( not saying where :) ) was wondering if you saw any value in these guys. Im terrible at Lug ID'ing, and would rather not make a 3 hour drive if the swiv is the only thing of value here. he claims some are rogers, but I'm...
  10. C


    Cant find one anywhere! Help me out pls, someone!!
  11. bongomania

    rod to fit Rogers Swivo collet?

    Will the vintage Swivo brackets/collets securely hold a round rod, or do they only work with hex rods? If they'll take round rods, what diameter works best? Also, are these brackets made by any modern manufacturers, or are they only from the earlier days?
  12. S

    Rogers Swiv-O-Matic toms on Gibraltar l-rods?

    Hi everyone! I am expanding a 60~65 Cleveland Holiday Rogers drumset bc it came with no rack toms. I am going with orphans in 12-13-14 with the 12 & 13 being Swiv-O-Matic, and the 14 I bought is a Big-R. I hoped to avoid drilling new holes in the shells of the rack toms even though I will...