tama star

  1. Moredrums

    Introduction and first question regarding Tama Star Maple

    Hi everyone, my name is Felipe, Im from Chile and drumming is my hobby, I think I should also say Im a collector in this matter. Im 34 y.o. and I started playing at 13, been on and off from it, but latelly and thanks to Corona I have been a lot more into it, taking lessons again and bulding...
  2. DrumCenterNH

    Tama Star Drum Sets - Head to Head Review

    In our latest video we took a look at the 3 variations of Tama Star drums, check it out here! https://www.drumcenternh.com/news/tama-star-drums-head-to-head-review/ Which one is your favorite?
  3. halldorl

    Tama Star Mahogany

    Just received this one; Tama Star Solid Mahogany 6x14" and some RoadPro light hardware, single braced. This snaredrum is absolutely gorgeous sounding and looking.
  4. halldorl

    Tama Star Walnut - Sound

    Here´s a clip from the Star Walnut kit I made in my practice/teaching studio this afternoon. Original coated/clear Ambassador heads, coated PS3/PS3 Fiberskyn on BD. No muffling whatsoever on any drum. Recorded on a ZOOM Q4 Gives you an idea what these drums are capable of.
  5. halldorl

    Tama Star Walnut in da house.

    Just got these today, Tama Star Walnut 14x22" 8x10" 8x12" 15x16" & 6x14" Stave Ash Snare The sound? Well, kinda perfect Better pics tomorrow:
  6. dwdave

    Trip to Bentleys, the quickie review..

    Hey guys, I had a great trip to Bentleys yesterday with a good friend of mine. It was a much needed escape from some heavy family stuff at home. It's really nice having a good friend to take a day off and hang. I really wanted to hear the Paiste 602 as I have never really heard them before...