1. R

    Tama Stave Caskwood piccolo snare 4x14 ~1991

    Hello... I'm selling my 4x14" Tama Stave Caskwood piccolo snare. I am the second owner of this drum, and it has sat unused for the past 20 years. It is used but in excellent condition, especially for a 30-year-old drum. I have recently cleaned it up, polished all the hardware, and put brand new...
  2. Germandrummer

    Restoration complete - TAMA Imperialstar 14x5

    Covid-19 restrictions combined with some off-duty time let me get some nice restoration projects. After restoring a badly neglected Gretsch 4160 SSB from the mid-1970s, I now have finished my TAMA project. Bought for a couple of Euros as an abused marching snare (see the additional holes in both...
  3. MusicianMagic

    Iron Cobra Confusion! 600, 900, Gen 1, Gen 2, Gen 3

    I own an Iron Cobra 900 Single Pedal (HP900RN) but now looking for an Iron Cobra Double pedal. My 900 is the newest version as I got it new about a year ago. Actually was going to buy the lower model but got it with a big discount (it was open box, missing the paperwork & the drum key but I...
  4. slickwillied1

    Tama Titan Hi Hat Stand

    Tama Titan Hi Hat Stand - $80 plus shipping Original design - Yellow Decal This is the vintage model that's know for being very sturdy. Perfect compliment to your vintage Tama Drums or just a great hi hat stand Selling because I've gone to all single brace light weight hardware Will trade for...
  5. superunknown

    Tama 910 Speed Cobra Single Bass Drum Pedal Brand New in the Box *SOLD

    Tama 910 Speed Cobra Single Bass Drum Pedal Brand New in the Box 180.00 plus shipping
  6. Beefsurgeon

    Tama Starphonic Aluminum *SOLD*

    6x14 Tama Starphonic Aluminum snare. Beautiful open sound with a crazy wide tuning range. From brushes to blast beats, microphones love this drum! Features: 1.2mm thick seamless Aluminum shell Quick release lugs Detachable butt plate $380 shipped to lower 48.
  7. bconrad


    Used but in good working order. Asking $70 plus shipping and PayPal in the lower 48.
  8. KRASH


    ***SOLD*** $500 +shipping (if applicable) Tama Starclassic G-Maple 14X8 (SGS148HCBK) in gorgeous Cherry Black (with Abalone inlay) in excellent condition! This model is out of production and was made in Japan. Comes with Diecast hoops, dual-snare strainer, brushed nickel hardware, and...
  9. WGMitch

    Axis Longboards - Double pedal - Price lowered! $155 shipped - SOLD!

    Pedal has signs of use, but is in excellent working condition. These things are tanks! $185 $155 shipped TYD, lower 48. No trades.
  10. bharrington

    SOLD Tama Starclassic Maple 2000's Cherry Black

    SOLD Hey all - Some cool early-2000's (my guess) Tama Starclassic Maple drums. Cherry Black finish w/ brushed nickel hardware. These drums are in mixed condition - the 10" and 12" toms are actually pretty nice. The 16" for some reason doesn't exactly match, but the finish sure still looks...
  11. drums12

    Tama Speed Cobra Double Pedal left handed lefty version

    For sale I have a Tama Speed Cobra Double Pedal in excellent condition. This is the left-handed (or left footed if you prefer) version. Everything is in excellent condition. $275 Shipping to the lower 48 states is free. I will ship to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada for $20 more
  12. drumhead

    TAMA long lugs

    Eight Tama lugs in decent shape Need some cleaning. With screws and washers. Came off a Rockstar bass drum. I'm not sure what the market is on these, so make an offer. I'll sell them at a reasonable price, plus shipping. Or, will trade for a Tama logo 22" bass head.
  13. halldorl

    Portraits from a gig

    Setting up and soundchecking for tonights gig. The backdrop is awesome: Mount Esja, close to Reykjavik, Iceland. Gear: Tama Starclassic Maple 20x14” 12x9” 15x14”. Tama Star Single ply steambent Maple snare 14x6.5” Tama Classic hardware. Meinl cymbals: 14” Byzance Foundry Reserve hats, 20”...
  14. avedisschwinn

    SF Bay Area: Tama Starclassic Bubinga Bop

    I have a 10/12/14/18/14 Starclassic Bubinga with an outer ply of Cordia. You can see my kit here at 5:20 - This was Adam Deitch's clinic kit, also played at the Modern Drummer fest 2010. I don't want to ship it, but could meet up in Northern CA. $1700 with soft bags, FT legs, no stands or...
  15. alanolynn

    Font and Center

    Picked up a new Alesis SamplePad Pro (Thank you Zzounds.com) and I've been enjoying it so far. I had an older version of it before, so I figured it'd be just as good if not better. Easy to use, responsive, and yes the sensitivity needs to be adjusted, but you can say that for most multipads...
  16. shuffle

    A Plumber's Nightmare

    Well,no gigs in the horizon so its time to create! 14x20 Gretsch 6 ply shell with Ludwig lugs and mount,originally silver,now ginger ale. A Slingerland 8x12,a 60s,3 ply,blue sparkle A 15" Rogers big R,5 ply fltm,NE white A Boomtheory 5.5x13,6 ply roundovers,DC hoops,blue silk,crackles and pops...
  17. S

    Tama drum sizes (Early Rockstar)

    Just out of curiosity, does anyone know if Tama made their early (late 80s, I believe--short lugs) Rockstar Drums in 22" by 18"? I've been perusing the catalogues and only found mention of 22" by 16".
  18. S

    Early Tama Rockstar Bass Drums

    Just out of curiosity, does anyone know if Tama made their early (late 80s, I believe--short lugs) Rockstar Drums in 22" by 18"? I've been perusing the catalogues and only found mention of 22" by 16".
  19. T

    Tama star mounts

    Are Tama star cast and the new star mounts compatible in the way they fit tamas diecast hoops. I'm gonna upgrade my starcast mounts with the new star mounts. Do I need to upgrade my hoops too??