1. shuffle

    A Plumber's Nightmare

    Well,no gigs in the horizon so its time to create! 14x20 Gretsch 6 ply shell with Ludwig lugs and mount,originally silver,now ginger ale. A Slingerland 8x12,a 60s,3 ply,blue sparkle A 15" Rogers big R,5 ply fltm,NE white A Boomtheory 5.5x13,6 ply roundovers,DC hoops,blue silk,crackles and pops...
  2. S

    Tama drum sizes (Early Rockstar)

    Just out of curiosity, does anyone know if Tama made their early (late 80s, I believe--short lugs) Rockstar Drums in 22" by 18"? I've been perusing the catalogues and only found mention of 22" by 16".
  3. S

    Early Tama Rockstar Bass Drums

    Just out of curiosity, does anyone know if Tama made their early (late 80s, I believe--short lugs) Rockstar Drums in 22" by 18"? I've been perusing the catalogues and only found mention of 22" by 16".
  4. T

    Tama star mounts

    Are Tama star cast and the new star mounts compatible in the way they fit tamas diecast hoops. I'm gonna upgrade my starcast mounts with the new star mounts. Do I need to upgrade my hoops too??
  5. J

    Is this chick serious?

    think I just found a steal, can anyone tell me if this is a c&c kit or just c&c head??
  6. R

    WTB Tama Flexi Glide HP900F kick pedal

    Looking for a Tama HP900F flexi glide single pedal. Could use the left side of a double pedal FOUND ONE, THANKS TO THOSE WHO RESPONDED.
  7. bconrad

    Tama Classic Flat Base Snare Stand

  8. B

    Drum Throne.

    Hello. I'm a 45 year old complete novice to drums and have a Roland TD-12 kit from my late father who wanted me to have it. Now the kit is great but the throne he provided is not so I'm looking for suggestions as even as a novice I believe in starting right and the throne is the most important...
  9. dkwrnr

    8 pc Tama Superstars

    Drums only, includes Tama stand with double Tom mounts and bass mount for 2 toms. Rack toms have star cast mounting system. $700 now. Lg floor tom sold. Unsure how to ship these out of state, but maybe someone nearby to Arizona {phoenix}may be interested? IMG 0273[1] by dkwrnr posted Aug 26...
  10. S

    Granstar Bass and Tom

    Heyyo, Looking for a 24" by 16" bass and 14" by 13" tom, preferably shark tooth lugs. Thanks!
  11. S

    Granstar vs. Granstar II?

    Hi there, Just wondering if anyone can fill me in on the difference between Granstar and Granstar II. Is it just the longer lugs in the Granstar II, or is there more to it than that? Thanks!
  12. rdumas

    Starphonic 13" batter hoop

    Looking for a Tama Starphonic 13" grooved batter hoop. Thanks!
  13. EvEnStEvEn

    New Compact StickBag

    Nifty new compact stickbag from Tama holds 6 prs. which is plenty for my gigging use. Half the size & half the weight of my regular stick bags. Cheap too, under $12 shipped from MF. I think I had a small discount.

    Tama Starcast Tom Mount 13

    I bought this from MGR and never ended up using it. Let me know if interested. $40 shipped to continental USA. SOLD on FB.
  15. R

    Are Any Current Tama Drums Made In Japan?

    I know most of production moved to China, but I really can't find any exact info on this topic. Any specific model of Tama still made in Japan?
  16. rdumas

    Tama MC8 hoop grip - anyone use one?

    Want to mount a couple of splashes right in front of me. Thinking of using these clamps along with tama z-rods. Anyone using this setup? How's it work? Basically looking to do this...
  17. PressRoll

    TAMA HC52F Classic Stand Upgrade

    Here's my fix for the common complaint on these stands. The soft rubber sleeve that they include on these stands will not hold up well over time. All I did was swap out the cupped washer and rubber sleeve with a 5/16" fender washer and a Gibraltar SC-19B short flanged cymbal sleeve. It is...
  18. yyzt4e

    Pedal modification question

    Hey all, been a while since I have posted. I have been playing a Tama IC single for a few years and like it a lot. It has features that allow me to dial in the pedal to my liking. I also have a older Gibraltar Avenger II double. I haven't used it in years and never liked it for lack of...
  19. DudemanSeattle

    Dixon Rosewood Classic Snare - Input? Dixon back story?

    Hey DFO guru's - question to the group. I picked up a short time ago my 1st ever what appears to be somewhat rare early version of Dixon's Rosewood snare off a local CL guy @ 6.5x13. The 6.5 x 13 size is not a typical dimension I seek out but love this snare & @ a price I couldn't pass up...
  20. drumhead

    SOLD Tama Starclassic bubinga 8x14 like new

    SOLD Barely used 8x14 Tama Starclassic bubinga snare. Original box, original heads, original everything. Very minty. Dual-tension strainer. Black nickel hardware. $400 plus shipping