1. drumrtommy

    Tama superstar tom 10 or 13

    Looking for that in blue abalone? Or any wrapped finish of the early 2000's model, wrap can be beat up since I'm re wrapping
  2. ThomasMagnum

    Tama Starclassic Performer Bass Drum Shell - 100% Birch MIJ

    Tama Starclassic Performer 18x22 Bass Drum Shell 22" head size. Handcrafted in Japan. Transparent Black lacquer. It's faded and had a lot of scratches. Interior is very clean. Shell is in round and bearing edges are in very good condition. No extra holes. Includes the mounting bracket...
  3. A

    Tama Starclassic Bubinga Elite Bass Drum 18x22"

    Item is in very good condition. This series (bubinga elite) is handmade in Japan.Selling with its original heads + 1 extra evans head (the one that you see in the picture). 600EUR + shipping. Alex
  4. drumrtommy

    Tama Superstar 2000's

    Looking for the superstars with die cast rims, prefer a lacquer. Mainly looking for trade options but depending on price could probably do something. Thank you!
  5. oneeyedcat

    Assorted Heavy Duty Clamps and Doo-hickys

    $15 each plus shipping / take all 6, $85 plus shipping $15 plus shipping / take both, $25 plus shipping Thanks for looking, Rick
  6. Piggpenn

    SOLD - TAMA Superstar Classics - SOLD

    SOLD Thank you!
  7. DudemanSeattle

    TAMA STARCLASSIC B/B 4-PIECE DRUM SET (22" BASS, 10/12/14") - Value?

    Hey Tama guru's - Need your input on this kit. I am the 2nd owner of a TAMA STARCLASSIC B/B 4-PIECE DRUM SET- (22" BASS, 10/12/14") in a rare Black Clouds / Silver Linings premium finish in flawless condition. Believe this was built in 2012 and contemplating selling due to a recent Vintage...
  8. brya0125

    My 1st Gen. Iron Cobra Rolling Glide double for your single pedal

    I have a good/fair condition Tama Iron Cobra Rolling Glide right-handed double pedal with non-original beaters and a gray case to trade. It is one of the 1st generation ones from, I believe, the 2000's. I'd like to get a single pedal. Preferably a DW 9000, Dual-Chain 5000, or an 8000 pedal. I'm...
  9. judge

    Trade Pearl Clamp for TAMA clamp

    Trade Pearl multi Clamp for TAMA clamp
  10. judge

    10" TAMA Swingstar powertom

    Looking for mid-late 80s TAMA SWINGSTAR 10" POWER TOM
  11. singleflammedmill

    Tama Superstar Natural Maple 1979

    Here's my latest acquisition. It's a 1979 Tama Superstar Natural Maple. The dimensions are 22X14, 12X8, 13X9, 16X16. It goes pretty well with my vintage Tama Bell Brass.
  12. snappy

    AXIS "George Kollias" Signature Double Bass Drum Pedal

    Actual sale price new is over nine hundred dollars. Great condition. Axis pedal on steroids. $650 shipping to lower 48 included.
  13. halldorl

    Custom made Starclassics in house

    Finally received these: Starclassic Maple - Cherry Black. Brand new, custom built in Japan. 20x14" bass drum and 15x14" floor tom to match my existing kit. Im really stoked about these. The bass drum has clear Emperors on both sides, no port, KickPro pillow inside; PUNCH!
  14. L

    Advice Needed: Pearl Decade Maple, Tama Superstar Classic Maple, Vintage Premier XPK (birch)

    Pearl Decade Maple, Tama Superstar Classic Maple, Vintage Premier XPK (birch)? First time poster, long time lurker here... Crowdsourcing advice and insights! After a drumming hiatus (living in city apartments), I'm looking to upgrade from my (poorly) refurbished US Mercury/Pearl Export/Rogers...
  15. drums12

    Tama Royalstar with Camco Lugs

    I think these are a bit overpriced, but I've never seen a Tama kit with the camco lugs in such great condition. The chrome looks virtually new. Thoughts on value? (No these are not mine, but I'd love them to be :happy11: )...
  16. DudemanSeattle

    Tama SLP G-Walnut Snare Drum 14x6.5 Black Walnut

    Listed on Reverb: https://reverb.com/item/4649148-tama-tama-slp-g-walnut-snare-drum-14x6-5-black-walnut
  17. DudemanSeattle

    Tama Starclassic Birch/Bubinga 6.5" x 14" Snare Drum Molten Brown Burst

    Listed on Reverb : https://reverb.com/item/4649184-tama-starclassic-birch-bubinga-6-5-x-14-snare-drum-molten-brown-burst
  18. Demonslayer

    FS/FT 1990s Tama Artwood Birch 6.5x14

    [sharedmedia=gallery:albums:1080] Of all Tama snares I've ever owned (6 total) this is BY FAR my favorite. DO NOT want to sell, but I have run out of storage space, so it must go. It's a player, NOT a collector. Non original Mapex hoops and some pitting and nicks. However throw off is smooth...
  19. Big Beat

    SOLD: Vintage c. 1979 Tama Superstar Aqua Aquamarine drum set

    Vintage Tama Superstar drums. 22" bass, 16" floor tom, 12" & 13" toms in Aqua. Offered here first before they go on eBay. These drums have the correct original early version smooth bass tension rods, correct original early version Omni Sphere tomholder and standard sized toms (not power toms)...
  20. singleflammedmill

    Singleflammedmill Drum Collection

    Hi guys. I'm a drum geek and I want to show you my drums. I'll try my best to answer any question regarding my gear. My Starclassic Kit Tama Starclassic Maple Drum (Blue Sparkle) Bass Drum 22 X 18 EMAD Clear/EQ3 Resonant Black Tom 10 X 8...