1. Gotdrums

    Please tell me what type of snare drum this is......

    I just bought this Tama snare drum. I think the owner had it as something else and didn't know what it was. I'm not sure what model this Tama is. I thought it looked like a nice one.....so I bought it at a good price. Please let me know any info on it. Thanks in advance....
  2. drums12

    New Tama Stainless Steel Made in Japan

    A Tama dealer in Japan listed this beauty on the U.S. Ebay site. Not available in the U.S. I gotta say I love it!
  3. dwdave

    Different sized hi hat rods?

    I recently picked up a Pearl drop clutch. I like the vertical style lever, kinda like the Rogers I have as well. I put it on my Tama hi hat stand and it quickly slipped. I tightened it down, and it slipped again.... I finally had time last night to see what's up with it. It works great on the...
  4. TheDaveFan

    Is my New Tama Starclassic Basswood?

    So i just picked up this 8 piece starclassic from this guy and im worried it might be the birch over basswood performer set. They are 8 ply 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 toms 14" snare and 22" bass with i believe to be the walnut finish. I wont be mad if they are basswood because i cant even find...
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  11. Tama Rockstar

    Tama Rockstar

    I love the Tama Rockstars. I think there the best intermediate kit thats out there. Very affordable. I use it for metal and hard rock alot but it does great for the other genres too like jazz and blues. I love this kit alot I think Tama Rockstars are the best it was my dream to getting a Tama...
  12. Tama swingstar ( Sold)

    Tama swingstar ( Sold)

    I bought when I was playing alot of metal. than metal sort of died out on me so I wasnt playing it as much and the swingstar was very good for metal but I was just haveing trouble playing it after I left all my metal bands. So I sold it I miss it so much but it was for the benefit to getting a...
  13. Drew Shreve

    Recording Drums: Analog or Digital??

    Hey all!! My band is currently in preproduction for our first full length record, and we are torn on which direction to go with the drums. Our two options right now, are to do the entire record in our Engineer/Producer's home studio (comperable quality and gear to a medium sized, pro level...
  14. drums12

    Tama Roller Strainer...can't get it right

    I just got an 80s birch artwood snare with the roller type strainer. The prior owner had standard 14" snare wires, but I know these originally had the longer wires that extend over the edge of the drum. So I got some Pearl FF wires and they seem to fit fine, but I can't get them to sound...
  15. empire drum

    Ever seen one of these before? Not in the catalog Tama Imperialstar Wood Snare

    I looked in the Tama catalogs from the early 80's, and didn't find this snare drum. There are the wood shell Mastercraft and Artwood snares, but I couldn't find a Tama Imperialstar wood shell snare drum, and also the butt plate is different than any others I've found in the catalog. It also...
  16. TheDaveFan

    Just Found These Vintage Ludwigs

    Hey guys just found this set of luwigs at an estate sale! Just curious to see if anyone knows what year these would be and if these are the original hoops on the bass drum? Also if i were to sell them how should i ask for? Thanks. These serial number are all around 3147714
  17. C

    Intro + Snares + Cymbals + Kit

    Hey guys SO i just joined this forum. I am from Australia and i am part of a huge drummers group called "Drummers Speak" Anyways i firstly wanted to Started by giving a run down of my gear. I use a Early 2000 Tama Starclassic Birch in Amber Gold Finish. My kit was a custom order kit from...
  18. Hater

    Today's temptation...

    I'm a pretty lucky guy. Opportunities for me to purchase used and vintage drum gear doesn't solely exist via online means. I've got over 12 different stores within a 30 minute drive in which I can peruse assorted drum goodies. While it is pretty cool that I'm fortunate to have such an abundance...
  19. T

    Know anything about Royalstars?

    All I know is that these are quite uncommon and definitely vintage... What drums would you compare these to in today's market? All information is highly appreciated, I'd love to know more about these uncommon drums, and tell me your opinions too! -Tessa-