1. maxdis

    How to create many hand-foot combinations

    In this lesson we ‘ll talk about a method that will allow us to create a large number of phrases using combinations between the hands and bass drum; these phrases can then be used while soloing or as fills. The method is based on syncopated rhythms, which will then be interpreted on the drums...
  2. IJR

    Achieving "Click Grip" or "Click Technique" on the Ride Cymbal

    Hi! I just joined the forum. I am a big fan of Bill Stewart's drumming. I saw him live in Little Rock last month- it was awesome! There is a distinctive "woody"/"clicky" sound when he strikes his cymbals. I've noticed it in some other players as well. I have seen very few mentions of the...
  3. Markkuliini

    Stretching paradiddles (musical application)

    Made a lesson video of my recent workout for making paradiddles more musical and practical tool by stretching them longer. Got inspiration for this from Vinnie Colaiuta's and Steve Smith's ability to be free with these stickings. The stretching is done simply by adding different amounts of...
  4. C

    Rock and Pop drumming guide for beginners up to advanced

    Hello! I'm a 30 year old drum instructor in St. Paul Minnesota and I'm working on a drumming guide for beginners that is based mostly around Rock and pop drumming. I wanted to provide a link in case there are any noobies on here looking for some direction but I'm also looking for feedback from...
  5. scottpep

    heel-toe bass drum techinque

    I use this playing in a death metal band so I left the trigger on in the video, but it does work on a single pedal to fire off a few quick double strokes. I find it works best if your going to do it a few times in a row and not for a single double. The music I have been playing lately doesn't...
  6. StiGy

    Swiping Hands Technique Example - Good Practice

    Hii all! i wanted to give you some idea of not very known technique but im sure some know, so sorry if you know it already im doing it for who doesnt (maybe you want to check my way to do that). SO: the idea is very simple and almost every level can do. although the positives of practicing that...
  7. Ben Corbitt

    Technical vs Musical Playing

    Technical vs Musical Playing To understand this range of playing i'm describing here, imagine the most overplayed, technical drum work. Then, the most simplistic servitude towards the music. How do YOU personally define each of these contrasts? and once defined, do you believe there is a happy...
  8. Markkuliini

    Fast one handed rolls

    Been shedding some push/pull-technique lately, and have discovered that it's quite handy for fast one handed rolls, if it's modified a bit. Been purely a Moeller-technique player before, but now I feel that push/pull is really nice addition, when the volume doesn't need to go up, or I don't need...
  9. GasperB

    Playing with brushes

    Do you play brushes? Do you think brushes are only for ballads and jazz? What do you think of this technique: &list=PL316D42C9C0470C4A&index=1 Thanks, G
  10. L

    Rhythm Analyzer - Free Software for Timing Analysis

    Hi! I'm from Austria, I've been playing the drums for a long time and used to play in several bands. I've written a small software which analyzes your timing. For that, you just need a practice pad, a cheap microphone and headphones. Via the microphone, the software analyzes your timing and...
  11. Demonchops

    Demonchops Improve Your Technique Faster

    Wasup guys, Just trying to spread the word about Demonchops new online lessons. The lesson at the moment are 30 second snippet lesson's of combined rudiments to help increase speed and technique. I post the lessons currently on Instagram(@demonchops) and I am looking to build a good...