thank you

  1. AnnBehr

    How do i audition for a band?

    I guess you could say I'm young when it comes to the world of drumming. I'm not totally new to it, I know my gear and I know how to use it, but what I don't know is how to try out for a band. I don't have any musically inclined friends, so I'll need to look for and audition for bands around me...
  2. 67Mopar

    ImtheBeat Tama T Rods, and Claws.

    Dave if this is You, thanks. On 8-22-12 ish I bought 12 Tama claws and t rods CHEAP thought I needed some for a project , well I diddnt until now, so these sat sealed up untouched in a box for the past 2 yrs, Well my recent divuldge into Superstars has me gathering parts and because...